A Dare?! A spring quiz – can you beat my score? And pogs…


Thought this would make you smile this week! Me at the hairdressers @dorkingdare – Kay is photo bombing in the background! Lol! She is a genius at my colour I must say. Thank you missus! (PS if you’re reading this on the email alert, you don’t see the top pic, pls go to the main blog page and you’ll see it!)


IT bloggers bash

For Friday readers, I popped into last night’s IT Cosmentics blogger’s bash at QVC, who were there to find out about our latest new brand, including my lovely pal Sharon from BacktoYouBeauty.co.uk. Marissa the guest stopped for a chat, so here’s a little teaser of tonight’s long awaited IT Cosmetics launch – in the 9pm beauty hour then for a whole hour at 10pm with Ali Young


Plus we also had our latest Just For Fun online quiz with Patrick from Quacker too – how many can you get right in a super spring quiz? More below. Meanwhile check out some of the super bargains from his mini series this week – including Dream Jeannes – some of the best fitting jeans I’ve tried – great bargain, see them here.

First, though, at this time of year my thoughts turn to fitness like so many people. The warmth is definitely in the air, isn’t it lovely! And Bodyblade Bruce was back this week, which always makes me happy, with another wonderful visit featuring his superb fitness device which you can buy from QVC here. currently on 4 Easy Pay payments!

He’s helped so many people stand straighter and fit into their clothes better, and he’s truly a lovely guy. After Monday’s show we went off for dinner and put the world to rights which is always nice. We were discussing where I should be going on my holiday and I finally made up my mind – it’s got to be some sort of relaxing retreat, hasn’t it? Well I did a vlog this week (video blog) which reveals all. Click here!

Bruce and me

So it won’t be LA this time, but I do have to go back again sometime. This year I’m already going to three writing holidays again but I really have to focus on my next submission for Choc Lit, (the follow up to Take a Chance on Me) plus ‘the big one!’ It’s a long road ahead but I’ve got some fabulous inspiration.

My writing pal Jo Cannon (author of ‘The Trouble with Goats and Sheep’) has been asked to speak at the Writer’s Workshop York Festival in September. Two years ago she won their big first novel competition and instantly had a bidding war for her charming story set in 1976 and she’s also getting some intense interest from other countries now for the foreign book rights. Am so proud of her – it’s all going terribly well. I live in hope! Hehe!

Listen With Debbie

Anyway I promised an extract from one of mine – there’s a short spooky story I’m going to read for you via video that will be made available on my website over the weekend. For those who have never read it before, it’s called When Dreams Return and I wrote it for a Hallowe’en special. If you like stories with a twist, watch this, when it goes up over the weekend…

(The full story can be read singly or in the ‘Hocus Pocus ’14 anthology’ available online, more info on my website or just search my name and the title online.)


Are you more left or right brain? I had a surprise when taking this quiz – it said I’m mostly right brain. Being a statistics geek that took me back. What are you ? Click here

BLOOPER – Funny – Claire and I did a jewellery outlet show and had some banter – watch this!



Like the new Hairstyle? Lololol. That is all… lol.

Top pic - hairdressers

Zuper Supper at Zedel Had a nice time last week meeting friends at one of my fave places in London, the underground cavernous cafe that is Zedel – dating back to the 1930s. I love it. When I’m writing my next-but-one novel, set in that decade, I’ll have to go there for inspiration!


Medical Detection Dogs Update – there was a super interview on Radio Kent – go here to hear it (mainly at 50 mins, 1’28” or 2:29”) with my lovely charity – for which I’m a fundraising ambassador. And don’t forget to put the 8,9,10 July in your diary for the Kent County Show – if you’re near – there will be a MDD stand and some of us will be helping out! (more about the fab charity on my website here.)

dogs mdd

June 12th Fete Update – plus my June 12th afternoon tea, and table top sale and day out in Dorking (RH56QQ) will almost definitely feature a chance to have your skin density measured courtesy of Imedeen’s Emma my pal, who will be bringing her clever machine along! The super supplements for collagen in the skin are currently on offer in several different formats but here’s one of the most affordable – if you fancy them, search the four pack too with 120 day money back guarantee!


Outlander is back!!


I’m beyond excited!! If you missed it, this engrossing time-travel saga, which has been called the Scottish Game of Thrones, is back for season two on Amazon Prime. Here’s a recap of season one – otherwise binge-watch the box set! If you’ve enjoyed the Diana Gabaldon books as much as I have you’ll love it – (see RiWiSi’s from a couple of years ago for the info about the books!) They are proper tomes – so long, the audiobooks run to over 40 and even over 50 hours! All for one credit – blimmin bargain! Jamie Frazer is my secret crush – ok not so secret – but he is gorgeous. And a fabulous well-made cracker of a TV series. Catch up, then watch season two – a new one each Sunday! Squeeeee!

