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Inside QVC

This week it was a pleasure to get to present a three-hour show of Diamonds with Laurie Wickwire, our diamond expert. I have to say I enjoyed it so much, it was the adult equivalent of a child playing dress-up with your mum’s clothes. I got to wear the most beautiful selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

I can’t believe the level of diamonds that we manage to bring everyone and the prices we can offer, I was tempted to buy myself something too. Particularly the rectangular Halo trilogy ring which I became very attached to!

As the show went on I collected as many pieces as I could!!! You don’t get that opportunity to wear that many diamonds at once very often so I went with it! What can I say? It was really, really fun and if you are after a very special piece then please consider getting it from us.

Outside of QVC

Summer holidays are in full swing, yes it’s a juggle when you are working but we are managing. Fred and I however have been like ships passing in the night so that we can both continue to make it to work! I’m looking forward to this weekend when we are all together and neither of us are working! No major plans yet but whatever it is it will be together.

We have had a lot of beach days as you probably already know as we live at the coast but there’s also been a rather big project that has started in our house. Tilda started building her own homemade dolls house! It’s brilliant! Yes it’s taking over the living room but I really don’t care. She is such a creative little thing and I can’t help but encourage her to keep going with it. It’s the sort of thing that I did when I was her age so I am loving watching her imagination fly.

Ivy is ‘trying’ to help but being three, she’s not quite on the same page as Tilda with her vision but she’s letting her contribute too. When they then play with the house and I can hear them chatting away pretending to be all the characters of the dolls, it’s the best sound. Now I won’t pretend it’s all sweetness and light, they have also fought like all good siblings do, but those playtime moments are golden!

What I’m wearingPhase Eight

I had quite a few messages about the dress I wore during the diamond show so I thought I would include it this week. It’s another fab dress from Phase Eight. It’s a little quirky with the hem on this one and an unusual combination of pattern and block colour that give it a very flattering shape.  I think it has the feel of a contemporary 50s Tea Dress style to it. I love it now with bare legs but I will also wear this later in the year with black tights and ankle boots.

What I’m using – Benefit

I don’t think I have ever featured a blusher as my product of the week and I have no idea why because I love a blusher! It’s the finishing touch to any look. Even if you wear nothing else a little blusher can completely brighten your complexion. I haven’t shaken up my blushers for a while so perhaps this is why I haven’t featured one, I can be a creature of habit that’s for sure,  I sometimes need a kick up the bum to make changes.

I ordered the Benefit Galifornia blusher because I was so taken with not just the colour but the golden over-tone that it also has. Perfect for summer! Benefit products always put a smile on your face, not just because they can make you look fabulous, but because the packaging is so much fun. The products often have a gorgeous smell too and this blusher is no different. Go on, shake up your make-up kit!

In the Kitchen  – Summer Pasta

So in Summer I personally find that pasta isn’t the first thing I think of for a meal, mainly because it can be quite heavy can’t it? Well if you go for a light summer recipe then it can be perfect, particularly as a side dish for BBQs. So this is what I’m bringing you this week!

What you will need – feeds two people as a main dish or around five if it’s for a bit on the side of your plate for a BBQ.

Wholewheat spaghetti – about a third of a packet (use white pasta if you prefer but I find wholewheat tastier)

Half a lemon

3 cloves garlic – sliced

3rd of a pack of feta cheese


Heaped tablespoon of pine nuts

These amounts are a rough guide but add more or less depending on what you like!

Put the pasta on to boil, I add a little salt to the water. Meanwhile take a deep pan or wok and pour in a few tablespoons of olive oil and put on a medium heat. Add the three cloves of sliced garlic and let it infuse into the oil making sure not to let it burn but let it start to turn golden. Meanwhile take a small dry pan and put on a low heat and tip in the pine nuts. These have a tendency to burn quite quickly so make sure to check on them and shake them around every minute or two until turning golden, then take off the heat.

Check the pasta to see if it’s to your taste, I don’t like my pasta squishy, it usually takes about ten minutes on the boil. Drain it and set to the side for second. I then take the pan with the oil off the heat and then take half the lemon and squeeze all the juice into the pan along with a little of the flesh of the lemon. Then pop the pasta into the pan and let the garlic oil and lemon coat the pasta.

Then add a good big handful or two of rocket to the pasta and turn it over into it. If I am putting this dish out for sharing then I will tip the pasta into a nice big dish and then crumble over the Feta and Pine Nuts but you can add it in the pan too and then serve into smaller bowls. Either way perhaps leave the pine nuts to last so that they decorate the top. It’s a lovely fresh tasting pasta perfect for summer. If you don’t like Feta it also works really well with lots of shaved parmesan. I would also try this with added fresh crab too! Yum.

OffersKipling & Joules

Before I go I want to give you a heads-up for some of the Today’s Special Value offers coming up this week. Firstly the Kipling Amiren Premium Quilted Small Cross-body Bag which comes your way tomorrow! (Wednesday 8th August) I really like the shape of this one, it’s a classic handbag shape but with the usual Kipling organisation and hardy material for everyday use. I also love the pompom monkey! Tune in tonight at midnight and tomorrow to see all the other fantastic colour choices.

Also we have the Joules Exclusive Printed Go Lightly Rain Macs which are your treat on Friday. I know this summer has been amazing but you know the rain will be back any day and wouldn’t it be lovely to be looking super stylish in one of Joules’ fabulous prints?

Next week I fly to Ireland to join my mum and dad with Tilda and Ivy. Sadly it’s a busy time of year for Fred so he won’t be able to come too but we will be back in time to have the Bank Holiday Weekend together. I will still try and keep up with my blog so do check in next week. I have something exciting to share with you soon too, I can’t tell you too much yet but it’s surrounding food so make sure to keep up with me over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be the first to find out.

Lots of love

Katy x x

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