Dr Wayne Dyer – a tribute to a great influence in my life


A tribute to Dr Wayne Dyer, one of my all-time heroes. Plus – funny puppy next door  video; lots of sneaky peeks and off to see classic cars with Simon Biagi!


RIP to a Pioneer So glad I got to meet the late Dr Wayne Dyer, one of life’s greats and a huge influence in my life. His talks and books and philosophies helped me metamorphosize at a very difficult time of my life. In this week’s Back to You blog on my website, I explain why, and recommend some really great free videos online – one is below too. Go here to read it.


I always list his books when people ask me for guidance, in fact just this week, just before he died at the weekend, I was telling another lady on Facebook about his work. When I moved house, I realised how many of his CDs I have and some of my favourite sayings are his. And my belief that anything is possible is partly down to this – one of his most famous sayings –

You'll see it

Another one is ‘what you focus on expands.’ So when my next novel, ‘French or Dutch‘ is made into a TV series (my current meditation focus!) in a few years’ time, it all started with my being utterly convinced that it will happen. Haha! And some of that is due to Wayne. It’s also due to letting go of the need to listen to the critics of course, which is handy in any battle you face.

Of course it might not happen, but so much in my life has done, so far, I prefer to believe and imagine that it will rather than ‘prepare to be disappointed’ – after all, what’s the harm in being disappointed?! And I stopped caring what other people said about my ambitions a long time ago! If you don’t try, you don’t get, right? And if you don’t get, at least you tried.

It’s a much nicer way to live – to be filled with the wonder of life, and excited about little everyday things as well as aiming big – don’t you think? And it’s nice when people listen to what Wayne always said – ‘when you are faced with the choice between being right, and being kind, choose kind.’

And if you don’t know where to start, there’s so much to choose online try watching this. “How to Get what you Really Really Really Want.” One of my favourite of all Wayne’s talks over the years and one which really had an impact on me, and helped me to start changing my own life. Love it. And it’s free!


[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

Oh and meanwhile, I’ve got a novel to finish! Lol!

Ps, the Back To You web chats from Monday 31st, on the same blog, at the bottom, include Leigh from tarte cosmetics. Plus the big announcement about the upcoming special web chats on the main QVC UK Facebook page every Monday in September from 7-8pm, just before the regular ones on B2U group. Next week’s B2U chat on 7th includes the lovely Doris Dalton straight after Bruce kicks off the Q Page ones. AND there’s an extra with the wonderful wardrobe warrior Renee, on Tuesday 8th 8-9pm. Join Back to You QVC Facebook Group here.

Salon Prive – a Day Out at Blenheim Palace This year’s annual extravaganza courtesy of the Gatineau gang was at the picturesque palace near Oxford. I met up with fellow-presenter Simon Biagi there, and we had a lovely lunch and looked at some amazing cars. As usual Andrew Bagley was on good form! It’s always a lovely day out at their special automobile show and nice to see how the other half live. It helps the imagination and the fiction!

Simon and Debbie





Catching up with my girl over coffee. It’s her birthday this weekend – my little girl turns 26! So there will be another nice family get together this weekend. Last Friday we got together for one of our regular chin wags. She lives a bit further away nowadays so it’s nice to have some daughter time. I love coffee shops, especially when they serve such lovely pots of tea with loose leaves and everyfink! I think I was born 60! Haha!

Me and L

Go Antthony! Look at what Antthony’s getting up to now! Check out his appearance on CBS on the Janet Jackson special :- ) X

Facebook funny – gotta love Blondie! Gotta love this pic, trending on Facebook this week!

Facebook funny

Blooper – 



Sneaky Peek Talking of vintage, look at this superb retro masticating slow-juicer that’s coming to QVC courtesy of Jason Vale at the end of September. I’ve been trialing some wonderful vegetable juices and even making crushed ice. Jason’s not called the Juicemaster for nothing! He’ll be bringing us his version of healthy eating – or drinking! – around 26/27th. Psst my big September competition will give you a chance to win one! More news on my blog on the 18th September!



