Double Celebration


Today is my son Daniel’s 29th birthday and on Wednesday it was kindle publication day for my new novel, so it has been a week of celebration … more on both of those topics later… and not forgetting its Black Friday today. If you prefer to do your Black Friday shopping online rather than braving the crowds check our website for special deals.

Well once again it has been a packed week, starting with a trip down to Swansea to see Daniel. We weren’t going to be seeing Daniel on his birthday (or so we thought) because we are all working, so Sophie drove the two of us down on Saturday morning and I booked a train ticket to come back on Tuesday morning as Chris’ sister, Linda, from Australia, who has been staying with his mum, was going home first thing Wednesday so it was my only chance to see her.

Sophie had bought herself a new jumper for the trip and was really pleased with herself as it looked great and had only cost her a few pounds. By the time we arrived in Swansea, two and a half hours later, her new jumper had ‘shed’ all over her seatbelt, car seat and her black jeans. Not only that, she said it was making her skin feel itchy. We dumped our stuff at Daniel’s flat and headed to a nearby shopping centre where she managed to find a couple of jumpers she liked. They were more expensive BUT… you get what you pay for! She also bought a lint roller to tidy up her jeans and car seat.

After lunch we walked to the Liberty Stadium to watch my first match there, Swansea City versus Bournemouth. It wasn’t a very promising start with Swansea going two goals behind but they clawed it back to earn a draw. It was a bit weird to be at a match and not know any of the fan songs. I did know the first two lines of the French national anthem though which was played before the game as a mark of respect and support for the events in Paris.


We had more football on Sunday morning as Daniel’s U11s were playing West Brom at the Swansea training ground. We were very lucky with the weather. Although it was cold, it stayed sunny for virtually the whole match and the lads won 8-4 on aggregate over the four 20 minute periods that they played. The plan was to have a pub lunch afterwards. Slight problem, we hadn’t booked anything and the pub we were hoping to eat at was packed to the rafters. Plan B was implemented. Sophie and I headed for the Bay Bistro cafe at Rhossilli, where Dan and I have eaten before – they have lots of lovely veggie options – and phoned him to meet us there. After paying for the parking, we walked up to the entrance only to find it was closed for a private function! It was third time lucky, as we managed to book a last-minute table at the Oxwich Bay Hotel. Maybe it was meant to be as that is one of the locations in my new book.

Sophie drove home on Sunday night, a horrible four-hour journey because of the traffic, and I didn’t fare much better with the train on Tuesday morning as there had been an incident in Ealing so all the trains were backed up before Reading, meaning I missed my connection. I then got on the wrong train and nearly ended up at Gatwick Airport!!

So Wednesday was Kindle publication day for my new book, ‘If He Really Loved Me…’. We were going out to celebrate in the evening so I had booked an appointment at Aveda to get my hair cut. What a good job I did. It turns out my lovely stylist, Lienne, leaves the High Holborn salon today to take up her new role within the company when they open in a couple of weeks in Dubai! It’s a long way to go for a hair cut but I’m game!! Also pictured is my colourist, Alwynn, who I’ve been going to for almost twenty years – Jill Franks now goes to him too. He had given his sister a copy of my first novel and she had asked him ‘if Robert had read Rosemary’s letter to him.’ It actually made me alter the final chapter of the new book slightly – great feedback, thanks Gill!

picture 2celebrate

Chris, Sophie and I went out for dinner in the evening to celebrate the new arrival and polished off a couple of bottles of bubbly when we got home… don’t worry they were only the small bottles! Some of you have been asking if we are selling the new book on QVC UK. The answer is no, but check my webpage for more information on how to get your copy – we are working on a way to be able to do signed copies too. Speaking of which, QVC UK ordered an extra quantity of signed copies of ‘Life’s a Beach and Then…’ for our website in the run up to Christmas. There are only a hundred and it really is first come first served as there will be no more – item number 705211.

Speaking of our website, there are plenty of Black Friday offers which will extend over the weekend. I’ve already succumbed, ordering myself the Lenovo Flex laptop to replace my one with the dodgy ‘E’ key. We also have two great Today Special Value offers this weekend. Launching tonight (28th November)  at midnight it’s an Apple iPad mini (I LOVE my iPad – bet you never thought you’d hear a technophobe say that) and then Gatineau on Sunday – perfect for more mature skin.

Gatineau Today's Special Value

Gatineau Today’s Special Value

I also have two Butler & Wilson shows this weekend – Saturday at 3pm and then a Couture show Sunday at 4pm – I can’t wait! And yet more sparkles in our three-hour Diamonique Spectacular on Wednesday from 2pm.

