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I promised you a weight loss focus and here it is! Considering the summer is nearly here, and the banter amongst many of the groups I speak to, especially online, revolves around getting in shape, here’s something that really made me proud.

You know when you share a part of your own story, but you never know how it’ll be taken till you do it? It’s a risk, right? Well the gamble is paying off. Here’s just a few of the lovely messages I got this week and some of the comments left online.

In the next month or so we’ll have some brilliant products to help you and so far thousands have already been helped. But rather than me making it all about the ‘stuff’, let’s hear from some of the people who have been getting healthy.

deb ttfls qvc cover pic

The trouble with weight loss and exercise…

…is that we all – well, most of us – know what to do, we just don’t do ‘what we know.’ Right? So when you find something that DOES make you want to continue with it, something falls into place and finally something clicks and you have a massive eureka moment! Well I had one and I wanted to share it. In 1999 I found I was troubled – massively overweight (marriage on the way out, job change imminent, house move etc blah blah) and fortunately, thank goodness, discovered the genius system of Freedom Eating.


Till the Fat Lady Slimsfor escaping Food Prison and no more counting



TTFLS was the book I wrote all about my experience and it made me able to share it with others. Roll on fifteen years and the wonders of self publishing on Amazon, version 2.0 which shows how the Freedom Eating system can be used alongside any traditional diet (any) and since January QVC, have enabled me to share it further.

But why does it work? You can read some of the testimonials in these pics, but also do check out the reviews people have been putting on the QVC webpage for item 704285, or on Amazon. Including –

… lost three pounds. I was also really interested in what the book says about the effects of sugar…I was really impressed by Debbie’s detailed references for further reading. Her book has encouraged me to think of my weight loss as a project and be less passive and more proactive about understanding what’s going on in the process. Sorry, I’m going on and on, but I was surprised by how much I got from this.’ QVC

 Can only echo all the positive comments from the 5 star reviews, This is a book for life, a good, healthy, slim, no pressure life – You know the one we all dream of! I hope that if you are wanting to make a change in your life and are ‘sick’ of the endless ‘work for a short while, as long as you deprive yourself diets’ that you give this book of Debbie Flint’s a try. Put simply IT WORKS!” QVC

This is a great book, I have been overweight for 40 years and since reading this book I have adopted a new way of eating and feel I have taken back control. I have made my escape from Food Prison and I don’t intend to ever go back. No more counting points, calories, syns or any other units for me. One day I will have the courage to ditch the bathroom scales and rely on my clothes to tell me how I am progressing. I have a lot of weight to lose but I now have the tools in this amazing book to help me get there once and for all.’ Amazon.

black top qvc book pic

And here are some specially for you guys from the gang on Facebook –


It can be used alongside conventional diet plans – any of them – and it’s easy to begin. Some say it’s the easiest thing they’ve ever done to lose weight and that’s what I love to read on Facebook support group Till the Fat Lady Slims. Get the book and join us – and also see below!


Bodyblade for no more bingo wings and fitting into sleeveless dresses

beach Bruce-and-me

There’s a whole blog this week on my Back to You page on my website – I do a little blog weekly updating you on the latest webchats and covering health topics. Well this week for beginners and people who wonder what all the fuss is about, it’s Bodyblade-centric! Plus webchat is with lovely Marv!

Go here to read all about Bodyblade on my website and why it’s so fab & Bruce on how to combat ageing muscles.

  • It’s back in stock – item 432954 – on 3 pay – ready for Bruce’s next visit 28/29th
  • Put it by the kettle and just do one minute on one exercise a couple of times a day
  • You’ll be amazed by Bruce’s knowledge and skill at creating this fabulously effective device.
  • If you can buy only one thing, get this then join us here on the Facebook Bodyblade group.


Leg Master for better looking butts!


Talking of webchats, and great devices, the Leg Master is superb for saddle bags and bottom. Alongside the Bodyblade, this ingeniously targeted piece of kit is the perfect way to get bikini ready I think. I do use mine every morning for just one minute – you beginning to see a pattern here? I’d say the only other item I’d have on hand at all times is the urban rebounder as bouncing – well, that kind! – is so good for the body too. But the Leg Master is back in stock, back on 19th if you are quick and you can see the VT of it on our QVC website, item with Fiona on this link.