Long to Reign Quite a special week next week! Not only is it Lolly’s BD, I’m also going to be on Children’s BBC (CBBC) on the 9th to celebrate 30th anniversary of live BBC Children’s Presentation links. Also on the 9th, our Queen becomes our longest reigning sovereign ever! How lovely to be part of that history and I’m so glad she takes the record. I do hope I’m still working full pelt when I’m at the same age!

It was time to change my car this week and I realised that when the loan finished on this next one, I’ll be 57! It makes you realise how life speeds by. It seems only a few years ago I was in the school hall at Morden Farm Middle School preparing for the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1978! Anyway look out for special programming to celebrate our Queen passing her great-great-grandmother’s record of 63 years and 216 days! There’s a lovely article here with vintage pics. And these special coins to commemorate.



My latest bunch of flowers How lovely it is to be able to discover all these different blooms in my own English Country Garden? This is the latest bunch – not that Patch is that impressed!

Flowers and Patch


Book of the Week – wartime saga ‘Daisy’s Long Road Home’ is Merryn Allingham’s third book in the Daisy’s War trilogy set in WW2 – it’s fab! Excellent period detail – do check it out and get links here on my RiWiSi blog!


Maggie next door playing with daisy; next week – she meets Luna! Funniest little pog next door – this video made me laugh of her finding her feet and being cheeky with my three. Maggie regularly comes over to play – and wears them all, and herself, out! Bless. Will be fun on Saturday when grand-pog Luna, my daughter’s new puppy who’s just two weeks younger, comes to stay! Don’t miss the videos next week.


Well Done Craigy! This lovely pic was taken backstage at Friday’s Beauty Excellence Awards – Craig was behind the scenes MC, and what a great job he did, and what a grand occasion it was! I sneaked in to say hi – so nice to see everyone all together at once, all dressed up! Read more about it on Craig’s blog. And find out more about who won which award on this blog here.



Doggy Update My dog Daisy has a problem stomach and for a Labrador is quite fussy! So I was delighted that she has taken so well to Richard Jackson’s, Millington’s dog food, available on QVC UK. They took one of the most beloved recipes and improved it, apparently, to sell it via QVC. I’m definitely going to stock up as it’s more affordable than my alternative brand she’s been having – plus she gets more excited about this new one! Millingtons is still online, not sure how much stock is left though. Go here to see more, including the video of the 12kg Lamb and Rice Mix on QVC and find out why it’s so good. I’m putting in my order for more soon – Daisy will approve – she tucks in straight away and that’s a real coup! The testimonials speak highly of it helping dogs’ coats and chirpiness too. Richard’s found out I love it and is offering to donate £1 a bag to Medical Detection Dogs, my charity, too! And doesn’t his son Chris, the guest, sound like him?

Daisy Millingtons

MDD – oh I’m soooo excited, and such a geek! I’ve been invited to the science conference in Cambridge on 15th – it’ll be a busy couple of weeks. I’m just waiting for Patrick Hoy to arrange a date with me and we’ll be on our way back up to see them again! Meanwhile, one of the lovely ladies has listed some more items on eBay proceeds will all go to Medical Detection Dogs. Go here to my blog to get the links and see if you fancy anything. And get well soon to little Daisy, Claire the diabetic owner’s MDD assistance dog, who has just had a lump removed and is recovering well.

And if you missed the announcement that made me so excited, after my recent fundraising activities, click here to find out more about their amazing work helping people live normal lives and detecting cancer in others.

TTFLS Update. So a dialogue has begun about when I will produce the next in my series of semi-autobiographical weight loss books, ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – 101 Tips and Tales to Inspire.’ Maybe in time for January when my Back to You show looks like returning, I will keep you informed. In the meantime, I was delighted to read this lovely post this week on the TTFLS Facebook group from someone who gets Freedom Eating really well, and is also using Bodyblade! See below for news of Bruce’s imminent next visit.