Outlander season two teaser trailer – Click here

Plus Eddie the Eagle at the cinema. OMG such an enjoyable film. Icing on the cake was Hugh Jackman in an imaginary coach role but Eddie himself played by Taron Egerton, is a complete superstar in the making and his caricature of ‘the Eagle’ is uncanny. A fun uplifting romp, based of course on the true story of Eddie Edwards the underdog who fulfilled his Olympic dream and became a folklore hero in the 1980s. Here’s a catch up with the real guy – watch this. And here’s a brilliant interview about it. A good 8 out of ten due to how well it’s acted and despite the fact that this had a real danger of being a pastiche, it’s done so well there are some really solid dramatic moments!


Patrick’s spring Quiz on Facebook – just go here to see all the questions on one post and the answers on another! Or if you don’t want to risk seeing the wrong post first, I’ve listed the good man’s quiz questions on my website newsletter here!

Newsletter Book of the week – on my website blogs this week, you’ll also find out about one of the most steamy, gripping adventure novels I’ve reviewed from the Titan series again – love it! Plus how little Roland the broken dog is getting on with the latest x-rays, little Maggie the crazy spaniel’s return for a hug at my house, AND from this week’s vlogs on my Facebook page (click ‘like’ here) ‘the one with the big holiday decision’ All is revealed about where I’m going next week! Squeeee! Read the rest of it including exclusive video clips and Patrick’s quiz questions, here.

Freedom Eating Update lots of lovely comments again this week on our fab TTFLS facebook group, where the support is all important. If you’ve been following my one month programme, here’s the latest blog. And it’s OK to join late! Biggest aha of the week? A lovely lady called Lyn who said she is losing weight despite not being sure if she’s doing it right and can’t believe how easy she is finding it. Hope you’re doing ok too? Here’s the 20lb in 2016 public page if you’d like to check in!

DebbieWhich presenter is your top style? Out of the blue, an unexpected post was put on QVC Facebook page this week – asking which presenters’ style would you most like to copy! No one could be more surprised than me. Go here to see it and see if you agree! And thanks for some lovely comments! It wouldn’t have been my choice to include me in it, but I’m flattered so thanks whoever thought it was! Lol! Meanwhile, here’s my fave dress which was on the Ronnie Nicole show this week – it’s fab! An obvious choice for my official photo shoot, just love it.

Did you spot Carla?! A woman of great style, who has my vote, is our fashion guest Carla Laszlo – did you spot her on TV this week?! Her birthday week too! Lovely lady.

Carla did you spot her


Facebook Funny – seems my daughter Lauren ’s been posing for pics! Lol! How much like her does this look?! Funny! Love my girl!

Facebook funny

This week on QVC – here’s the weekend’s Today’s Special Value offers and some sneaky peeks for next week.

  • Saturday – another chance to get the sell out Magniflex mattress for better beauty…sleep!
  • Sunday – fab Spring-enducing Bernini fountain

Tuesday – Attitudes by Renee is back with a super designer tunic with mock placket detail! Find out more on QGossip

159100 - long line tunic top offer QVC UK

Sneaky peek – Iluminage are bringing us a product which will help do this! More news soon.

eyes and cheeks

Next Week – yes I’m off on holiday! OMG soooo looking forward to it! If you want to ‘share’ some of it with me, depending upon wifi, I’m going to do a daily ‘vlog’ showing some of the super sights and hopefully some sunshiny shots! So like my Facebook page here, to make sure you have access to them!

Best wishes



Latest feedback about my weight loss books ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ – thank you! – more here.

Lyn says on Facebook –

Lost another pound this week, still reading the book, makes so much sense. It will take a while for the guilt to go and I had a blip yesterday (and felt physically sick from overeating) but feeling less obsessed about food.
I’m finding it nice to relax around food for a change, normally I’m ‘on a diet’ which equals deprivation or ‘having a break’ which equals eating everything I can ‘just in case’ (in case of what I don’t know, but my fat reserves are ready for anything!)
I’m thinking back to when I was a (skinny) child when I ate when I was hungry and didn’t when I wasn’t, ate full fat milk and butter and still didn’t gain weight, that started when I decided to ‘diet’ (why? I was size 10) sorry for the essay but feeling really inspired at the moment lol x

PS my novels and non-fiction on my bookshelf! Most still in paperback online – very proud!

NEW book pic

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