On Monday 22nd join us on my Back to You Facebook group for a live web chat at 8pm with guest Fiona too.


Body Rescue for full health plan

Perfect if you want a strict healthy eating plan to follow – if you follow it you will lose weight and tone up and probably be more happy in your skin. Christianne Wolff is back on QVC soon, with her brilliant Body Rescue Plan system item 704286 .

I have to admit I was very skeptical when I received this book. And on initially reading it, considered sending it back… However, I stuck with it for the two week detox (which wasn’t as difficult as I thought – and I absolutely DREADED giving up coffee and sugar completely) and I have to say it’s done me the world of good” QVC

Christianne is also popping by for an extra web chat on Back to You group here, on Monday 22nd at 10pm ish?

I bought the Body blade a few years ago and initially didn’t get on with it and it stayed behind my settee! However, in March I started the body Rescue Plan and decided to try the body blade along side all the other exercises suggested by the Plan; we’ll all I can say is I’ve never looked back!! The tone of my upper body has improved tremendously largely due to the body blade and I feel fitter and stronger than I’ve felt for a long time. What’s more I actually have enjoyed using this excellent tool for toning my body. I would thoroughly recommend it. ” BB group.

Not forgetting Pilates for total body fitness and peace of mind – if you can stretch to a Pilates Reformer or have the room, nothing beats it for a longer work out.


… and  – Shhh! STOP PRESS – Around 5th July – we have an incredible fitness guru joining us! All will be revealed in next week’s blog!!


So there you go, a little round up on how to get the SUPPORT and EQUIPMENT you need to trim and tone this summer – what are you waiting for? Which will you choose? Do it now, cos as I always say, if you are going to do it ‘at some stage’, do it now, and you pay the same, but will have all those extra months’ use out of it. And what if it works?

What’s your story?

Let me know…


IMG_3387 Deb’s House Move Continues – ok so I’m now doing the ‘Debbie’s De-clutter and Moving Diary’ regularly on my Facebook page – anyone can see it you don’t have to be a member, just ‘like’ the page on this link to find out more! Click here. Like – this lovely Rose popped up on an amazing bush in the front garden of the new place – sooo chuffed to have these in my new garden – can’t wait to move in!


Mummy helper – my lovely mum came and helped to clear out the wardrobes in my big room at home – and yes, there are some gems that will go in the Table Top Charity Sale (see below) Mum took a couple of items from my collection and the most commonly heard words were – ‘but this is a really nice top you’ve hardly worn it,’ then ‘yes but it’s really nice, it’s not outstanding, so it can go!’ It’s been really cathartic having a good clear out! And so it continues! Lol!




 Are you able to come along? Table Top Sale – Event is Launched! Here’s the event I’ve created on Facebook with all the info – August 8th, near Dorking (RH56QQ) Table Top sale (fashions mostly 14-16 or Medium, household, afternoon teas, Bodyblade wobble) and guests – Patrick Quacker and Abi Ultrasun will be there too! Do come! In aid of Medical Detector Dogs for Breast Cancer charity. Click here to click that you are coming and to find out more.

Nailed It! Get your Red Carpet Manicure Questions Answered by Linda! It’s always lovely seeing young kids in the family grow up and establish themselves isn’t it. Well, been to Westcroft Leisure Centre lately in Carshalton? Noticed the big Surrey Osteopath signs? Am very proud of my nephew Ricky who is an osteopath – he’s Linda’s son, (she’s the RCM guest on QVC here and in Italy.) Well, he’s just opened at Westcroft, and Linda’s set up there too, so I went along for my own RCM manicure tutorial – I got the pinks set on my nails, from the Cinderella bumper RCM pack! She’s currently taking calls about RCM issues in the Elemis spa/natural nail bar – so worth going there to get some advice? Go here to find out more.
Me and sis

Book of the Week
‘Truly Madly Greekly’ by talented author Mandy Baggott is this week’s choice – riding high in the Amazon Kindle charts at the moment – well done her! Fab title! Read my interview with Mandy and links to read the first part for free  click here.
Truly Madly Greekly sizzle

Marv Chat Marverine took her turn on Back to You webchat too this week – go here and scroll to bottom of post to read it. She was delighted to chat to everyone about her new VT for darker skins, amongst other topics! Well done Marverine Cole, fellow QVC presenter! Click here for her behind-the-scenes video or catch it on QVC Beauty soon.

