Dressing room wars and Today’s Special Value sneak peek


Hi all,
Just a quickie blog this week – I wanted to share my very silly working weekend with you, and also give you a quick look at a great Today’s Special Value coming up this week (it’s an iron, and I adore ironing. Yes, I am a little odd.).

First, some of you may be aware that fellow presenter Chloe Everton and I have had a very childish on-going dressing room war, which involves us playing silly pranks on each other (I wrote about some of them in a previous blog here).

Well, this weekend it all escalated a little! I managed to get my hands on a 6ft inflatable dinosaur, which I decided to put in her dressing room. I blew it up at home, and it was quite a struggle to get it into my car – in fact, I had to drive all the way from Gloucestershire to London with its head resting over the front passenger seat, which was a little disconcerting and a source of great amusement for passers by every time I had to stop at traffic lights.

Chloe and the dinosaurI sneaked it into Chloe’s dressing room when she was on air, and it was very, very funny when she opened the door to find this enormous creature standing there!


Sign on dinoI’d stuck a warning sign to his tummy, in the hope that Miss Everton might stay out of my dressing room in future. And it worked – well, sort of…..

Her retaliation was swift, and quite unexpected! I was on air a few hours later, presenting a jewellery show, when the director asked me to show viewers the picture of Chloe and the dinosaur. I was rather puzzled by this – why on earth was I being told to do that? But there was a very good reason, as you will see in the video below….my poor car!

A whole new level of prank there, as I think you will agree! So now, it’s my turn. Watch this space…..


Polti Pro Steam Generator Iron 803140Right, back to work mode and if you enjoy ironing, or if you HATE ironing and would like something that would make it a whole lot easier, you NEED a steam generator.

I have always loved ironing, as I often say on air – I find it therapeutic! But it is time consuming, and when I treated myself to a steam generator a couple of months ago, I was blown away by how it cut ironing time in half and gave such professional results.

I love ironing even more now! So I was delighted to see that on Thursday 21st August, our Today’s Special Value will be a superb steam generator iron from Polti, a company which has been making professional quality irons for the domestic market since 1978. Even better, I got one to test-drive at home.

Polti Pro Steam Generator Iron in actionThe cable length is good so you can put the base unit on the floor while ironing if you want to.

I also really liked the shape of the aluminium soleplate, which has a nice narrow point which made it really easy to get in between buttons on shirts. You can iron just one side of a garment, sheet etc because the steam is so powerful it irons both sides with just one pass – it literally cuts ironing time in half, it’s brilliant.

As for the price – well, all I can say is that I wish I’d known about this offer when I bought my steam generator….I paid a LOT more for mine, grrrrrr!

Dinosaur workin hardThat’s it for now. Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to the dinosaur, he was last seen hard at work in the presenter lounge. Bless him!

Have a fabulous week!
Love Jackie x


  1. Jean Pugh August 19, 2014 at 2:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jackie,
    It is nice to find someone else who likes ironing, I love it I find it relaxing. If I say this to people they think I am mad, may be I am but I will still carry on ironing. The TSV looks great will have to watch out for it.
    Love what you and Chloe get up to, the Dinosaur and your car was a classic. Hope you got your car sorted if you drove home with a lot of that on it then people would have thought you were mad as well. Glad to see the Dinosaur has been put to a good use.
    Will wait to see what you and Chloe get up to next.
    Take care.
    Love Jean XX

  2. Beth Morton August 20, 2014 at 6:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jackie,
    You are a breath of fresh air! I always like checking your blog to see what you’ve been up to and this week, it’s been lovely to have a big smile and a chuckle at you and Chloe’s antics!
    On watching the video, it was almost as if Chloe and your car were going somewhere without you – fingers crossed you and your car have been reunited?!
    People always moan about ironing but as a child I used to help my Mum with the ironing and now in my 40s, having spent years buying things on the basis of little or no ironing, I’m enjoying it again! I love watching t.v. (my choice of programmes not the other half’s!) or listening to the radio. I agree, it is relaxing! If that’s strange to others then you, me and Jean can be in this together!
    You take care and keep having fun,
    Beth XXX

  3. Clive Thomas August 20, 2014 at 9:03 pm -  Reply

    I’m an ex soldier and love ironing, but my wife hates me ironing as I take too long and everything has to be ironed perfectly ready for parade. Mind you I am allowed to iron my work shirts and trousers, and I’m not allowed to use my wife’s iron as she thinks I’m to hard on her iron as I press to hard to get the perfectly ironed garment.

  4. Andrea Brandwood August 20, 2014 at 9:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jackie enjoyed your shows today with Tova and Antthony. You are
    a very natural presenter.

  5. Jackie Kabler August 21, 2014 at 9:35 am -  Reply

    Hi Jean
    Glad I’m not alone in loving ironing! I usually do it in front of the TV with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!). Watch this space for my revenge on Chloe!
    Love Jackie x

  6. Susanne Fitzpatrick August 24, 2014 at 12:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jackie
    Your pranks take me back about 25 years when I worked for an organisation where every day was filled with fun – no matter how hectic the workload, there was always laughter, and what a difference it makes.
    It would be funny if you could get the Dinosaur onto QVC sometime, perhaps modelling some jewellery, or a scarf or a handbag. Now that really would be hilarious!
    Happy chuckling

  7. Jackie Kabler August 28, 2014 at 11:20 am -  Reply

    Hi Beth,
    Yes, you, me and Jean should form a club! Glad you enjoy the silliness we get up to, I’m sure there’ll be more so watch this space!
    Love Jackie x

  8. Jackie Kabler August 28, 2014 at 11:22 am -  Reply

    Hi Clive
    A man who enjoys ironing and is a perfectionist about it – my idea of heaven!
    Love Jackie x

  9. Jackie Kabler August 28, 2014 at 11:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Andrea,
    Very kind of you to say so, thanks! I do love my job and we have such great guests too, so it makes it very easy.
    Love Jackie x

  10. Jackie Kabler August 28, 2014 at 11:24 am -  Reply

    Hi Susanne,
    Oh I LOVE that idea! It might happen, you never know!
    Love Jackie x

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