Dawn’s story – TEN STONE weight loss. And Doggy Update!


Sometimes you read or see something that makes you realise how lucky you are, right? Well this week, it happened twice. Once when I saw an eye-opening video about poor Shannon who deals with her epilepsy much better now her little dog Poppy alerts her early enough to get herself safe. Watch the video on this link here. She uploaded it onto her Facebook page to show how amazing her dog is. Well, we know that, don’t we regulars! From all the fab videos about the Medical Detection Dogs and their amazing work. If you didn’t know, last week I was beyond proud to announce that I’ve been made an ambassador for the doggy charity MDD (who appeared on The One Show this week – see below). Then this week came a couple of posts from lovely Dawn Allen.


Dawn – Ten Stone Lighter, and How TTFLS* helped her!

 My hubby can lift me up, he’s never been able to do that before’

One of my lovely Facebook group members, Dawn Allen has been sharing her story with us this week. She’s been keeping us updated on her journey for months now, telling us how her weight loss has been going. Well this week she reached her ten stone goal. That’s TEN STONE – lost. Goodness me, what an achievement. Dawn’s found herself so grateful that she’s happy to stand up and talk about it, in the hope that it might help others. What a girl. I didn’t think my ‘Freedom Eating’ book could have much to do with it, after all, she’d already lost a lot when she joined us. But her words touched my heart and made me so proud, I thought I’d share it this week with you all. Do remember that she’s now on a mission to get fit too and of course her story might not be yours. BUT even if you think you have ‘too much’ to lose – be that a stone or ten stone – Dawn is proof of what’s possible.

Q1. Dawn what was the story of your weight gain and what made you finally able to start losing?

A) I have always struggled with my weight, but I got really big after I had my children. Also having polycystic ovaries didn’t help, as I can’t eat as much as a normal person, so the before pictures are a result of thinking I could. I have been on a ‘diet’ for ever, but started to try really hard in the last few years as my knees got really bad with the arthritis, it’s been a bit up and down, up and down until this year when I read your book.

Q2. What helped the first part of your journey and why did you stall?

A) I went to Weight Watchers and lost a bit but started struggling when I lost my mum, dad and brother. I started to comfort eat and it started creeping on again.

Q3. In April you wrote to me that you were now on the Diet Chef programmes and that Freedom Eating had really kicked in – how did it help? And what have you been doing for this final section?

A) The diet chef (calorie-controlled diet programme) is great because I struggle in the kitchen to cook because I can’t stand for any length of time, so the convenience of it, but the freedom eating is what has given me so much control. When I read your book, I cried because it was like you were writing about me and the guilt of blowing a diet would make me eat everything in the house and I really struggled with the ‘clear my plate syndrome’. I now eat the best bit 1st, so I don’t mind stopping eating. Now if I really fancy something I have it, but I can now stop too, I have learned to listen to my body, only eat if I’m hungry,  and when I take that deep breath I know it’s time to stop and I actually enjoy salad now.

Q4. Any benefits you’ve noticed being ten stone lighter, that are NSVs – non-scales victories as we call the on the Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook group?

A) So many, I don’t want to hide away now, my hubby can lift me up, he’s never been able to do that before, clothes are so much cheaper, people who haven’t seen me for a while have to look twice before they realise it’s me, honestly too many to list.

Q5. What advice would you give anyone with a lot to lose who thinks it’s too high a mountain?

A) Don’t look at it as a big mountain, look at it as little journeys. I only aimed for 7lbs at a time, for instance – or it’s just looks impossible.

Q6. What has been the turning point for you, in knowing that this time you will keep it off?

A) The control I have around food now, the lack of guilt if I have what used to be a forbidden food; it’s really hard to explain just how different I feel, I just look at food so differently now.

The rest of the tale is over on my website on the Back to You blog this weekclick here.

Dawn after

Well what a lovely story. I have decided to incorporate Dawn’s tale and her advice, into the next book in the semi-autobiographical weight loss series. It’s going to be called… ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – 101 Tips and Tales of Inspiration’ and it will be out in January. For more info on the others and how to get a free sample of book 2.0, just go to my web page here. And do let me know if you’ve had any similar experiences even if you aren’t on our TTFLS Facebook group – or anything you’d like to ask me. My website email address is Debbie@debbieflint.com. Just email me – I don’t bite!

