Discovering the local auctions – check out my goodies!


What a deal! Got this superb pitcher and bowl set at the local auctions. It’s to go in the new barn bedroom I’ve just set up down in Devon, so my guests can do it the old fashioned way if they want to have some water. I was very pleased with my purchases this week I must say. You know last week I mentioned about the 1880s newspapers for my vintage collection in the studio? Well, this week I got not only the solution to a problem for the barn bedroom but also something I’ve wanted for ages – a proper wicker basket! Now I can go over to the shop using this for my shopping and ok, so it’s just fifty paces walking, but I can feel all country-like, carrying it.

Or attach it to my electric bike I got from QVC! Anyway, the local Hatherleigh auctions have loaaaads of stuff every week, you just have to be very astute to get the good stuff!

The pitcher and bowl were the pride and joy though – my pal Deborah Millward said on my official Facebook page (here – do ‘like’ the page and you’ll see my updates and vlogs) ‘Hun every Christmas when we had to visit my mothers brother in Suffolk each bedroom had one of these to use I loved using them very handy for a mini facial or freshen up!’ Have you ever used one? Or stayed somewhere that had an olde worlde set up?

New barn bedroom
Clearly I had to finally go and tidy up the barn bedroom – because it was a storage room. That’s putting it mildly! Well with lots of people coming, it was time to bite the bullet and the mess had to be transferred out (and into my office which is now a tip – ahem!) and we have been left with a super place to be, and what a view! Here’s the new look room and the super view out of the window across the Devon hills up to Highhampton way. It’s so quiet too. So peaceful and beautiful.

We had a debate with this week’s visitors about whether they like silence when trying to go to sleep or prefer some sort of noise. I like the sounds of the countryside and rain – the rain noise in the barn is wicked. My sleepcycle app does it for me, though, it plays ocean sounds when I fall asleep – what about you?

Yoga Week
Sheepwash is a lovely little village and this week we made use of the village hall with the lovely yoga lady Jennie Nimblelimbs, who came to take a morning and an evening class each day. So I went along to join in. It made so much difference to stretch out so soon after waking up – there’s a lot to be said for it and I aim to continue, rather than just doing my night time routine.

So glad when a plan comes together! And of course, yoga is ancient too. It really works for my body. (In fact, I’m thinking of going back to the Malta yoga retreat for my end of October break, the same place I went to in April last year – before the big move. We will see.) There’s definitely something kind of cool about doing things the old fashioned way though. On the other hand – I love my electric bike! And things like Alexa makes my life so much easier! Lol.

Alexa – Today’s Special Value on Saturday (19th) from Amazon – the Echo
Wendy (my neighbour who helps me out and mostly cooks the meals) made me die this week when a voice from our kitchen was shouting – ‘no! I said ‘corrrnnnn-flourrrrr!’ Because she was talking to Alexa, the handy kitchen assistant, who is always listening as soon as you say her name, and adds what you need to the app on your smart phone. Occasionally she gets it comically wrong, depending if the radio is playing at the same time and interrupts Wendy’s message! But true to form, magically when I get to the shops, to buy food for the next week, there’s my shopping list! And all we’ve done is spoken to a little device set up in the kitchen. All thanks to Amazon’s amazing Echo device.

This was one of the main reasons I got my first version, the Amazon Echo Dot– now I’m going to get the bigger Amazon Echo, which is today’s special value (Saturday 19th) – so that, on its bigger speaker, I can hear things more clearly. I like using the other functions too – things like ‘play me twenties music’ which I’m currently playing to myself when I’m writing my next book all about that period. And ‘Alexa, read me my book’ and she picks up from where I was on my last audiobook when I was last listening in the car. Also ‘what’s in the news’ – love that function too! There are so many other things too. You get new ones you can ask her all the time too – just as soon as you register, you will be sent emails with the newest updates. She can even answer important and specific things like, ‘ask easyJet if flight 8581 is on time’ (or whatever) – it’s amazing. Technology definitely adds to the colour of life. Buy yours early on this early bird link.

And of course, my telly hubby Lee Hohbein will be guest presenting it which makes it all the more fabulous! Tell you a secret about Lee – I’ve put in a request for him to do a marathon TV or Facebook Live stint for e.g the Apple launch in or around October since we’re always saying he could fill an hour talking about an iPhone! What do you think?


Dalmation plantation Bless our new boss, Sean – he’s given me the super Butler and Wilson doggy brooch, cos he knows about my Daisy and Gracie…! It’s all because this weekend sees 22 years of this fabulous fashion jewellery range and I’ve got a two-hour show on Saturday (20th) 6-8pm. Simon will be on top form so do join us! And here’s the range in the meantime – you will see the deals before everyone else if you click here and look for special pricing!

