Davina Day! The truth about UVA. And 99p Raunchy Romance!


As the house move grinds ahead, stressing me out something chronic, it was a pleasure to take a break to meet a modern day icon, Davina McCall this week. PLUS big news from Abi Cleeve, about what exciting things you can find out about your skin at my upcoming August Dorking charity event in Surrey! And how to get my steamy novel ‘Take a Chance on Me’ at 99p till end of July!


Debbie and Davina

Well what a fabulous show this was! I was beyond-excited to meet Davina McCall herself, and the full hour was a wonderful exploration of her latest ‘7 Minute Fitness’ DVD along with the philosophy behind it. They sold out of warehouse stock but can be ordered for delivery at the end of July.


The lovely lady has sold millions of DVDs in the past and is super-fit herself of course, courtesy of her healthy eating regime and her new trainer Ed. (Follow him @EdThePT on Twitter, Facebook below)

Me and D

What impressed me about being on with Davina is firstly how blimmin lovely a person she is, truly, in real life – one of the girls. And also how she does know her stuff… Off air we discussed the ‘Sugar the Bitter Truth‘ video, how important the right fats are, and how to stay on course by using foods that stop you getting that afternoon craving etc. Also when I asked how she feels being asked to sign things, she said humbly that she’s delighted as it means she’s wanted and one day it might all end, so she’s only too glad to be asked. How refreshing and fabulous to hear. So I got this for one of her big fans, my QVC pal Craigy!

Hi Craig

She also created a great fun atmosphere out in Chiswick Park in the afternoon with an impromptu workout – including lots of local workers, even a lovely 74 year old in her pearls!

Follow Ed here – https://www.facebook.com/edlumsdenpt

Follow Davina here – https://www.facebook.com/GetFitwithDavina?fref=ts

And come join us on Facebook on my Back to You QVC group to take part in a group 5-week challenge if you ordered the DVDs! One starts soon, another end of July for those buying the advanced order!

Till then here’s a clip – my hour with Davina – enjoy!


Craigy Goes to the Beeb!

Talking of Craigy, his new CBeebies show begins this Saturday at 9.30am – good luck matey! He’ll be brilliant! It’s ironic that Craig goes to Children’s BBC about 30 years after I had my debut there in the broom cupboard. Watch out for his show called ‘The Let’s Go Club’, for 5-7 year olds and I’ll be watching it with little niece Izzy this weekend as it’s my turn to babysit on Saturday!  More on Craig’s blog.



Get your Skin Tested at my Charity Event!
Wow what great news I had this week – lovely Abi Cleeve has offered to come along to my table top sale near Dorking on August 8th with her Ultrasun UVA skin analysis machine! For a few pounds donation to the Detector Dogs for Breast Cancer charity, she will find out for you what your sun damage is like! Here’s one of the new trainees at the charity by the way…

Heidi puppy ball

PLUS – how about this – Imedeen are going one step further to analyse your collagen layer in your skin! Yes, Emma’s colleague, Polly, is going to be bringing down that famous Collagen Ultrasound scanner too – so it’s a double whammy if you care about your skin! And in the run up to the Table Top sale I’m introducing you to some of the little dogs.

Remember I had a 15 year old Labrador called Holly? Well this next little one is called Holly too. This Holly is partnered with 22 year old Alice. Before Alice was partnered with Holly she spent three years in hospital as no one understood her condition and the medical professional could not help. Holly alerts Alice to life threatening changes in her blood sugar levels.


Come meet one of the team who lives quite nearby, on August 8th. And lovely Claire Sutton’s just given me a stack of goodies too. I can now have a fab raffle – more info on the Facebook event and on my website – hope you can come too if you can get to Wotton just outside Dorking in Surrey, click here for more info about who else is coming and where and when.



