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My wife came home from work the other day and said; “we really have to do something with this computer, it’s driving me crazy”.  She was talking about her work laptop, that we have had for quite a few years, on which she does all her spreadsheets, emails and ordering for the shop she owns.

It’s amazing that these machines just keep churning over, doing all the things we want them to do, and yet (unlike our cars or central heating boilers), we never really give any heed to servicing them or maintaining them.

My first thought was that perhaps it had a virus or problem like that and I wondered if something like The FixMeStick that Matt Trim told me about would sort the problem. I had one of those and as it turned out that wasn’t the problem. So I had to look a little deeper. It turns out that my wife’s machine was a little full and had some issues with incompatibility between software.

But the main problem was it was old and slow (I know how it feels!). She was keen to get a new one and asked me if we had anything at QVC that would be suitable. Well I did what you would do and saw we have a lot, but realised that they were all a bit high-powered for what she needs from her machine and wondered if we might be paying for power and capacity that would be wasted. Then, and I know this is somewhat insider trading, I heard about a forthcoming TSV laptop from the great brand Acer that was more entry level, but still much faster and more powerful that her existing machine.

So off I went to the tech department where the lovely Jess gave me the run down on its features and this is what I found:

  • It’s an Acer Aspire 3 and has a beautiful inviting tactile finish. From a power perspective it features 4GB of RAM and an AMD Dual Core Processor that allows you to complete daily multi-tasks and surf the internet seamlessly.
  • It has a whopping 1TB of storage gives you a huge amount of space so you can easily store and share your important media and documents. It has a lovely high resolution display with crisp, true-to-life colours that come alive in high definition, but one of the most interesting features was the BlueLightShield technology. This reduces the exposure of blue light, which can be potentially harmful, by adjusting colour hue and brightness.
  • As my wife quite often works from home, late into the night, this seemed very attractive. It has a numeric keypad, which is great for fast input to spreadsheets etc and the precision touch pad is more responsive than traditional touch pads helping you work more effectively.
  • The clincher is that it is much lighter than her existing machine that has been giving her a bit of dodgy shoulder.

Changing to a new laptop can be a bit daunting; transferring all the old data, programs and new operating software.

Luckily we have a few things that can help like the tutorial-based program that guide you through the new Windows, but I don’t think we will need this as my wife is used to the latest Windows.

I wondered if I might be able to use some of the huge 1TB storage capacity to digitise some of my 35mm slides from backpacking round the world in the 80s. I have been considering the nifty little Veho device but think I should hold off on a purchase until I have the time to actually do it!

So we will be ordering one of the TSV laptops from Acer when it launches with the lovely and expert Lee Holbein on Friday night. Remember we will now be telling you about TSVs at 21.00 the night before it’s launch at midnight (so you don’t have to stay up so late to secure the colour of choice), which is only thing I haven’t nailed down. I’ll need to wait until the big day to find out if we have colour options.

I know I’ll be taking advantage of the great one day only price and the three Easy Payments. Oh, and as it’s for my wife’s business I’ll be getting a VAT invoice from QVC, so I can claim back the 20%!

So join Lee and I as we discuss this great offer on Saturday morning at 11 or at 1pm.  I’ll be tapping the app!

Simon X


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  1. Linda July 9, 2019 at 10:34 am -  Reply

    Simon can I ask is the computer expensive I would like to have one

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