Marverine on set

 Under £10 for a writing workshop in Kingston? Wow! I’ve put the info on my writing blog. PLUS – Sense and Sensibility from a guy’s point of view – the funniest critique of the plot – if you loved the Jane Austen book, do go see his hilarious suggestions  on Read it Write it Sell it my weekly writing blog! Click here for more

Sneaky Peek – talking of my sis, above, Linda and I both love this product! It really helps maximise the look of my natural lashes too , like RCM does my natural nails. Revitalash deal on its way – trialled and tested by me – I swear by it – do you? See what it can do on the single item meanwhile, together with the eyelash primer I currently use on air, available here.

Shhhh! Another little date for your diary – on Tuesday night, 11pm, whilst I’m watching Burt Bacharach at Hampton Court concert night,  (taking mummy), catch a Molton Brown special offer that’s, ahem, one show only!

This Week’s highlights –  apart from the wonderful value Gatineau 3 pc set with choice of award winning melato eye or defi lift eye (208803) on Sunday, join me Monday night midnight for a fab endless edge feather pillow set  (803622) from Northern Nights  or the OPI 8 pc Summer Envy set (208373) , TSV on Wednesday. Thursday’s Michele Hope is a pretty soft Knitted Cardi with lace trim 155888  and don’t miss Marv with the first ever Frank Usher Today’s special Value with lovely June on Thursday night midnight – the perfume bottle pendant we’ve been wearing on air – it’s already got loads of interest so don’t miss out! 304448.


WATCH – ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ – one of the funniest scenes ever in a movie, when Leonardo DiCaprio gets drunk and crawls across the floor – you have to see this if you’re  a Leo fan! I loved this film, and it’s on Sky movies at the mo. A good 9 out of ten – very long though! Enjoy!


Blooper – and this week’s blooper is a couple of funnies from last week on air – Akos the inventor getting pushy… and Mark Walker caught in a slip of the tongue! Hehe! X

Next Week  – I’m off to see QVC Liverpool, including to see the Social Media team which I’ve been angling for for aaaages! The last time I went was around 1997! Plus we may have some exciting news of expanded webchats since they are so popular. And… concert time!

Best wishes

Debs x

PS – *TiFFT – Try it For the First Time Club!

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Books pic

‘Item 704285, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 (2015), my hardback QVC-exclusive version of my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, incl exclusive bonus content, hardback and signed, limited to 3000 produced. Order online now.

Find out more in the special blog that appeared on the QVC home page here.


  1. Nikki June 21, 2015 at 6:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. Hope you and your Mum enjoy the concert at Hampton Court Palace. I saw Paloma Faith there on Thursday and it’s quite a small area, the acoustics were fabulous and you so close to the artist! And of course, Paloma is amazing.

    I’ve read the first two of your Hawaiian trilogy so far and am about to start on book 3. You write real page-turners, with characters that I feel I know and that I care about. Highly entertaining and thus far, unputdownable! If that’s a word! (Well it is now!).

    Also have read TTFLS and my behaviour around food has changed already. I’m going to re-read once I have finished Hawaii 3.

    Take care,

    Nikki. x

  2. debs f June 22, 2015 at 6:57 pm -  Reply

    Nikki –
    how kind you are! Thank you hon!
    I so hope you can let me know what you think about the book 3 – email me, let’s discuss!
    Re TTFLS – you are part of Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group?
    brilliant support there !
    ta for leaving a comment!

  3. jayne baker June 29, 2015 at 7:19 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    I love reading your blogs and watching you on QVC.
    You have an infectious laugh and I bet are a roar to go out with in the evening. I read your book Hawaiian Affair on holiday last year and absolutely loved it, will definitely be purchasing your others.
    Jayne x

  4. ray July 10, 2015 at 10:57 am -  Reply

    Debbie when is the dvd for bodyblade coming to QVC
    I bought the Bodyblade A while ago but did not get a dvd with the offer
    and I would love to start the exercises

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