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SketchIn honour of today's Destination LA event designer Antthony Hankins will be joining us to showcase his new collection, plus a stunning Today's Special Value kimono. He spoke to us about what LA means to him and his LA inspiration…

"I've lived within the city all my life so it is little wonder that I am inspired by the endless energy that can only be found within the intertwined streets and towering skyscrapers of the concrete jungle.

I grew up in New Jersey, attended university in Paris, lived in Dallas, and travel to New York, London and Miami regularly. I am constantly drawn to the twinkling lights, vibrant colors, diverse people, and of course, the insatiable display of fashion.

Antthony Hankins As you may know, all of my designs are conceived in my Los Angeles, California studio. Often I can be found wandering through the fabric district looking for the perfect colour, texture and pattern to match the design in my head.

I gravitate to the art district and there absorb the opulent colours and individualistic displays of creativity. There is always something new to try and someone new to meet. For me, the city is truly a hub of intellectual life, urban design and modern fashion.

Living in the city is stimulating, as the speed of life flows at a much faster pace. However, the great thing about Los Angeles is that there is a more a casual tone to the city and the sanctuary of the beach or serene mountains are just a short drive away. 

The endless blue skies and tropical palm trees interspersed throughout the buildings seem to give the city dwellers permission to be less structured, while still maintaining a stylish and modern look.

The Antthony Today's Special Value tunic is one example of how my designs reflect my California home. This stunning, light-weight, and colourful V-neck top, featured in three distinct patterns, instantly takes you to a state of relaxation. The breezy fabric sways and flows with each movement and the adjustable sleeves can be cinched to the perfect length for whatever the weather requires.

Antthony Designs embroidered printed chiffon kaftan with camisole in purple Antthony Designs embroidered printed chiffon kaftan with camisole in black Antthony Designs embroidered printed chiffon kaftan with camisole in red



For the woman in the United Kingdom looking to find an escape from the everyday city fashions, I recommend this piece, which is one of the hottest looks of the season by Antthony!

Every place I have been in our world community points to artistic innovation yet to be conceived. Inspiration can be found in even the most unlikely of places and I continue to find my fashions are a reflection of the global environment.

Click on the sketches for a closer look.

Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Sketch 3 Sketch 4






One love,


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  1. colleen haig June 27, 2012 at 1:10 pm -  Reply

    antthony’s fashion is very inspirational and absolutely favourite is the cardigan set i give that a five star lovely lovely design.thank you antthony for bringing such classy outfits.

  2. Lacey June 27, 2012 at 3:09 pm -  Reply

    Oh Antthony!! Loved the TSV in the purple all apart from one thing which stopped me going for it. Absolutely adored the overall print in the purple which is both beautiful and edgy at the same time. It was the neck embellishment which by contrast looked old-fashioned (to me) which I didn’t think went with the spirit of the overall print. I would also say the same thing for the neck embellishment on the black/white option. The neck embellishment on the green and on the coral option do fit with the prints, but the coral option isn’t me and the acid green shade of some of the leaves in the green wouldn’t suit my colouring. Would have found the purple irresistible had it not had the neck embellishment at all. Sorry Antthony – not that you will be sad that I didn’t go for it as the purple in every single size was the first to sell out!!!! The magenta colour in the green colourway is beautiful by the way. Could have gone for that one if it was just in magenta and white. You are such a lovely person, Antthony, may you always be blessed.

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