Dogs, deals and a lot of green


I hope all’s well…

I have been enjoying the very changeable but generally mild weather we’ve been having in Surrey, spending many hours walking miles with Toby and Ellie. Toby, who is eleven this year, is starting to slow up if we go further than three miles nowadays and spends the rest of the day sleeping – Ellie however is five this year and in her prime and could easily start it all over again as soon as we get home.

I often try to ‘smuggle’ her out in the afternoon on my days off without Toby noticing – I know I’m humanising him but Toby has the most expressive eyes and although our vet Fred has suggested we now take it easy with Toby’s exercise, Toby doesn’t understand why he’s not going out again… even if his legs and joints do!!

I’ve included a montage of some of his “looks” – I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.

Toby and Ellie love spending time together in the garden and despite his advancing years Toby remains a playful pup at heart. He’s often seen prancing around the garden with a half deflated football or rugby ball in his mouth and often enjoys a game of tug of war with Ellie – he’s heavier than she is but she’s smarter and usually finds a way to distract him and win the prize – it’s a joy to watch.

I love looking out of the house towards our garden and seeing the verdant vista (ooh I’ve gone all cultured). It’s not a bowling green or Premier Division football pitch but it’s lush for the most part, sprinkled with beautiful daisies in the summer and a lovely rich green colour, despite having to spend much of the day in the shade of the Scots pine trees my neighbours and I have.

I have been using my “old” friend (I’ve known him for over 20 years – neither of us are old – obviously!) Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic for several years now and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’ve already mentioned my two dogs and although now grown up, my son Jack also gave the lawn a hard time in years gone by – as a very keen footballer and rugby player he spent many hours with his friends kicking balls (both round and egg-shaped) about. We had to move the goal posts about four times as the lawn took such a hammering, he also used two pine trees as rugby posts until he became too strong and plopped a few well-struck drop kicks over the fence and onto the road behind – fortunately no accidents.

When he first introduced me to Lawn Magic, Richard explained that regular use would help strengthen the grass roots making the grass more resilient and quicker to recover, especially in worn areas. In fact many professional groundsmen use a commercial formula very similar to Lawn Magic on top rugby and football pitches around the UK.

I’ve mentioned this before in my blog – but a few years ago I asked our lovely next door neighbour Sue if she had a spare moment to water our garden flowers and shrubs whilst we were away. Upon our return she said “I’ve got to ask you – what have you used on your lawn? It looks so much healthier and greener than ours!!”

I mention this as Richard has a Lawn Magic Today’s Special Value (TSV) coming up on the 17th of March, a great opportunity for you to find out what all the fuss is about at a great price – but it’s not just the brilliant Lawn Magic! Our TSV also includes an ingenious Easy Feeder bottle that can be adjusted to not only feed your lawn with the use of a hose pipe, but can also be used for Richard Jackson’s Flower Power (liquid or granular) plant food.

It can also be adjusted to produce a spray or jet stream, allowing you to feed plants and flowers towards the back of your beds – genius!

…but please don’t tell Richard I said that 😉


Although I’ll not be on-air this Saturday, I just wanted to tell you about the TSV of the day too – the elegant Samsung Galaxy S9+ Hybrid Smartphone available in Black, Blue or Purple. It’s an absolute stunner with an array of breathtaking features on-board, including an amazing camera that lets you capture every detail of a movement in super slow-motion and see every second like never before, because of its amazing 960 frames per second capture rate – quite remarkable for a phone!

It has a dual aperture lens which acts more like the human eye, with the ability to automatically switch between various lighting conditions – making your photos look great whether it’s bright or dark, day or night. The F1.5 aperture mode finds light even in the dark, delivering vibrant photos late into the night which many other smart phones struggle to do.

It also has an attractive edge-to-edge “Infinity” screen, plus a whopping 128GB of storage, together with 6GB of RAM, which is more than many entry level laptops! You can even turn yourself into an emoji when sending a message and if you need to call or text in the rain – it’s not a problem with its IP68 water-resistant rating!

This camera can even recognise you instantly using Intelligent Scan, a new technology that combines facial recognition and iris scan, to make unlocking the S9+ so simple even in low light.

I nearly forgot to mention that it’s SIM-free meaning it’s not locked to any network, giving you the freedom to choose any UK service provider or to be a replacement phone if you’ve lost/had your original phone stolen. In the case of the latter you may still be locked into a minimum term contract and this phone allows you to see it through and in some style too!

As well as a fabulous TSV price we’ve bundled the Galaxy S9+ with a Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger Pad and a Power Bank for easy, convenient charging!

There are so many features I’ve barely scratched the surface – so if you’re looking to replace or upgrade your smartphone it’ll be a good idea to tune into our live presentations throughout Saturday, or visit for more information on the day.


Until next time… stay Green and well-focused!


Dale x

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  1. Susan Smurthwaite March 14, 2019 at 2:44 pm -  Reply

    Hello Dale, lovely photos of Toby, and yes I do understand about the ‘eyes’ ; must be so very, very hard for you and your family to resist him whenever he looks at you. Look after him Dale and be guided by your vet, of course I am sure you are and will be in the future.

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