Does your brain do this weird thing too?


This week I painted the new kitchen – took me blimmin ages it did! Nearly all of my five nights away. See below for full info. Plus, what happened at the pub quiz, a freebie story and funny passport pics! And had lots more birthday treats – like these balloons and flowers, from pal Gill, awaiting me at home in Devon when I got back from France last week!



Does your brain do this weird thing too? Over on this week’s newsletter on my website, I asked a burning question and read other people’s weird stuff too! If you like, listen to my examples, which I mentioned when I recorded on one of my regular ‘vlogs’ – a video blog. If you click on this link, you can accompany me on one of my regular walks in the beautiful Devon countryside. (Be warned – no make-up alert! Lol.) If you didn’t know, that’s where I live half the week now, when I’m running Retreats For You.

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Kitchen Finally Finished – just in time for Wendy’s Return! For most of the rest of my time off, after I got back from France (see last week’s blog) I was mainly painting the kitchen, cleaning and getting everything put away in its new home. It’s so nice to have such pristine units, I thought I’d better bring the uneven brick walls up to scratch too. So I painted… and I painted… and I painted… And I ended up with neck ache, backache, arm ache and lovely clean white walls… eventually. So much for continuing with ‘French or Dutch’ once I returned from the writing hol.


Thank you Painting Ladies At least I’d got the lovely local company The Painting Ladies to do the hall, stairs and landing previously – it looks so lovely especially when the sun shines through. Great job and really fast and efficient – highly recommended!

Well it’s all done now, and that’s the last of the big jobs down in Devon. To be honest I needed to not be near the hunky handyman anymore anyway (long story – and not a good one, lol, but glad all the work is done and done well) so it’s great that most of the ‘musts’ have all been ticked off the (long) list. And it feels soooo good to have such a bright new kitchen – can’t wait to see Wendy’s reaction when she comes back from her hol on Sunday! We have a big group coming next week and I’m looking forward to getting back to it after my two weeks off. Next week, I’ll bring you a lovely video tour – including the dishwasher with a hidden secret! What can I say, I’m easily pleased!

Pub Quiz – quality quartet! Squeeee! Came second in my first experience of the pub quiz in Sheepwash! Yay! Thanks to lovely Sheena and her three musketeers, me and my pal Alix (and her pal Sam) managed to scrape in joint second – we lost by one point – well, more specifically by two missing half points which yours truly lost, by giving the wrong result – e.g In the 80s there were two types of vinyl single – one was a seven-inch, what was the second, and what speed did it play at? Do you know? Leave me a comment below…


Sing Song Selection And talking of quality quartets – well, a trio to be precise – still time to decide on which songs I should sing in September, with Eric Gilchrist and his two fellow musicians – at the event happening in Devon – can you come? It’s in Torrington at the Plough, on September 16th and will feature classics like ‘What a difference a Day Makes’ and ‘That Ole Devil Love’ – click here if you’d like to find out more, and choose from the list of songs – which is your favourite? I’m meeting the lovely Eric to pin down which half a dozen or so we should perform at a charity gig which is in aid of Medical Detection Dogs and the venue. Do come!

Parent Passport Pose Poor Lauren showed me the pic of her passport last week, and blow me, if I hadn’t attempted the very same ‘if I open my eyes wider, I might look younger’ shot. Not sure why she did her frightened rabbit in headlights, but it made me laff how similar we look! Is your one a belter too?

Tea for Three Last week I also had a super lunchtime catch up at Dotty’s Tea Rooms in Carshalton, with sis and ex-sis-in-law Nicky, we made sure we had our pinky fingers out! Just love that place and they do a mean coronation chicken salad in granary!


Geek Alert – new humanoid Talking of being easily pleased, here’s a link to a fascinating article about early human like ancestors – it’s called the Homo Naledi and the surprising haul of relics sheds new light on human existence. There was also a great programme about The Day the Dinosaurs Died, now on BBC iPlayer catch up. I’ve always loved stuff like this and it makes me sigh with happiness to read such things. They say we all have several careers don’t they? Well maybe once I’ve retired from my … 4th? 5th? …career (in the guest house,) in many years to come I’ll go off on my travels to be an archaeologist. Stranger things have happened! Would love to go interview Chris Stringer from the Natural History Museum one day too – maybe I’ll look into it.

Mid Life Crunch Regulars will know of my own personal issues years ago with depression, so it was interesting to read Carol Vorderman’s articles this week. Another subject it’s vital to talk about – especially since last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. If it’s someone else’s emotional battering getting you down, though, it’s worth reading this blog – click here – it’s now had nearly 4500 views and am very glad it’s helping so many people when they find out they’re not alone.

Book of the Week – this time, it’s from one of my top five authors – Lee Child. Regulars will know I listen to a lot of audiobooks and this week I read one of his short stories, filling in some of Jack Reacher’s adventures in between his longer novels. And a free interview on Audiobook from Lee Child within my book of the week, a Jack Reacher short, Not a Drill.

There’s also a free new short story for you to enjoy – go here to read more.

Blooper – Dress or jumpsuit! Lol

Facebook Funny – or rather, Twitter Titter! Considering all the fuss about the new humanoid, thought this was apt!

Watch – ‘An American In Paris’ For a birthday treat last week, we went to see An American in Paris, in the West End, with Brad and Kari, my sis Linda and Selin (QVC guest and good pal, just started working with Shivata.) It was … glamorous, atmospheric, had some great songs and some reaaaallly camp dances, but very entertaining! A good 7.5 out of ten for me.

And just by way of comparison, here’s the original movie version of ‘S’Wonderful with Gene Kelly and co!

This week I’m aiming to see King Arthur at the cinema too!


This week on QVC –

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Next week – a tour around the kitchen on video, and a fabulous competition to win some QVC beauty goodies! 

Have a great week!




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  1. Emily Curtis May 19, 2017 at 12:08 pm -  Reply

    Your kitchen is amazing so light and fresh the painting hurts but the reward is fabulous I am very jealous but my parents are aiming to move to Cornwall at the end of this year and as they are my carers’ I’m coming too so if I get my issues sorted I could finally meet you in the flesh p.s no makeup on suits you you’ve excellent skin and your passport photo and your daughters are very similar but it’s as if you haven’t aged as it’s just you and how you look now lots of love Emily xx

  2. Sue Stewart May 19, 2017 at 2:23 pm -  Reply

    I’m claiming fame for being in your blog Debbie ?. Love your newly decorated hall. Mine needs doing badly. I need your ladies. Had a nrw front door today. So it shows even more. Great blog xx

  3. Keryn murphy May 19, 2017 at 9:34 pm -  Reply

    There was a 12inch vinyl that played at 33 1/3 , I remember them well …enjoyed your blog as always x

  4. Jill DowdingWalker May 20, 2017 at 11:05 pm -  Reply

    Hasn’t anyone else commented on your blog this week Debbie? I can’t see any other comments!

    I really enjoy your blogs and vlogs. It is like dropping in for a cuppa and a catch up after a busy day!

    Really interested in the archaeological remains! I enjoyed The Day the Dinosaurs Died too.

    Love the upcoming TSV info – thank you!

  5. Sue S May 21, 2017 at 12:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi record was 12inch. Played 45rpm

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