Find of the Week – Debbie’s De-Clutter Continues

OMG you should see the house now! EEEK! Sooo many boxes and drawers still needing to be sorted – here’s a pic of what my lounge looks like, RIGHT NOW – as I type this!

lounge mid clear out

Well I’m just glad I don’t have a house move very often! I’m not one of those who does it every couple of years, although I’m told by those who do that they find it quite cleansing. On average, I’ve moved, since owning my first house in 1984, once every 8 years – not bad eh? But it does mean over that time, the cr*p builds up again… still, all the more for the sale! This week my brother hired a van and helped me move some of the big stuff – I could never have lifted it before Bodyblade made my core so strong (Bodyblade still available here.)

oak unit

I was very glad to re-discover this during my clear out – it’s the lovely pic of me and my Lauren when she was about 11 – and I had a flat tum in my first vegan era. I’d just been on the Tony Robbins workshops and began leaving the rubbish food out of my body. I was the healthiest I’d ever been at that stage and helped by going to the gym three times a week, so proud to show off my tum. About the last time I did! Very motivating though, to see pics like this – if I’ve done it once…?

find pic


WATCH – Bloopers and Clips special

Here’s a bit of science for you, since I’ve not been anywhere near the telly apart from to pack away DVD’s, during this ‘dang’ house move! It’s a vintage clip from yesteryear on QVC – well, around 1997 to be precise – Deb and touch lamp conga – why exactly, I wondered, does it work, and how many people could you have in the ‘touch lamp conga’… remember this? Or even, remember touch lamps on QVC?

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

Nb more clips like this on my most recent Monday newsletter on my website – do sign up to be first to see the updates and to get sent the links to blogs instead of having to go find them! Go here to sign up using the pop up that will appear!

QVC US Bloopers and funnies from our sister company in America –  click here  – inc Susan Graver and Mally funnies or here including some hilarious slip-ups!

This week’s bloopers – don’t you just love QVC? And my roomie Chloe who perpetually finds her way onto this slot? Here’s the ‘pie bap’ moment all over again! Haha! #RealPieCompany

And here’s another one from this week – poor Charlie – love these, don’t you?!


Two words you’d say to your younger self? Comment below and let me know! Mine’s Let Go…

2 words

Gatineau Winner Congrats to Margaret Calvert the winner of last week’s Gatineau competition! Over 400 took part so luck is clearly on your side! We’ll be sending your prize soon! x

Read it Write it Sell it Book of the Week – ‘That Sugar Book’. This week I’ve featured a book connected to a film I’ve been looking forward to for ages – ‘That Sugar Book’ – related to ‘That Sugar Film’, now available to buy online. It’s one man’s story of eating too much sugar via so called healthy foods – huh! I’ve been banging on about this topic for ages and whilst we nearly all have a little sugar from time to time, it’s having too much of the rotten stuff daily that causes awful health problems. And he’s proved it – by only choosing ‘healthy’ bars and meals, low fat yogurts, smoothies etc. The book charts the actual medical changes in his body and makes for fascinating, and scary reading. Find out more on my website here.


And for a taster of the film watch this…


One last Bouquet  from my old garden – but I know I’ll be inheriting a huge array in my new garden – tons of colourful flowers and plants to learn about – must book a day with Richard Jackson our gardening expert! PS he has a Today’s Special Value show this Sunday Morning with Craig, info below!

Flowers from gareden


Steamy Novel Deal Alert! Take a ‘Chance on Me’ is only 99p till end of July! The first in my ‘Hawaiian Trilogy’ is now back up to the top few thousand in the UK in Kindle, as my publisher Choc Lit has included it as part of the Amazon special eBook event. The paperback is coming out in many shops in December, and I’m told, in the US early next year. Find out more and get it whilst it’s still on offer! Stock up now ready for when you’ve got the next chance to read a little raunch! But don’t worry – it’s only 7 or 8 shades and they’re all vanilla! Haha! And lots of other Choc Lit authors are also featured. Click here.