Lolly Weekend My daughter’s wedding is only a few weeks away and her hubby to go off on his stag last weekend so she and I had a girly night in, with her trying on all her potential wedding shoes, and her dress of course. Plus we watched the Diana programme and also had a lovely dog walk the next morning as usual, just before Brad and Kari joined us for a coffee and a catch-up. My kind of happiness!

Andie and Ponies How lovely is this pic? My pal (@getgellergals, one of our regulars!) Andie came to visit Alix and me this week in Devon – and fell in love with some of the Dartmoor ponies (well at least one of them is a true Dartmoor pony by the looks of it, if you recall my blog a couple of months ago.) And it seems as though the ponies fell in love with her too – lucky girl! So much adorable wildlife around this part of the country … and no, I don’t mean you, Andie! Lol.

How NOT to make this classic dessert…Another culinary mix up and a funny one – at least it was Wendy this time! Go to my website blog and watch the video – click here (and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletters to be first with the updates often including Early Bird links).

Book of the week – Erin Green’s A Christmas Week Well if QVC can have Christmas in July, why not a yuletide themed book of the week! Not sure why it’s been released this early but as one reviewer says, it’s a gem, don’t wait until December! More here. And good luck to new writer Erin!

MDD Raffle – thanks so much to everyone who took part in the Medical Detections dogs raffle this summer – in the end Sara’s page raised over £2200 – enough to buy loads of dog harnesses for the car, which they sorely need. Or half of a third industrial freezer to store the urine samples from the local hospital for the prostate cancer detection studies. Very proud and pleased! Going there next Friday!

Blooper – so funny watching Ali K’s fashion show on Saturday at home with Lolly my girl – check out model JC caught unaware! Hehe!

Facebook funny – well, funny tweet: found this twitter account and it’s super! Such funny jokes – I like gentle humour like this – reminds me of Tony Blackburn! Hehe!

Facebook vlog of the week – had a nice walk round the local roads again on one of the sunny days – been lucky this week click here. Here’s a blog about when I won at the auctions! And here’s one from when one of the lovely talented visitors this week was playing a super serenade in the sitting room!

Watch – Diana in her own words It’s the one they’ve all been talking about and certainly brought back memories. I was at QVC the first time when Diana died, and the footage was very nostalgic. See it on catch up.

This week on QVC – Friday’s Coco Bianco Flared Sleeve Print Tunic is very affordable – get yours here.

And as mentioned above, don’t miss today’s special value Amazon Echo for Saturday, as well as the Butler and Wilson specials incl on Saturday evening with me.

Sunday’s offer is the Shark Rocket Duo Vac, and Monday’s is the Marla Wynne Boucle Sleeveless Waistcoat. On Tuesday if you love your build in orthotics, get the Vionics Suede Trainers. Wednesday it’ll be time to top up your Australian Bodycare stock and on Thursday a first – a TSV all on Advanced Order for a new range called D.E.T.A.I.L.S., a faux fur hooded coat. And Friday, my mate Gabi Bradshaw will return for the next Bissell stain remover machine – a handheld one and so efficient.

Next Week – a QVC viewers week at the retreat, and hoping to see the new Idris Elba film!
Best wishes


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  1. martin forbes August 19, 2017 at 9:44 am -  Reply

    hi deebie hope you and family are well ihave beepoorly off work last 10 days sore throat chesty cough bit cold back on monday there is aclip of you on you tube childrens bbc monday 18th august 1986 just tyope in youtube subject adc tv collection tv sproductions 1982 i t will come up 1minute 30 seconds how long did you do it for 3monthsyou look so young

  2. Sue Stewart August 19, 2017 at 12:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie the new room looks really good. Comfy and cosy. Views are not to be sniffed at either. That B&W dog brooch is really pretty. That Andie gets everywhere. I saw that she had popped into seeing you. She seems to be a Mrs Doolittle lol.I had a basket just like yours when I did cookery at school. You’re becoming quite the country girl. X

  3. Wen of Burnham August 19, 2017 at 8:05 pm -  Reply

    The Apple idea is brilliant Debbie! Now we’re “apple to the core” any of his advise or demonstrations are so useful. Fingers crossed it goes ahead!

  4. Josephine Jennings August 20, 2017 at 8:06 am -  Reply

    Love your auction find.

  5. debs f August 24, 2017 at 10:13 pm -  Reply

    josephine – thanks so much! I’m getting abit addicted! lol
    Sue – You’re a star as ever. When you coming down? I’ll take you to see the ponies too…
    Wen – ‘apple to the core’ – I love it! Lee is superb for sure!
    Martin -= I look young cos I was young! lol x

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