Butler and Wilson

I mentioned earlier in my blog that we weren’t meant to be seeing Daniel on his birthday. On Wednesday he texted to say his training had been cancelled on Saturday morning so he was thinking of driving home Friday night after training if I could get tickets for the Palace game on Saturday. So pleased we will be seeing him after all, but it did mean I had to quickly bake a birthday cake yesterday morning before work and I must dash now as I need to ice it. I’m still working on the football tickets but I think that was just an excuse – it’s the cake he’s after!

See you on QVC at 4pm today!

Have a fabulous weekend
much love
Julia xx


  1. TINA S November 28, 2015 at 12:48 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    So glad you had a nice weekend at Swansea. It was lovely to have the sunshine even though it was quite cold. Of course it didn’t last long. The rain and wind have been dreadful. We went down our usual haunt last Wednesday ( Porthcawl). We must have been mad as it was so windy it looked as if there was snow on the sea-front. It was the foam from the sea as the tide was right in! Still , it blew the cobwebs away!
    I’ve been searching for my Welsh bake stone as I’m hoping to make Welsh Cakes soon. The shop bought ones tend to be on the dry side and stick to the roof of your mouth. I was going to make you some if we had met up.
    I hope Daniel had a lovely birthday. I had my eye check today as I was a bit worried as my 2 sisters have been diagnosed with cataracts. My gran also had them as well as glaucoma. I ‘m happy to say I had a clean bill of health and don’t need testing for another 2 years. I am quite anxious when it comes to my eyesight as I saw my gran coping with being blind. She was marvellous considering her disability. I don’t know how she coped.
    Anyway time for bed. I’ve picked a Welsh based Christmas card for you that I think will amuse you which I will be sending soon.
    All the best, Tina.

    • Julia Roberts December 2, 2015 at 8:53 am -  Reply

      Hi Tina
      Just a quickie to let you know that I will definitely be at Morgan’s in Swansea for a book signing this coming Sunday, December 6th from 2.30 – 5pm. I wanted to try and do it before Christmas and Morgan’s Hotel have been really helpful. I’m not sure how many people will be there … it could just be us!
      I can only accept cash for book purchases but Morgan’s take cards if you want to buy refreshments – teas, coffees, wine etc.
      Glad to hear your eye test was good.
      Hope to see you Sunday
      Julia x

  2. Jean Pugh November 28, 2015 at 8:19 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    I did mention on your last blog that I had just on finished your first novel, well yes I have finished that now, wow love the story, you got so involved in it you did not want to put the book down. I have ordered the next one on Amazon, had an email yesterday saying date changed, should receive 31st December to 2nd January.

    Hope Daniel had a great birthday, I expect it was nice to see him, and I am sure he appreciated his cake.

    You have been busy rushing here and their. Such a shame about Sophie’s jumper, but you are right you only get what you pay for. But sometimes you think you have a bargain and it turns out to be the opposite.

    You have a good excuse now to go to Dubai, you need a hair cut.

    I am looking forward to reading your new book. Take care.

    Love Jean XX

    • Julia Roberts December 2, 2015 at 8:58 am -  Reply

      Hello Jean
      I’m so pleased you liked Life’s a Beach and Then…. – I left you a message on my previous blog about a review which I would be mist grateful for.
      Following your comment about your email from Amazon I contacted them as you should not have to wait that long for delivery. Someone on my Facebook said they had received their copy last Saturday which is pre-publication! I didn’t get much of an answer from Amazon but hopefully once it is officially released tomorrow it should be sent out to you pretty quickly. Could you keep me updated on here please.
      Speak soon
      Julia x

  3. A humble November 28, 2015 at 9:41 pm -  Reply

    Your daughter should buy clothes from qvc what you promote that’s what you expect us to do

    • Julia Roberts December 2, 2015 at 9:01 am -  Reply

      Hi A Humble (sorry for the formality but you didn’t sign your post)
      I don’t expect anyone to buy anything from QVC – my job is to show and describe what is on offer to help people make an informed choice.
      I would never try to tell my daughter where to purchase her clothes from but I think she has learned a lesson that ‘cheap’ isn’t always best.
      Julia x

  4. madeline smallman November 29, 2015 at 5:23 pm -  Reply

    another great blog Julia, congrats on the book hope it does well, and belated birthday wishes to Daniel, who shares my late fathers birthday. Hope you were able to get to the match as didnt they do well.

