Easter Monday Devon tearooms and lots of catch ups!


Happy Easter! My lovely friend Patrick helped me get in the mood on-air with these funny mad hatter hats from the Internet. His Quacker Factory, mini-series was very popular this week!

Some of my favourite trousers are the DreamJeannes, like these ones. He’s back soon, and I can’t wait to be on air with him and also with my lovely friend Antthony. Had a great week of catching up this week, as you’ll see below: nice to see some of my favourite guests and fabulous family.

Stop press – Easter Monday in Devon?
Are you free Easter Monday, to come down to our vintage tea rooms? It’s in Retreats for You, opposite the pub in Sheepwash, EX21 5NE. 11 -4pm. You’ll get the chance to meet my pal Claire and find out more about the MDD partnership. Click here to see what it was like last time! Do come. More info @info@retreatsforyou.co.uk. Find out more here on the event post!

Finally the words I’ve been waiting for my whole life… But my other big news is that I finally had a compliment that I have probably been waiting for my whole grown-up life. OK I’m not a grown-up yet, in some respects anyway, lol. But at least after running this week’s retreat on my own, and doing the meals, I’ve been told I am apparently a wonderful cook! Corrrr!

So lovely to hear those words, it’s a first for me 🙂 There are few things I could hear that could make me happier – ok except maybe ‘will you marry me,’ or ‘can I put ‘in a relationship’ with you on my Facebook profile?’ Or this banana cake has no calories… Ha ha just kidding. Anyway, look at this comment I got from Bobba Lucy from my Facebook page (details below).

“For anyone who went to Retreats for You before Deb became Debbie Flint, I highly recommend you go back. The house has kept all its lovely character and Debbie has kept all the welcoming traditions that provide a bit of structure while you beaver away at your work. Debbie is a relaxed and lovely host and a wonderful cook and can’t do enough for you.”

Made me very proud!! Wonderful cook! Hah! Yay!

This was dinner on Wednesday night, a beans and sausage mixture made from scratch, guacamole made from scratch, coleslaw ditto, using the little Kuhn Rikon hand blender actually, which is amazing! Then I also made poached pears with homemade EasiYo creme caramel – yum!! ‘Wonderful cook, me’ see! Hah! #IsItaOneOffWeek…?!


Head Geller Gal back in town! Lovely Laura was back with her amazing today’s special value offer last weekend. It’s always lovely to see Laura and we had a little catch up. I’m very excited about the next big event next month (wink, wink say no more 🙂 ) well I can say is it will help you glow.

Journey to Work  Returning from Devon is sometimes a shock to the system when I get caught up in traffic, so seeing this view when I drive through Richmond Park on one route to QVC makes my heart lift. Especially when the weather has been so nice. I often see herds of deer too, in Richmond Park, and even though it’s only a short detour, it makes me feel at one with nature. I just love views like this don’t you?

I do hope it’s great this weekend! Although I do have the crazy spaniels again as I am staying at my daughters in order to look after them for her. I’m on-air on Friday night, Saturday night and will be launching the Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner on Monday 17th April. More below.

Chillaxing with MF  And once there, look what’s outside our building! Had the most lovely break outside next to the lake in Chiswick Park where we work, last weekend, with my lovely friend Marie Francoise From Kipling. It was so warm, and we saw a lot of wildlife including many different birds. How lucky are we to work here 🙂

My lovely son Bradley came down this week as well, and we had a smashing time. It was so warm and sunny when the wind wasn’t blowing 🙂 He helped me plant a lot of the new bulbs I bought from Richard, all with RJ’s root booster of course and Richards compost. I’m particularly looking forward to the lilies coming up – have put them all in tubs already – that’s a record for me, missus ‘leave-the-plants-hanging-round-for-weeks’!

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Getting the Message … I have to say I felt sorry for Mel B this week, and I must admit I keep hearing similar tales about people stuck in relationships where they are being bullied emotionally and abused, even though they seem okay to the outside world. Please don’t put up with it if you are. There are so many videos on YouTube you can watch which can help you to deal with the situation you’re in because it might make you realise you’re not alone.

I was quite surprised when I heard one story from someone close to me who told me the person they had been with for years, was a narcissistic psychopath (it’s a thing) and put a brave face on it, but was experiencing some awful treatment at the hands of this person who claimed to be ill. That was the only reason why she let him get away with it. Whenever she tried to leave him, he claimed he would do something stupid. Life wasn’t worth living etc but she never told anyone else. Not even her family. I keep hearing similar tales and I’m not sure why destiny keeps telling me these things.

So I thought I would do a little blog about it over on my website. Go to read it if you are also stuck, and scared, and have lost your sense of self, have zilch self-confidence, or are dealing with someone who is a very accomplished liar and you have to play along to pretend everything’s okay. You don’t have to, even if the person pretends to be better for a little while, the true self-will be there for all to see at some stage longer term, so just ask yourself is this really what you want for the rest of your life? I empathise, and there’s a good reason for it. Find out why here.

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And if you are a fan do, also like my Facebook page if you can, nb you don’t have to be a member of Facebook so in order to see posts like this one. A lovely walk in the sunshine with my boy Brad, who was down visiting.


Watch – it’s this Monday – the grand finale of Broadchurch and my goodness has it been brilliant! So much to see at the cinema too – maybe I’ll have to do a binge-watch whilst I’m up in London working this weekend. I’d see this one amongst others – it looks fab! And also maybe Going in Style and Ghost in the Machine. All look brill!

This week on QVC – Shark’s deluxe rocket vacuum cleaner launches at midnight on Monday!

It’s a really useful little device that packs a powerful punch because of its powerhead. Do join me Sunday midnight and through Monday.

Plus QVC have some fab Easter weekend TSV offers. Tomorrow we have SBC’s shower and gel set, on Saturday we’re bringing you a choice of two curved Samsung TVs. Then on Sunday, garden expert, Richard Jackson launches his new garden kit for pests! More on his blog. 


Then Diamonique Day is on Wednesday, and do keep an eye on my Facebook page this Monday to find the details on Sunday’s Tarte offer 😉


Next Week –  What happened at the MDD vintage tea event on Easter Monday. (Do come down to Retreats For You in Sheepwash EX21 5NE, ar 11 – 4 pm if you’re free). And looking after the crazy spaniels! Have a smashing Easter.

Best wishes



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  1. Sue Howick April 14, 2017 at 5:56 pm -  Reply

    You inspire me Debbie. Thank you. Happy Easter.

  2. helen April 14, 2017 at 9:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie can you tell me if Birkenstock are coming this summer to QVC again please.
    Regards Helen

  3. martin forbes April 17, 2017 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    hi debs hope you and family are well iam well if you want to watch brillian tv sky atlantic on wednesday evening 9pm plus 1 10pm blue bloods american police drama tomselleck ex magnum dioes not klook 70

  4. debs f April 20, 2017 at 11:58 am -  Reply

    Helen –
    no sorry hon we won’t be stocking birkies any more. Some fab similar sandals occasionally from vionics, skechers and clarks tho – do check them out! x

  5. debs f April 20, 2017 at 11:59 am -  Reply

    martin –
    blue bloods sounds good! ! x

  6. debs f April 20, 2017 at 11:59 am -  Reply

    Sue –
    awww thanks hon! Hope you had a lovely easter! x

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