Take a chance

Beet This! Ooo can’t wait to harvest the beetroot and spring onions I’ve been growing – in grow bags fortunately so they can come with me! The only things that have done quite well this year, sadly – been, er, a bit distracted really, wouldn’t you say? What’s your best crop so far? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Back to You Update – the truth about getting UVA protection right. Well Abi Cleeve from Ultrasun not only had a brilliant TSV this week, but also came on our Back to You group to put your mind at rest that full UVA protection IS obtained via Ultrasun, without the ‘essential star ratings’ claimed by a recent BBC report to be the only way to tell – that’s just for Boots, Abi said. Since Ultrasun isn’t sold in Boots, it doesn’t need to have the star system, rather, it has the EU sign proving it’s UVA approved.

Back to you header

Read more here, where you’ll also see Bruce Bodyblade’s tips for a better bottom!  Click here for Back to You blog on my website.

Next week it’s a double whammy with Adele from SBC as well as Michelle and Tom from Alpha H! The Monday after (20th) it’s a make-up tips special with June from Makeup Junkies.

Facebook Funny Julie Cohen my writing mentor, in charge of my upcoming workshop in Wales, is hilarious! Should I trust this woman with my plot? Looks like she’s lost hers… hehe x

facebook funny


This Monday – Camouflage Sisters mayhem on Lunchtime Show? So they’re back – the Camouflage sisters Corinne and Louise will be on ‘The Lunchtime show’ – considering the carnage they caused with Chloe in last week’s blooper, you just have to watch it at 1pm Monday 13th July! See their range on QVC this Monday at 11am with Claire and 8pm with Marv, just before my Benefit Cosmetics hour.

camouflague pic

after camo

I’ve enjoyed using some of these fab bags to organise my clutter in the run up to the big move. It makes such a difference to store in smart containers. And if you’d like a chance to win some of these lovely bags, items do go to my Facebook page!

And in the meantime, here’s an option with free P&P  – space saver bags on QVC; and here’s what happened with Chloe two weeks ago! It’s fab telly even if somewhat unconventional! Gawd help the lunchtime crew on Monday!

Upcoming Sneaky Peeks –

  • Sunday join Craigy Saturday night for the launch of Lorna Ko’s new Bernini Fountain!
  • Monday night midnight – Honora are back – join me and the lovely Ralph for the Embrace Earrings
  • Thursday Beauty Day – ft Doll 10’s new TSV! And join Doris this Sunday 8pm for a webchat on Back to You QVC Facebook group!
  • Flora Mare Thursday Axel hasn’t been on for a while so don’t miss him at 11am with Pips and then at 7pm with me – he’ll be doing an ad-hoc webchat too, around 8pm! When Shhhh! There’s a big L’Occitane one-show-only type bargain with Alexis and Alison Young (8pm Thursday 16th).
  • Friday – advance warning – Skechers Breath Easy Bungee Trainers TSV – join us midnight!

Next week – my trip to meet the cute but powerfully useful Detector Dogs up in Milton Keynes on Tuesday. And the final bits of the clear out before my writing holiday in Wales – then the big Move! Eeek!

Best wishes



PS – *TiFFT – Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Teresa July 10, 2015 at 3:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie great to hear all your news, hoping to join you on the 8th, looking forward to all the fun and helping to raise money for good courses.
    I have just got my body blade and have requested to join group. I have lost weight in the last few weeks so I hope this will help me tone and loose even more weight.
    Best wishes
    Teresa x

  2. martin forbes July 10, 2015 at 8:30 pm -  Reply

    enjoyed your lamp moment on qvc debbie hope you are well iam not bad
    hope your son and daughter are well as well

  3. Nicole Sutherland July 12, 2015 at 8:45 am -  Reply

    Debbie do you know when the Bodyblade DVD Super 6 will be sold separately to
    the body blade itself, I have been waiting for it but it does not seem to appear, on QVC
    still? I do not want to have to buy another body blade just to get the new DVD.
    Look forward to your reply.

  4. karen July 16, 2015 at 6:37 pm -  Reply

    note to younger self .. two words…. love yourself

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