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Native American turquoise

We have an exciting brand joining us at QVC this Monday. Introducing Nizhoni Native American Silver, a range of sterling silver jewellery sourced from authentic native artisans that are keeping the craft of Native American art alive. 

Nizhoni in Navajo means beautiful – extremley fitting for this unique and special range.

We met certified gemologist and fifth generation Native American Indian Trader, Courtney Elkins, ahead of the premiere show to talk inspiration, high-fashion jewellery and what we can expect to see from the brand…

What was the inspiration behind Nizhoni Native American Silver?

We want to take our love for Native American crafts worldwide, to showcase the Native Americans and what amazing artisans they are. I’m a designer and everyday I work very closely with the Native Americans, and together we come up with unique and beautiful jewellery designs. We all work together in the heart of American Indian Country; the great southwest.

Southwest AmericaSouthwest haystack

What makes Nizhoni unique?

Each piece is authentic Native American jewellery. The turquoise used either comes from Kingman Arizona (Kingman turquoise), Sonora Mexico (campitos turquoise), or the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine which is located in Globe Arizona. The Kingman mine is known for having deep blue to green high-end turquoise, which is becoming harder and harder to obtain. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine is no longer mining turquoise, which has caused the value to go extremely high. They call the mine Sleeping Beauty because the silhouette of the mountains resembles a woman sleeping.

Turquoise is very important because blue is a sacred colour to Native Americans. It is the sky stone, and it symbolises water. It also represents the sacred Mount Taylor, which is very close to where I live and the mountain where the artists live.

And lastly, because we have a direct relationship (with no middlemen) this whole collection is very well priced!

How do you source new artisans?

We have worked in the southwest of America for over 35 years. A lot of silversmiths come to us looking for work. We think it is very important to showcase these artists and help them become well known or even famous. We have helped promote a lot of artists throughout the southwest.

We also believe that it is very important to help teach any Native Americans who want to learn the art of silversmithing. We are one of the few companies who will train these artists.

How did you come to form a relationship with QVC?

A couple of years ago we met Lynne from QVC at the JCK jewellery fair in Las Vegas, Nevada USA and we’ve been working on this line ever since.

What are you looking forward to about the show?

I am really looking forward to all the unique and traditional Native American jewellery that we will be bringing to the UK. I’ve been here in London for a couple of days and I have not seen any jewellery like ours.

How do you think the pieces can relate to current jewellery trends?

Native American jewellery is in high fashion right now – I was in Tokyo last week and Chanel is doing a whole western line. So many high-end stores are selling fake turquoise necklaces and our real turquoise necklaces can compete on price. I think this type of jewellery is very desirable because it is so hard to come by, and QVC will be the main source of authentic Native American Jewellery in the UK.

What pieces should we keep an eye out for during the show?

Nizhoni liquid silver necklace

This liquid silver necklace is a true work of art. Strung by hand with tiny sterling silver tubes, it is smooth to the touch and looks like water flowing, hence why it’s called liquid silver. It’s a perfect necklace to wear alone or with a pendant. We sell only a few chains at our company, and liquid silver is our bestselling chain in the USA. 






Nizhoni stud earrings


These Nizhoni stud earrings come in three different colors; lapis, campitos turquoise, and bamboo coral, and are at a great price point for QVC customers. They are very comfortable and have a lot of detail.

These earrings were created by up-and-coming artist Jeffery Delgarito. Jeffrey is new to our company and has trained with us for over a year now.

Jeffrey DelagaritoTurquoise stud earring

Last, is my favorite piece in the line, the Nizhoni statement turquoise necklace. This necklace is a true statement piece featuring very large bluish green turquoise. We have had this turquoise in our back stock for a few years, and turquoise of this colour and size would be very expensive today. 

Nizhoni statement turquoise necklaceTurquoise statement necklace

Look out for these peices and much more, when Courtney joins Debbie Flint for the premiere show of this stunning jewellery range. Tune in on Monday 21st July at 2pm to get the first look at these fantastic authentic pieces and hear more about this unique collection.

In the meantime, you can visit our jewellery department

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  1. Ann Simmonds July 19, 2014 at 9:49 am -  Reply

    Looking forward to seeing the show, having lived in California and visiting Native American shops in the desert, have to say their work is beautiful and the colours stunning. Might have to sit on my hands though but have to one piece at least. Good luck hope you do well.

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