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Doggy Update – MDD on ‘The One’ Show Do go here soon to see the fascinating explanation as to what my charity does – you’ll see why I want to keep raising funds for them, as Nick Kershaw explains on The One Show from Monday 24th August – it’s here. I’m narrowing down the possibilities for doing that virtual pub quiz I told you about in last week’s blog – but before that I may be able to do an online one… more soon.

Gracie Op? My poor Gracie has been on a doggy diet of late, due to needing to lose weight cos of pressure on her poorly hip dysplasia. And my vet Kiran at Denbies in Dorking told me about a wonderful arthritis treatment he’s looking into for her – using specially grown stem cells from Gracie’s own fat, into the joint – fascinating! She’s lost a kilo so far – will keep you informed! And if you wonder whether they can do it for humans, look at this from Reuters from 2013. And this amazing documentary form the BBC about it all. Don’t ya love science?


Rain Soaked Lunch This pic of my pal Janie and me belies the fact that not only were we damp from the rain, but we’d just had half the road splashed all over us outside my house, by a passing lorry driver who clearly thought it was funny! That was a TiFFT* I didn’t enjoy! Thank goodness I was using my Kipling bag – nothing inside got wet! Did you enjoy seeing their Today’s Special Value offer this week? Hope you managed to get the black option – it sold out way early! Anyway Janie had just come back from the USA so we had lots to catch up on!


Dogs or ducks? Well they don’t care, do they?! I got sick of being soaked this week – but doggies don’t care – especially not when their little stream becomes a river and they keep diving in! They normally look like bears, but drowned rats was more the case this week! Lol.

Rain stop play

Will – Charlie bears party oh it never rains but it pours – metaphorically as well as literally. They’re expecting all these tickets to sell out early too – Will and Charlie from Charlie Bears’ 80’s party in aid of their fab cancer charity. It’s the third invite I’ve had for that same night! Hope you enjoy it if you go – and do join us for Monday night’s Charlie Bears show, just after my Liz Earle hour at 10! That’ll be a fab bank holiday shift – looking forward to it!


Kate Moss clutches a Lulu! Appearing on Twitter from Lulu Guinness’ team this week none other than Kate Moss herself sporting the famous iconic bag!


Facebook funny! 


Facebook funnt


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Lulu Guinness Frances bags

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Jamie Oliver Finds Seaweed Anyone wondered how Jamie Oliver has lost two stone lately? In this online feature he explains more, and it’s partly to do with seaweed – and sleep! Click here.

Marlene’s been eating them for years! My macrobiotic guru, Marlene Watson Tara (.com) explains all about why sea vegetables are so good for you – it’s really interesting about how they can help you and her website it fabulous and full of super info – click here to read it.

marlene and bill

Back to You Update On Monday 31st Aug the big reveal will take place with the schedule of my expanded web chats for September on the QVC UK Facebook page! Whoop! This week’s B2U blog of course majored on Dawn’s story, above, and also included Monday night’s web chat with Terri from Josie Maran, all about the wonders of our lovely Argan oil range. Plus of course lovely Bruce from Bodyblade – which is back in stock now, go here to get yours in time for his shows on 7/8th.  If you already have it go here to join his Facebook group.

terri and Josie

This Monday at 8pm on Back to You group we will be chatting live-time (it’s a written Q&A, you just comment on our relevant Back To YouFacebook group post to join in) to Leigh from Tarte Cosmetics – she’ll be posting a few of her recent wedding pics – she looked like a princess! Go here to join the QVC UK Back To You group.

Book of the Week is ‘Move Over Darling’, and a jolly jape it is too! Fellow Choc Lit author Christine Stovell’s ‘Move Over Darling’ was her first book for them and she’s one of the most prolific authors on their books. This tale of love in a Welsh village between Coralie and hunky Gethin is ‘a wonderful heart warming story’ and worth a listen if you like Mills and Boon type situations and a satisfying ending! More here on my RIWISI blog.

Move over

Watch – Blooper – here’s another good one for you!


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  1. Sue Stewart September 1, 2015 at 4:41 pm -  Reply

    Really enjoyed reading this amazing ladies weight lossjourney. She’s stuck with it and now 10 stone lighter. I can’t quite get my head around it. Loved Craigs blooper funny.

  2. martin forbes September 2, 2015 at 6:46 pm -  Reply

    hi debs hope you and family are well iam not bad

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