Gracie’s Miracle Op, and Richard-J in my Garden


This week –  Gracie has her stem cells op for arthritis bless her, and Richard Jackson’s Garden comes to mine! Plus off to the theatre with Craigy and Patrick Quacker to see Amy Anzel’s latest production


Gracie Dog’s Patchwork Legs

Wow it’s been a long road but my five and a half year old ‘flabrador’ Gracie got her innovative new op this week courtesy of my vet Kiran. He rates highly the newest stem cells treatments, they take a fat pad from her groin (an op she had a month ago) then send it away for the lab to make stem cells out of. Then a month later (this week) back she went to go under again and have some fluid drawn off her joints via a needle and stem cells injected in their place. Regulars will recall a video I posted off Youtube about stem cell therapy for arthritis in dogs a while back. Well now she’s recovering but looks like a patchwork dog where they shaved her fur off! Bless her.

After a day she was up and running around again no problems, well hobbling… it’ll take up to a month for the stem cells to work on her arthritic joints – her elbows are worst of all. Will keep you informed. For more info get your vet to talk to mine, he’s at Denbies Veterinary Practice in Dorking.


Theatre Extravaganza

Craigy Patrick

I just love the theatre and those who know me well will not be surprised that it’s my ideal night out, so this week I jumped at the chance to see Amy Anzel’s (previous No! No! Hair removal guest) latest show – she’s co-produced ‘Casa Valentina.’ It’s based on a book about a box of photos of a cross dressers’ retreat from the fifties and has some fab background tracks, and amazing performances. Harvey Fierstein the writer also created the play ‘Kinky Boots’. It’s finished now but Derek Jacobi was in the audience – who knows, with the talk about transferring to the West End in a couple of years, maybe he’ll star! Leonard from the TV series ‘Butterflies’ played a pivotal and very funny role but apart from that it was very good lesser known actors. Here’s a taster video clip.

Craigy, Patrick Quacker and Craig’s pal went along on Friday with me, and after a nice supper at ‘The Hospital Club’ we jumped in a cab to the Southwark Playhouse, a small ‘in the round’ theatre in which this show worked really well. I’d see it again if it hadn’t finished its run! Amy is planning to be back on QVC with a new brand nearer Christmas but meanwhile here’s another brand she worked behind the scenes on –Pretty You London! All us girls who love bling love these!




Jony Pee

Jonny Peeee Back in Town and joined me in the woods for my dog walk. Have you got one of those pals whose life mirrors your own? Jonny’s does mine. It’ll be nice if mine takes the turn his life has recently – he came by to give me the ‘save the date’ invite for his wedding! So maybe that means I’ll find my second husband soon too! Jonny’s the one who lived in Brazil for a while and is now back – with his new Spanish wife to be. Can’t wait to meet her.

Back to You update

B2U header

GO HERE to read this week’s Back to You blog including all the webchat Q&As with Judith Williams plus Corinne previewing Philosophy’s big Today’s Special Value for Saturday 17th (see below for pic) plus of course Bruce from Bodyblade.


Book of the week – Raunch Regency alert! If you love a steamy novel and like period settings, how about this one from a new author called Daisy Chainer – on kindle / app/ laptop e-book. Set in a country mansion, with secrets and sexy neighbours … click here to read my Read it Write it Sell it blog on my website, featuring Flight of the Swallows.

Book of the week

My own writing I was super proud this week to see another fab review go up on Amazon for my semi-autobiographical weight-loss book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims.’ But what an idiot – when I was playing with Luna and trying to accept some new members to the Facebook group, puppy accidentally nudged me and I pressed ‘ignore all’, immediately deleting the 18 requests that day! Eeek! Hope if one was you, you can try again! Just Google ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’. Anyway this is the review – makes me brim with pride.

Ms Debbie Flint’s book has helped me to completely turn my eating and exercising habits from the worst possible no movement and eating everything in sight to now listening to my body and eating only when I’m hungry and I’ve completely changed what I eat too … and learnt to use freedom eating principles I have lost weight inches all over the body. I’ve got my BMI down to 25.7 my blood glucose is down to 4.6 and I now weigh less than I did at the age of 16 . So if I put a few pounds on I just re-read TTFLS and put all the knowledge and testimonies in there to practise and a week later I’m ok again. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who’s tried all the diets out there and failed. This is not a DIET BOOK it’s a lifestyle changing amazing lifesaver of a book … if I could I’d give 100 stars” Amazon Oct 2015


Thank you my lovely! Ebook or paperback have the purple cover. I have, however, got a couple of the hardback books left available to buy, I got my samples back now it’s sold out – just email me for more info (I’m accepting cheques for my charity Medical Detection Dogs.) And go here to my website to find out more about the book and where to get it.

Facebook Funny – talking of reading… check out the title. Haha!

