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Little Ondine is our current co-winner of our QVC competition to find a new beauty brand.  We have had entrants from all over the world, and all the brands have had to go through a rigorous application process, where we scrutinise the ethics and professionalism of their product and company.  Then, they are whittled down to a final six, and each brand is given the opportunity of presenting to myself and a panel of judges including our beauty director, buying team, CEW member and a beauty journalist.

During that day, it is not just about them presenting their product and brand – it’s like a Dragon’s Den procedure! They have to survive the probing questions that prove their professionalism and knowledge of their industry and products.

Little Ondine blew us away, as it is very unusual to have a new concept or a redesign of an old product.  In this case, nail varnish. Very cleverly, Little Ondine polishes have been designed by three guys, one of whom came from a family that owned commercial paint manufacturers who had never made nail varnish before – but had expertise in resins and pigments. This gave a totally different starting point for the ‘recipe’ that makes Little Ondine so unique, because they wrote a new wish-list of a modern day nail varnish and then experimented for many years to see if it could be possible.

The result is an extensive spectrum of high-fashion colours – including glitters, shimmers and different textures in a ‘free from’ formula – so Little Ondine is great for those who may have had sensitivities to nail varnish or polish removers in the past,with this complete ‘out of the box’ approach of peeling your polish off. It is a completely genius concept!

As with many new products and innovations, there are some tips and techniques to be able to understand and use this new formula.  Firstly, let me point out that it is extremely easy and if you can paint your nails with any other nail varnish, you will be just as good with this.

The fact is Little Ondine polishes don’t last necessarily as long as a normal nail varnish formula, however, on testing, I find it makes a dramatic difference if you use their base and top coat combined. For example, if you paint the nail colour on its own on a naked nail, for me it then peels off after a day or two – which often, I don’t mind as I’ve made a conscious decision that I want to change my colour daily, so it means using varnish remover less often.  However, if I use the base and top coat with the colour it can last me 3 – 4 days and that’s even when I’ve been gardening and mucking out the horses, which is just as long as normal brands.

Here’s a clip showing you how easy it is to apply and remove Little Ondine polishes:

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Common questions have been ‘how can I use my nail strengtheners?’, and my answer is that it’s very simple.  You can paint Little Ondine polishes over any nail strengthener or indeed over any other nail varnish colour if you want a quick update for your fashion look.  As with any nail varnish application it is always best to put it on in thin coats and you will find then that it dries just as quick as any other brand. One of the key advantages is that Little Ondine glitters peel off easily – and as we all know, glitter can be a nightmare to remove with varnish remover and normal brands.You can fall in love with glitter again, as all you have to do is peel it off.

There are many reasons where a peel-off nail varnish may be beneficial to you, and not simply because you might be looking for a ‘free from’ formula or have previously experienced sensitivity to ingredients. I love using Little Ondine when I just want colour for a certain day, event or special occasion, and their polishes can be easily removed in the car or on the go. If your nails appear a little paler than normal after peeling the polish off, this is normal – just wash your hands and they will go back to their natural colour. I’d recommend applying cuticle oil or hand cream as normal, and then let the products sink in fully before moving to another nail technique.

The advantage of not having to carry any varnish remover can be fantastic for your holidays, painting your nails on the plane or in the office, as there are no fumes or pungent scents with these lovely polishes. If you’re in the sort of role where you might not be able to wear polish, such as nursing or the catering industry, it means you can quickly apply and reapply without spending ages keeping them looking natural and polish-free.

Little Ondine polishes apply perfectly normally on top of traditional colours and formulas, and adding a glitter polish in the Little Ondine formula can refresh an old manicure and cover chips or cracks beautifully. As long as you paint two coats, it always seems to peel off easily.

My tip is that if you’re trying to peel off the polishes very close to when you painted your nails, it helps to remove after a shower, bath, or even after washing your hands -but if it’s a day or two after application, it will be fine. When applying Little Ondine polishes, make sure you create crisp, clear edges – don’t paint over the cuticles and skin, and if you do, wipe away quickly before it dries – then you will find it miraculously peels off in one piece.

I truly believe that Little Ondine is the perfect solution for anyone needing to paint their nails on public transport or in the office because of the lack of fumes and also fantastic for school children because you can just peel it off at the breakfast table the next morning.

We are continuing to add to the colour wardrobe that we offer from Little Ondine, as they have an infinite array of fab classic shades and on-trend colours, complemented by some new and unusual shades and textures. Think about how many shades of paint you can buy in a DIY shop, and you will realise the extent of how many shades we can create with Little Ondine!

Discover gorgeous Little Ondine polishes at QVC

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  1. Jill July 27, 2016 at 4:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ally sounds a great product. Read with interest on Craig’s that your new fashion range will be out soon. Will it be avail on QVC?

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