Of course one of the first things my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When diet’ book says is that in order to properly do Freedom Eating, you should shake your body free from the clutches of misinterpreted messages about needing sweet stuff, by cutting down first. Here’s the blog I did ages ago with tons of info as to why – Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar on my website www.debbieflint.com.

And I was delighted to see another giant in the food world take on the subject this week.

WATCH – Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush – it was only a matter of time, and now Jamie joins the growing campaign to educate the public about the dangers of too much sugar. Following on from the news in my last blog about his new slimmer look, it’s nice to see he’s practising what he preaches. “Loads of sugar, day-in, day-out – sugary drinks, sweets, and even every day foods you might not realise contain too much sugar – is a massive problem.” He says on his website. He’s even lobbying the government about it, and has a whole page on his website. If you have overweight kids, or can’t seem to lose weight despite counting and keep relying on sweet stuff, or maybe think added sugar every day is ok, even (as some diets allow) ten pieces of fruit, please read his Sugar Rush info on his site here.

And watch his programme which aired this week on Ch4 and can be seen on catch-up. Here’s an extract – if you’re brave enough, watch this about tooth decay from sugar in a 6-year-old, and definitely if you think you choose ‘healthy’ options, this clip is showing you how a ‘healthy’ breakfast is loaded with the white poison.


Next week – I go back to the movies!

This week on QVC

  • Join me Friday at 7pm for one of the premier of Michelle Mone’s Diamonique shows! Yay!
  • Saturday with Lee –  if you need a new laptop – he’s bringing us a new Today’s Special Value from Acer – an impressive one with Windows 10!


  • Sunday sees the fab Bare Minerals TSV which I sneaked a peek at last week. Then do join us Sunday (6th) at midnight for Skinny Tees’ first Today’s Special Value – a super tank and cami twin pack, with Carla!


  • Bruce is back! Please don’t miss Bruce’s bodyblade shows early next week, including midday with Craigy on Monday, and a couple of the BB gang from Facebook. And then 8pm with me Tuesday 8th – it’ll be fun! Definitely worth getting your bodyblade on QVC UK.com now, ready for then – use next day delivery!

me n bruce

  • And get ready for brilliant daily bargains from SBC (Tuesday 8th Ultimate Collagen Collection) then Wed is Yankee candles (set of 2 World Journey Gift Sets – they look great!) and here’s a sneaky peek at the new Elemis 4 pc collection launching Saturday 12th.

Next week – back on Children’s BBC, Lauren’s Birthday do, little grandpoggy comes to stay, the first Q Facebook page web chat with Bruce, and another fab update about a new fundraising idea for MDD – see what you think of it! Have a great week!

Luv Debs x

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  1. lorraine t September 4, 2015 at 1:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs—LOVED WAYNE DYERS teachings also,,he has returned home as we all will…what a wonderful man I discovered him about 20 years ago and my life has been better for it–THanks for doing a tribute to him xx

  2. Sandra Gregory September 4, 2015 at 3:45 pm -  Reply

    Another fab blog Debbie, such a good read, I do love to read your weekly blog x

  3. AMANDA PORTER September 7, 2015 at 11:59 am -  Reply

    H i Debbie, I have just watched the video of DR, Wayne Dyer. It was amazing! I only thought it would be 10-20 minutes, couldn’t drag myself away, I ended up crying at the end, it was truly inspirational and left me feeling peaceful and determined to live life to the full. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.
    Love and peace.
    Amanda xx

  4. sue jackson September 9, 2015 at 8:00 am -  Reply

    Hi debbie – was up at 4.30 a.m feeling really negative, so sorry for myself and in pain. I started to read your blog don’t know why but so glad I did. I watched the video of Dr Dyer OMG – stopped it made a cuppa then watched it till the end – I cryed , then a warm feeling came over me plus a determination to read more of his works, there was so much to take in but “Your are what you think” is enough for now it wont take away my physical pain but it will help my emotional pain and that can’t be a bad thing, so thank you so much xx sue

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