Easter weekend plans and time to get fit!


Stella & John at our weddingWhat have you got planned for Easter? I’m heading home to Brum for a busy weekend – Easter Sunday is a big day for the Duffys and the Coles, so I’ll be scooting between two family celebrations. It’ll be the first gathering of the Cole clan at my Mum’s new apartment, since we moved her into the retirement village two months ago. I think my brother Tony is cooking goose! Yum!

The same day the Duffys will be celebrating my Mother and Father-in-Law’s 60th wedding anniversary. What a remarkable milestone! They really are a fabulous, very active, and witty couple whom I love very, very much. They’ve lived an extraordinary life: days after they got hitched, John was off on a boat to Singapore, to take up a new job teaching children on a Royal Navy base. Stella followed soon after, and they had the most exciting and adventurous start to married life. Can’t wait to hear them reminiscing again this Sunday.

So that’s what I’m up to. Fill me in on if you’re up to anything this weekend.

"I’ve been thinking about it for ages and I’ve been meaning to do something, but I never quite got around to it. And now I’ve booked my holiday, there’s no excuse is there?"

How many times have you said that about doing some exercise? If there was a webcam so I could see you reading this, I know I’d see you nodding your head in agreement. And I’m not talking about running a 10k marathon or dashing off to an hour’s Zumba class. I’m talking about some gentle exercise. Doing something to get your heart rate up for that recommended 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week you always hear about on the news. Doing something to firm up bits of yourself you don’t like.

Well, if – like me – you’ve never truly enjoyed any experience you’ve ever had at a gym, then I’ve got a brilliant Today’s Special Value coming up for you next week – that’s easier to do and is way cheaper than joining a gym or paying for exercise classes – you’re going to love it. It’s the Easy Shaper Pro.

Easy Shaper Pro Easy Shaper Pro TSV






Remember in January I followed our 28 day Diet Chef plan, and I lost 8lbs? Well, I lost another 2lbs when I came off it (because I was being good), but guess what? I’m shamefaced to say I put those 2lbs back ON, so I’ve decided I’m going to work it off with the Easy Shaper Pro. I’m done with feeling hopeless, fat and embarrassed by all the mega-fit, lycra-clad, sweaty strangers in the gym or a class. And I’m also tired of shelling out money for those things! So if you feel the same, then you really must stay up to be with me at midnight on Tuesday morning (22nd April) to see it.

‘You can do it’ it says on the carry bag. Designed by world-renowned American personal trainer, Tony Little, who's sold hundreds of thousands of these around the globe, because people have told him it really does work. It’s an exercise baton with rubber resistance cords which act a bit like weights. Plus you get five DVDs with different workouts for you to follow. Some of us girls at QVC have already been using it – Claire and Jackie love it – and I’ve been trying it out at home too: mainly at night in my Carole Hochman PJs and a pair of trainers. A sight for sore eyes, I can tell you. And I can guarantee, it’s amazeballs! Imagine banishing your ‘bingo wings’? Toning up your tummy or firming up your wobbly thighs? All in time for that all-important holiday or that special occasion that’s coming up? I bet you’re looking at the picture right now, thinking "How can this Easy Shaper Pro do all that?" Well, by the time we talk you through it during the first live presentation with me at midnight next Tuesday, you’re really going to realise you can’t live without it. There’ll be an hour packed with more useful Health & Fitness ideas for you too. So see you then!

On Wednesday (23rd April) you’ll see the Northern Nights Today’s Special Value, a very luxurious lightweight Milano six-piece duvet set. I’ve been sleeping on it this week and it’s been dreamy. Can’t wait to show you that at 3pm on Wednesday.

Northern Nights TSV Windguard TSV








I’m a night owl again because next Friday 25th at midnight I’ll also be launching another amazing windproof umbrella from Windguard. What do they say about April? ‘April showers’, of course. So whatever you do, make sure you don’t get caught out especially when the dark clouds appear from nowhere, and we get a sudden downpour. This umbrella will help you keep your hair nice and dry!