    • Julia Roberts December 2, 2015 at 9:05 am -  Reply

      Hi Madeline
      Thanks for your kind comments about my blog and fir the good wishes for my new book. It was lovely to have Daniel home even though his journey meant it was only for a couple of hours of his actual birthday!
      Still, at least he and his sister managed to get to the Palace game – a real birthday treat – unfortunately I was working.
      Julia x

  5. Joanna Downey December 1, 2015 at 8:39 pm -  Reply

    Hello Julia, I’m tired just reading your blog – talk about busy! I’m waiting for the arrival your new book and can’t wait. Number one was unputdownable and I read it in one day; we were on holiday and all I had to do was lie on my lounger with my book and a drink so I didn’t have any interruptions. In a reply to me in a previous blog you asked if I was a book or Kindle reader; I’m a book reader and have hundreds, many that are regular reads and have great sentimental value. I find it really depressing when our students say to me that they “hate reading” and would prefer to play computer games – kids! I have finally decided on my dress for Ellie’s wedding, just as well as it’s three weeks today. I had got to number 8 and starting to panic because I liked some of them but not enough, then I saw one that was different. It was black lace over a nude shift which i loved, had a slight similarity to Ellie’s dress with high front/low back and the price was much lower than the last two I’d looked at probably because it was in the clearance section of the Q..! It arrived within two days and as soon as Colin saw it he said it was me and the best one I’d tried, when I showed him the receipt his comment was that I always look best in cheap clothes! Could I wear a dress to my lovely girl’s big day that had cost me less than £23? With a gorgeous jacket, fascinator, bag and killer heels not to mention a pair of very stylish earrings the answer is a definite yes -serendipity. Sorry that was an epic mother of the bride moment. A tad cheeky but for the record I have never thought you expect Q customers to do anything, I buy because I want an item and no other reason. Hello to December, love from Jo x

    • Julia Roberts December 4, 2015 at 3:52 pm -  Reply

      Hi Joanna
      Gosh Ellie’s wedding seems to have come round so quickly – I can’t believe that Christmas is three weeks away and I haven’t written a single card yet. I’m off from today until next Thursday so I will be trying to catch up a bit!
      I hope you will enjoy the new book and the new characters you will be meeting – no rush to read though as book three won’t be ready until May 2016.
      Thanks for your additional comment by the way – I hope others don’t think that I ‘expect’ them to purchase things because that couldn’t be further from the truth.
      You’ll have to take photos of your wedding outfit and send them to me
      Much love
      Julia x

  6. Marian Bolton December 2, 2015 at 8:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    Sounds like you had a nice but busy ‘family’ week.
    I’ve started book 2 and am enjoying it just as much as LABAT. My heart was in my mouth though when Robert let the cat out of the bag to Harry! Just up to Holly returning home though so hopefully all will be put right soon??!! Of course, this means I’ve also read about the sweet peas which made me smile!
    Anyhow, must get back to the plot!! L8’ers!
    Marian xx

    • Julia Roberts December 4, 2015 at 3:47 pm -  Reply

      Hi Marian
      I am so pleased you’re enjoying the plot of book two – lots of twists and turns to come!
      Thank you for your comment on Facebook by the way.
      Really interested to hear whether some of the twists & turns make you say, ‘I didn’t see that coming!’, like Sophie did!
      Julia x

  7. martin forbes December 2, 2015 at 5:30 pm -  Reply

    happy belated birthday to daniel any word of your daughter sophie getting her flat yet.yyousaid a o added to you and daniels birthdday next so daniel must be thirty andmust be 60 you only isaid i9n my last post about 1weeks past saturday jacie kabler and glen i think that is his name had mens fashion for about eitems inuding mens parka jackets is the men’s fashion hours gradually returning to qvc i hope sop that will since on qvc mens fashion i think aabout 1o years ago i think can you rely with an answer if you can thanks hope your chris’s sister had agood holiday when she was staying with you hope she had good weather

    • Julia Roberts December 4, 2015 at 3:44 pm -  Reply

      Hi Martin
      There is a bit of a hiccup with Sophie’s flat purchase unfortunately but hopefully it will resolve itself in the new year.
      Yes Daniel is 30 next year, me 60 and my mum 90 – a big year of birthdays with a zero on the end!
      So pleased you took advantage of the men’s fashion on QVC – I think it went quite well so hopefully it will be the start of a few more shows – nothing confirmed at the moment though.
      Chris’s sister was in the UK for six weeks so I think she had a pretty mixed bag of weather
      Speak soon
      Julia x

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