Facebook funny

MDD Virtual Pub Quiz This Monday it’s Patrick Quacker’s turn in the hot seat on the Back to You group web chats – do come ask him all about the mini-series he’ll be bringing us next week. Then join us the following week (in the Monday night webchat slot) for a big group chat with Patrick, Gill and Marie-Francoise about what we saw at MDD HQ and how the Medical Detection Dogs help save lives and detect cancer in hospital urine samples. THEN – how about this – if you love a pub quiz, same night (26th at 8pm) we will be having a fun ‘virtual pub quiz’ open to everyone and kind donations of £5 per person (not compulsory) will help raise some funds for the charity… more info soon on my website – go here to take part.

Doggy update Plus there will be news of the MDD’s ‘Trick for a Treat’ fundraiser viral campaign – if you have a dog that can do tricks, you might want to join in! Here’s Lauren teaching her two spaniels tricks – and just look at little 12 week old loony Luna, how clever! And how cute they both are – and my girl! Hehe!


When Richard Came to Visit Here’s Richard Jackson our lovely gardening guru this week in my kitchen, along with Will Gowing who was filming his advice for me, and my super neighbour Carole who popped down to say hi. She also brought me some milk as Richard didn’t want almond milk (I think he said ‘yuk’) and my frozen skimmed emergency supply was a bit… frozen. He won’t let me forget that in a hurry! Haha! His advice was fab and I’ll be featuring it from next week, including what to do with hydrangeas, lilies, begonias and fuchsias as well as other tips. Meanwhile, his bird food has been going down a storm, as has his dog food offer – he’s giving a pound of the profit to MDD charity for each bag bought so do try it out, specially if you do buy quite dear dog food for your mutts, you might prefer this. It’s very high quality for a lower price – it’s here on our website and takes 10 days direct dispatch so order now.

Richard Jackson


Watch – OMG what an amazing film Lauren and I went to see this week! It’s the movie of the moment – Suffragette – starring Carey Mulligan, stellar as usual, plus Helena Bonham Carter, Sam West (looking identical to his role as newspaperman on ‘Mr Selfridge’) and a cameo from Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst. Really well done period settings and scary social mores of the time are explored with no holds barred. For instance, some MPs actually declined to give women the vote before WW1 because they assumed if they allowed women the vote, society would fall apart. In the initial debates, MPs gave a bill about women’s voting rights a clear majority, but it was vetoed by the then Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith who said a government voted in by women ‘would lack the requisite moral and physical authority.’ Even more incredible was on the credits at the end where they listed the countries who didn’t let women vote till much later – bet you can’t guess which surprising European country wasn’t till 1971! See the PS below.*

Life was so different then – a hundred years ago. In those days, the legal age for marriage for a girl was twelve. Yes twelve. And once married, her property was no longer her own, neither were her children, the man had full say over education etc. And from 1857 until 1923, Divorce Law meant men could claim their wife’s single act of adultery as a reason for divorce but a woman had to also prove abuse or desertion etc, not just adultery. Ridiculous eh?! Even when they first got the vote, after WW1, it was only 8.4m married property-owning women over 30, (and another 5m men) who could vote. Until another ten years had passed when they evened it up and made it the same rules as men, the inequality remained.

This era fascinates me, it’s the one I’ve been researching for my next novel, ‘French or Dutch’ (more later this year), and seeing this film is a great way of glimpsing it.

Jack Pack sing Mack Here’s something else to glimpse! Did you know you can get the Britain’s Got Talent stars’ CD on QVC? With free P&P and a 30 day guarantee? And if it’s a Christmas gift, the 30 days lasts till 25th January! Watch this and if it tickles your fancy , get it here. I do like a bit of swing. Apparently Strictly fave Peter Andre (another of our QVC alumni) is releasing a swing album too – yay!


Xmassy tops Well most of them are or will be available soon – if you’ve been admiring the ones we presenters have been wearing do get yours soon! Mine are the pug jumper, the reindeer jumper and soon the green Quacker Christmas tree t-shirt and also, coming early next week, a quacktabulous velvety jacket with little blingy dog emblems on! (see below) Hehe!

XMas jumpers

View from my Coffee Cup this week was at the Hairdresser’s (Dare in Dorking) – mid-highlights… thought it’d make you smile. By the way on my website newsletter this week I put another video to make you smile – a hilarious ‘dad lip-synching his daughter’s tantrum’ – if you haven’t caught it on Facebook yet, go here!

Coffee cup

Blooper – this week we had theeee most comfy throw on the Mayfair Manor hour, I couldn’t resist!… (ps I’m going to see another It’ll be Alright on the Night recording end of November, and this time there are none of me making a twit of myself! Mind you there’s still time… Lol)

This week on QVC –

  • Weekend Xmas Shopping! Saturday’s is as previously teased, the amazing deal from Philosophy – on presell online now actually – go here. Then Sunday sees a huge Samsung 48” TV being launched, and Monday’s is a super Nutri Ninja with Caroline Sandry.
  • Additional Channels – Heads up! If you’re not sleeping well, supersize your beauty with the This Works Pillow Spray  (it’s really effective, I find). It features on the QVC Extra show this Sunday morning at 9am (QVC Extra channel is on Sky channel 673, Freesat channel 802 and online), and do switch over to our QVC Style Channel at 10am on Sunday for ‘Style Your Wardrobe’ with tips like this (rpt Wed at 7pm).