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Wednesday 16th April
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Easter Monday (21st April)
10pm – Holster Designer Footwear 1st Anniversary

Tuesday 22nd April
Midnight – Health & Fitness (including launch of Easy Shaper Pro Today’s Special Value)
1am – QVC Showcase

Wednesday 23rd April
3pm Northern Nights (including Today’s Special Value)
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Thursday 24th April
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  1. Beth April 17, 2014 at 12:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine,
    It sounds like you’ve got a great Easter weekend ahead of you! It sounds like your brother loves cooking and great for all of you to get together at your Mum’s new place. Also, congratulations to Austen’s Mum and Dad – 60 years! That is fantastic and they sound a wonderful and adventurous couple.
    I felt a bit bad that I hadn’t commented on your weightloss – I’ve struggled with my weight for over half my life so can completely empathise. To be honest I always think you look great, you have beautiful skin and your outfits always suit you. However, I know it’s hard to get away from what the scales say. Two years ago, I lost a stone, since then I’ve gained half a stone back which has been disappointing. Don’t be hard on yourself about those 2 extra lbs though. Also, I think you’ve grown in confidence over the past few weeks and I do enjoy your shows. Tony Little’s TSV sounds great, I will be watching the show with interest!
    Re your reply, our trip to Italy next year is probably more a pipedream than reality but it’ll happen at some point! This year as long as I get my fix of being near the seaside, we’ll have daytrips and then a long weekend later in the year to celebrate our 7 year anniversary – it’s the anniversary of our first date. We met through internet dating and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!
    You are definitely a glass half full person and good for you to have made the most of days out when holidays weren’t possible – I do wish you and Austen a lovely beach holiday when you get the chance!
    Happy Easter and lots of love,
    Beth XXX

  2. Susanne Fitzpatrick April 25, 2014 at 7:45 pm -  Reply

    I’m sure your scales must be wrong, because I saw you on QVC yesterday and was shocked at your weight loss!!! I’m sure the 2 lbs you gained must be from the 2 lb bag of sugar you were holding whilst you were standing on the scales, because you really, REALLY look like you’ve shed a lot of weight. Well done, it really is stunning and does suit you very well.
    Has this weight loss whetted your appetite for new clothes? It did for me, and it’s lovely to be able to go into a store and not feel like the odd one out – I used to hate the way shop assistants looked at me – but not any more!!
    Do keep up the good work. I also bought the Easy Shaper Pro because I need now to tone more than lose weight and the gym is just so expensive, isn’t it? And it’s something we can all do in front of our favourite TV programme so no excuse to loll on the sofa ……
    Continued good wishes for your weight loss. You look lovely.

  3. Marverine Cole May 4, 2014 at 10:09 am -  Reply

    Hey Beth – hope your Easter was abfab too -seems like such a long time ago, right? Austen’s Mum and Dad had the MOST awesome day = we popped in yesterday and the some of the balloons were still floating around and the flowers from their table decorations were still alive and full of delicious scent! They were chuffed about the day.
    Hey don’t feel bad about not commenting on my weight loss. I should let you into a secret – I am the most easy-going lady you’re ever likely to meet. I say it to the QVC Team backstage all the time. Nothing really phases me, I dont get upset about stuff easily and I’m not super-sensitive or egotistical. So honestly have no fear. I totally understand the feelings wrapped up with losing weight. SOOOOOOOOOOO many of us experience these highs and lows with what we put ourselves through to try and shed pounds. A lot of times I’ve gone – oh I’m happy with how I am, and then the next day it might be different. That’s life. As long as we try not to make it affect us too much.
    My eyes stood out on stalks when you said you met Ian online – so did Austen and I – an internet dating site! WOWEEEE! See it does work and I believe there’s a lot less stigma surrounding internet dating now than there was when we all went on it. 7 years is ace! Congratulations! It’s mine and Austen’s 8th year together on October 29th 🙂 Lots of love for some fab warm summer days so you can go out and about and enjoy it xxxxxxx
    Hey Susanne – lovely to hear from you. You know I’ve lost a few pounds but still feel big and in reality I still am massively overweight for my height and a high BMI. I think I might do a couple of weeks of the Diet Chef TRY ME before my hols to get rid of 4 lbs and then do the other 2 weeks when I get back so try and rid the excesses of the holidays – you know how you go mad on food & booze when you go away? Well we do anyway – very naughty really but it’s like when a child gets a bag full of sweets- chomp, chomp, chomp and they’re all gone in minutes! LOL! How are you and how’s it going with the Easy Shaper Pro? I’ve been using it too and Austen’s been trying the Express Abs so hopefully we’ll look like Daniel Craig and Halle Berry on the beach (#dreamon). But seriously as for the clothes, yes I feel better about some of the summer clothes I’ve been wearing on QVC. I might do a little video soon of the new summer gear I’ve got and share it with you. WOuld love to see what summer fashions other people have got – do you buy clothes from QVC? I have the most stunning Ronni Nicole maxi dress – fell in love with it. Thanks for saying such kind things. Hope your weight loss drive is going aok and you’re doing it safely and slowly too – that’s the key to keeping most of what you lose OFF, I think. Lots of love and msg again soon, won’t you??? xx

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