Early Bird Order Link for Ultrasun! And cheeky Gracie!


This week, the sun was shining on and off but mostly on, so a great time to focus on Ultrasun! The early bird order link is here for Sunday’s super Today’s Special Value set. This three-piece bumper set will get you sorted for the whole summer. And you know how Abi Cleeve always talks about the technology in Ultrasun which makes it a once a day application? See below for more about her new skincare range that does the same!

Also in this week’s trip to the West country, the topic was mixing weird foods. Why? Because of Wendy, who is my co-host at my writing retreat in Devon, thinks mustard is evil. Whereas I will not only have mustard with most meals, I’ll also add sauerkraut and the odd gherkin. And sometimes they are VERY odd indeed…! One of the reasons is to do with gut bacteria of course – see below. And go here to my latest blog on my website to compare notes. If mine’s mashed potato sandwiches, (inspired by my old dad who would also always have bread and jam after nearly every meal, God rest him,) what’s yours?

Thank you to everyone who entered last week’s Philosophy competition – well done to Carol Gamble, who’s my randomly selected winner.

Vlog by the river Lovely mates Anne Keating and Elaine Hewitt were down this week, as were Facebook pals Nile Rosa Bourne and Sarah Dennis and pup Teddy (yes he’s a bit like Chloe Everton’s fluffy pog!)

Here’s one of this week’s most watched video blogs (vlogs), from my week in Devon. Anne, Elaine and Rosa joined me, along with writer Wendy Ashley. It was a lovely walk and we had some banter along the way. By the time you read this I will have done the thing I’m dreading which is mentioned at the end!… (and if you saw it, hope it was intelligible!) Click here to watch it! (and don’t forget to ‘like’ the Facebook page here, to see the updates in future – NB you don’t have to be on Facebook to watch these vlogs.) And of course, Gracie went straight into the ‘plosh’ as I call it – and loves every bit of it.

 Gracie the Star of Doggy Therapy at Retreats for You

Then this is how she gets dry! Look at this animal! Gracie the seven-year-old lazy Labrador is one of the star attractions at my Devon guest house RFY. As is Daisy, but this week it was Gracie who decided to lay like this on her back in the sunshine, sunbathing in the middle of the courtyard like this. Have some decorum, madam! Lol. No, seriously she is so lovable and really gentle.

She and Daisy love welcoming our new visitors each week at the Retreat and without fail even those who don’t like dogs much end up loving them and having some doggy therapy! When we get to the river, she is straight in, and I’m sure the water feels nice on her poorly hip dysplasia.

After all, she used to go to hydrotherapy when she was first diagnosed. If only I’d been able to continue it on insurance, it was soooo dear. I wonder if I should look into getting one of those swimming pools which has a current you swim against, in the back garden one day? She could go in that and it might help her hips eh! Or failing that, a giant paddling pool! If we have more hot days, maybe. I’ll keep you informed!



Niece Sunday Love my time with my beautiful nieces Lara and Isabella, and last Sunday we took our regular little visit to Banstead high street to chat about life and presents for Father’s Day and the latest gossip from their little world. Loved it!

Me and Craig! Had a super launch of the ‘got to have it’ day with Craigy – he was so full of energy – did you see this little ‘boomerang’ post we did, using an app which creates a tiny short clip that just plays over and over? You can imagine some of the funny effects you can create!

Market Meet-Up I love that my life consists of waking up in a beautiful sleepy Devon village, taking care of breakfasts for my guests then meeting up with Alix and pals in nearby Hatherleigh for a morning at the market. Buy some nice stuff (very cheap!) local produce etc, to cook for dinner, and go have a coffee and a chat. Love it! I’m living the dream and very lucky.

Asparagus Pie Wendy excelled herself with a lunchtime special using said produce – asparagus and jersey potato tarte – a Waitrose inspired special!

MICROBIOTA UPDATE Haha! Now THERE’S a headline! Actually, I spotted this update on the excellent reports about how your gut bacteria help our bodies decide what to eat and can contribute to making you fat. Go here to read more. And as I’ve always talked about, you have to listen to your body and this helps explain why. I think. Sorry, geek bit over! Lol. But considering I was raving about the microbiome about two years ago, in Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 book, I’m glad to see it’s becoming more and more prevalent now.

Book of the Week is by the excellent author Jane Lovering – Choc Lit pal and a very original writer – go here to read ‘Star Struck’ as my book of the week – about a girl recovering from an accident and the mysterious memories triggered by meeting her TV hero and a smoldering writer… and here’s the link to my latest website newsletter including the latest dates for RFY deals – do click ‘subscribe’ if you’d like to get the regular email updates into your inbox!

Makeup beginnings
Had another clear out this week – OMG we accumulate so much stuff don’t we?!

SkinSense with Abi Cleeve launches on QVC it’s a very exciting brand launch coming soon – check out Will’s pre-launch clip. You know how Abi explains that Ultrasun stays on all day due to the special technology? Well the ‘lamellar’ system is in her new skincare, keeping your skin hydrated and treated longer and deeper – looking forward to the launch and having trialed a few days worth so far, I’m very impressed!

Nicky Gewirtz on where Lola Rose began. Loved my show with Nicky last week, where we had a chat show format with regular model Catherine Russell and her mum Jane came in as did Anna from Lola Rose, and Nicky herself. We had great fun, including this clip of her explanation of her humble beginnings with this superb fashion jewellery semi-precious range. Find more on QVC here too.

How funny is blooper from Antthony and Catherine!? 

Facebook Funny  – haha! And very timely! This time next week, it’ll all be over…!

Watch  – haven’t had a chance to get to cinema this week but next Friday 9th the Take That concert is live at the Odeon network around the country too and once I get off air, I’m debating whether to race down to Richmond cinema to watch the concert on my lonesome – nah, I’ll be in great company! Meanwhile, watch this legendary Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon and check out the harmonies! Fun! And don’t forget James’s original send up ‘Fake That’!



This week on QVC ­

Today (Friday) we have Dyson’s V6 Trigger Pro vacuum cleaner, which is available in Easy Payments and comes with free P&P!

Dyson vacuum

This weekend we also have Fitbit’s Alta HR activity tracker and then on Sunday, we have Ultrasun’s SPF bundle (see above).


On Monday, we have an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Tuesday we have a gorgeous Clarks wedges offer (available in wide and normal fit) and then on Wednesday Perricone are back with a Supersize collection.

One Show Only type deals… you know what I’m saying here… don’t miss Saturday (Tarte) at 11pm and Sunday (Yankee) at 11pm too if you’re a fan…

Next week –  a hen night extravaganza full of Choccywoccydoodah and Les Mis! Have a great week!



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