  • Quacktastic – join Patrick Hoy each day at 2pm Mon-Wed for a winter wonderland of tops – like this lovely one, which you’ll see me wearing – it’s the Christmas Pooches Hoodie and it’s supersoft!


  •  Tuesday & Wednesday midnight – join me for Lola and Renee! It’s a double whammy for me – Tues (20th) midnight is the new Lola Rose Christmas gift scarf in a box then I’ll be bringing you the launch of the new Renee printed scarf cardigan on Wed at midnight too!
  • Sneaky peek – and finally teaser of next weekend’s Bumper Liz Earle Bargain which my lovely pal Jilly is lunching Saturday (24th) at midnight, the 6pc top to toe collection – here’s the pic – don’t miss it!


Next week –  it’s my turn on the Saturday night show on 24th at 8pm, join us for some festive fun. Plus dinner with my lovely kids and the first of the videos with Richard Jackson in my new garden, getting things ready for winter.

Have a great week



PS Switzerland did not give women the vote until 1971!

PS – *TiFFT – Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. martin forbes October 16, 2015 at 7:11 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie hope you are well iam not bad just enjoyed my weesk holiday from work being lazy still another weeks holdiay to come in april

  2. martin forbes October 16, 2015 at 7:12 pm -  Reply

    holiday not april mid november

  3. Jayney October 17, 2015 at 12:18 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, firstly l’d like to say “thank you” for always being so entertaining on air, I always find you interesting and often very funny but you’re always respectful to the visiting representatives of the various brands/items and don’t talk over them. However my main reason for commenting is to wish Gracie a successful and very speedy full recovery, bless her. I hadn’t heard of the treatment she’s having being used on animals before and will follow her progress as I’ve got a gorgeous 8year old cat, Minstrel, who suffers with arthritis in her back legs as a result of being hit by a car when she was just under a ŷear old and pregnant! She had a broken pelvis amongst other injuries and was confined to a cage for the rest of her pregnancy until she underwent a C.section and had 6 healthy kittens (2 of which l’ve kept=Poppet and Rolo)Our pets are very special aren’t they, they really are family and they cause us nearly as much worry and heartache as our children because of that! But we wouldn’t be without any of them for a second would we,so I’m sending love for both Gracie and you.Jayney xXx

  4. Sara October 17, 2015 at 2:29 pm -  Reply

    Wish I hadn’t read this. I’d totally meant to go and see the show at Soutwark Playhouse but just didn’t get there. Hoping for a transfer. Spent too much seeing Harvey’s Kinky Boots.

  5. Irene delamere October 18, 2015 at 1:05 am -  Reply

    Enjoyed reading your blog what’s the full name of your dog charity I’ll send you a cheque I got one of your books on my kindle so enjoyed it must get the others enjoyed seeing all the photos on your blog you lead such a busy and exciting life have fun and keep writing more books x

  6. Dawn Sinclair October 18, 2015 at 10:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs Hope Gracie makes a full recovery. My 14 year old Jack Russell has over the last few months started to show signs of arthritis. It’s awful to see him hobbling first thing in the morning. I have him on the supplement Yumove Advanced as the prescription medication available is unsuitable for him. All the best to Gracie. D x

  7. Sue Cope October 21, 2015 at 10:37 am -  Reply

    Hope you’re well Debbie. Glad that Gracie is doing well I have not heard of this treatment before hope you keep us posted on her recovery. I love reading your books may you continue to write many more. I enjoy writing poems but that’s as far as it goes. The weather is changing at the moment and darker nights are looming I don’t like them. Your blog always makes me smile keep it up Debs. Take care Sue xx

  8. debs f October 23, 2015 at 2:38 am -  Reply

    Martin – enjoy your holiday!
    Jayney – thank you and love to your pets – yes we do lavish the love their way don’t we!
    Sara – hope it was good – it’s on my list too!
    Irene – thanks hon – ring MDD on 01296 655888 or Email: – they’d love a donation thank you.
    Dawn – give him a hug. I also give my three labradors high dose EPA fish oils, and occasional sardines too! Will keep you informed.
    Sue – how kind you are. So glad you like my writing – it makes it all worthwhile. I like the cosy nights in but miss the sunshine too!
    hugs all
    ps contact me via my website too

  9. Margaret J November 13, 2015 at 1:08 pm -  Reply

    You are one of my favourite presenters !!! Its always lovely seeing you in a show. You are especially good with Axel Ruth. That show was electrifying, & didn’t want it to end !!! You always give good tips. Thank you. I, too am a fan of Duck egg. The bluey variety.
    Lots of good wishes to you & your lovely dogs !!!
    M xx

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