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Nothern Nights duvet set and pillows dual TSVI appreciate as much as the next man how hard we all work on any given day, myself included, I dont mind admitting it. I know this because my Tax Return for 2010/2011 listed seven jobs in one year, five of which I was holding down at the same time!

We are all doing everything we can to keep our heads above water, but let's not underestimate the stress we are all under. What's the best way to beat stress? A good night's sleep of course. Easier said than done when your minds a whirr with all the things you're meant to do but didn't get around to. Lists start forming in your head as you turn over in bed and double the pillow under your head to bolster you and give you some physical support and psychologically, you hope, some mental support.

'Tonight I will get a good nights sleep', you tell yourself as you pull the duvet around you and think to yourself, 'I must treat myself to some decent sheets one of theses days! (Another thing to add to the mental lists) And on and on it goes…….


Bedtime should be about forgetting the mayhem of the day behind you. A hiatus before the next day comes along to do ten rounds with you. Bedtime is the moment when you get to hit the 'OFF' button, tune out, regroup. But how are you meant to do this when the basics aren't there to support you.

Where is the pillow, that just like Goldilocks' discovery, isn't too soft or too lumpy, but just right? Where are the bed sheets that envelope you in there silkiness and luxury? The sheets that beckon you to bed, like The Sirens luring you into a dreamy otherworld were you can forget the stresses of the day and awake refreshed and renewed? These are two of the most basic but important elements of a good nights sleep for me.

Having moved three weeks ago, I am between houses and am staying with friends. All of my worldly chattals are in storage. Other than clothes I really don't have many of my own little comforts around me. For three weeks I have been going about my business less and less effectively each day because I was getting into a bed at night that didn't have my sheets on it and had pillows that sank like badly cooked souffles the minute you put your head on them. I woke up each morning cranky, crick-necked and no more rested for having spent a night in bed! It took me a while to work out what the problem was.

So when I discovered that Northern Nights had a dual TSV coming up that incorporated not only their luxury cotton sheets but also two pillows in a choice of either frim or soft, I literally begged the buyers to let me try a sample. I ordered the Ivory sheets and a set of two firm pillows. I couldn't wait to get the pillows on the bed for a start. In fact, and in absolute honesty, the moment I unwrapped the pillows I actually lay my head on one of them, just to try it, and curled up and had a 40 min (unplanned) nap. I woke up feeling rested, energised and, well to be honest, amazing!

The right pillow for me was all I needed but to have those wonderful pillows wrapped in the luxury of Northern Nights sheets just makes it double the joy! The sheets are beautiful. I feel like letting that statement stand on its own with no further comment necessary on my part but I realise you haven't seen them or tried them yet. As I said, I got the ivory option which has a wonderful golden, biscuity hue to it. And the pattern is like something from a boutique french hotel I stayed at once that was decorated in a chinoiserie style. The weave of the pattern, because thats what it is, woven not printed, is so beautifully done that it catches the light and makes these sheets look like the most expensive I own (which they aren't – but who is to know?).

If you enjoy lying awake at night counting sheep, making lists, worrying about that dripping tap in the bathroom and punching your pillow in the vain hope that it will give some form of physical not to mention emotional support, by all means continue as before.

If like me, however, you think that you work really hard and at the very least deserve a good nights sleep so that you can awake refreshed and ready for the day ahead then please try this dual TSV from Northern Nights. I did and I haven't counted a sheep or made a list in my head at bedtime for a week now!

Miceal x

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  1. Susan May 1, 2012 at 3:29 pm -  Reply

    Miceal…7 jobs?! You’re a legend!! I don’t know how you do it. I always think of your lovely blog at Christmas…never forget it. Keep well,
    Susan x

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