Cyprus holiday and free short story!


What a beautiful venue for a wedding, and what a fabulous place for a holiday for me, especially with my need for shade. The Sunrise Beach Hotel in Protaras in Cyprus is one my sister and family have been to many, many times, and now I can see why. And for me, it is ideal as it’s got lots of shady places, comfortable rooms and facilities, great food & they even did rice& almond milk! It was a lovely holiday, the wedding went off very well, and I definitely will go back again.

“ Phew!” One of the best things about the hotel was that it is literally right on the beach, you go down a few steps and you are on the promenade and the beach is beyond that. Which means that if I chose a bed strategically, I could sit under the sun brolly and this was my view. Tootsies in the shade, note. Lovely and relaxing though. I even got a short story written, finally!

Free Short Story Finally! My feet haven’t touched the ground in the past few months, so whilst away I managed to finish the short story I began in France in May. It’s based on a tale I heard from one of the girls there and I wonder if you can guess the ending? Go here to read it and to see

Massage on the Beach One of the highlights was getting a brilliant massage from the Asian massage tent down by the beach. She was so good. I wish I could have one like that every day 🙂 and so reasonable as well – a whole hour for only 40 euros. Definitely on my list for next time. As was getting a daily corn on the cob from the stall next door which was about 10 inches long! Ooer missus!

Massive Melon, In fact, there was a lot of gigantic fruit and veg. This watermelon took us about two days to work through, after brother’s Friday barbecue. The brother who is getting married is staying there for a month and has hired a villa far from the beach. Truly lovely family time. And very healthy food.

Getting Ready for the Big Event This is about as near as I can get to showing you the bride – her dress! Plus my sister Linda, sister-in-law Amanda and mum looking lovely. It was certainly a very fitting Grecian theme and a really beautiful setting. The bride and groom are very private, so here are a couple of pics of us all enjoying the day.

More was published on my Facebook page, as usual, do go trawl back through some of the pics and a couple of the videos including this one, with a very unusual trip for me! Lol. And click here for a video of the gardens and surroundings amidst other pics in one of my holiday posts. Do ‘like’ the page in order to always get the updates – you don’t even have to be on Facebook to see them.

Unusual use for beer! Here’s an unusual photograph, as I don’t drink beer 🙂 another use for it though, keeping my hot hands cool. As my skin condition, EPP, began to flare-up on the final day. Hence the completely covered look. If you don’t know about my skin condition, a rare genetic disorder, take a look at this week’s website newsletter, featuring a little bit of information about what it’s like and a video. Only 250 people in the country have it, lucky me…:-( Tell you what though, that cold beer glass was heavenly 🙂

Had a fab time tho, fab week and will look forward to going back. Highly recommended, altho Norwegian Airlines wouldn’t be my first choice I must say. Such tiny seats and loos, for instance – anyone over a size 16 may feel claustrophobic!

WiFi First Here is a first, Wi-Fi on board the plane! The Thomson holiday was booked with a Norwegian airlines flight; they are one step up from Ryanair or easyJet, but did have onboard Wi-Fi on the way back 🙂 that was weird!

Holiday Essentials – Omg products that save my bacon when I’m away. Can’t do without these – can you?

Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spray –  OMG so good for cooling you down! You can also take the little one away on a plane too. More here!

Gatineau Tan Accelerator  – cannot be without these special pre-holiday products. My mum’s partner David used this and found his skin coped much better in Cyprus. Use it for a couple of weeks before the hol, and then during and after. Amazing. Also, see my website blog for the supplement I use to also help. Other accelerators are around too, we do several, just pick the one you like best and get cracking before your hol!

And Gatineau Vitamina Handcream – this has become one of my desert island items, especially now I know how it helps my leathery hands feel better – they are leathery because of my weird rare genetic condition that affects my skin in the sun – so this helps, as does the tan accelerator above. More about it on my EPP holiday blog here.

Faux Tan Specials – my top tips are Decleor’s Gradual Glow – my sis in law Boki said she got a super golden tan before coming to Cyprus with this great cream. She got the TSV a month or so ago, but this is the big value 400ml. AND my new fave – the excellent coconut water tanning spray from Utan. So cooling and gives a very even glow without too much effort – a little each night meant I didn’t feel pale and pasty on holiday.

And SPF protection of course – Ultrasun – obviously! Cannot possibly do without this amazing range of sun protection – including my faves, the spf50 face and the spf30 tinted body. Love the sprays too, especially for hairy areas on guys, lots of the family used these. Here’s the range on QVC.


Plus go here on my website blog to find out other products that I cannot do without in the summer.


Book of the Week is one from Lisa Hill, fellow Choc Lit author and fellow student of my mentor Julie Cohen. Lisa’s debut novel is a lovely romance and is a cross between Jilly Cooper and Dick Francis, according to reviews so far. More here.

Facebook Funny Susie Adams posted this one this week, of the guests on the morning show and her, wearing the turbo twists and she said ‘Does this make us turbonistas?’!


This week’s newsletter features a longer explanation about the rare genetic ‘thing’ that has kept my skin less wrinkled all my life. Plus more holiday pics. Click here to read it and get the link to the free short story of course. And if you subscribe via the little pop-up, you’ll get the regular updates via email – click here to do so, on .

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Watch- It’s got to be Wonderwoman, hasn’t it?! At the cinemas and doing great business, I’ve seen a lot of good feedback about it. Will add it to my list of films to see when my feet touch the ground again! In fact, I’m back in Sheepwash for a well-earned rest early next week, and I’m determined not to spend it working there. No guests that week, so I may well take Wendy and Linda to the Okehampton cinema.

This week on QVC –
Fab TSVs from James Read – watch my launch with him from midnight last night and get it today via this link (Friday 23rd June)

Here’s the Kipling Early Bird order link for the lovely Florizel Kipling bag launching Saturday too – click here to buy now!

And after the Sunday Sealy mattress and divan bed with drawers TSV, join me Sunday midnight for the launch of the Mr Max printed brazil knit top with ¾ sleeves.

Highlights from next week include the Easiyo  assorted sachet collection – I will definitely be getting that one, as we home make all our yogurt down at the retreat I run in Devon, Retreats for You. Greek is most popular – I hope they have some of that in the set!

Wednesday’s deal of the day is from Gatineau, skincare collection, a huge saving to help your skin look its best, and comes with their new and improved bi-phase version of Floracil Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. Several of my favourite products are from Gatineau, including their famous Throat Gel – get the duo whilst it’s in stock – which I have used for most of the last twenty years. 


And come back to this Early bird page on my Facebook page in the week where I will update the presell Early Bird order link for the Nails Inc collection, the deal of the day for Friday (30th).

By the way, if you love our beauty products, do make sure you buy your necessities before the end of June as if you buy over £100 worth you will get a £10 voucher emailed to you in early July! More details here. 

Next week –  a few days at home in Devon in the lovely sleepy village of Sheepwash and hopefully some shenanigans to keep me amused! Back on air next week including with a superb Imedeen deal on Saturday (1st July) at 5pm. See you then!

Best wishes and have a great week!



TTFLS update

From one of our TTFLS group regulars, Chris J – proving people work in different ways –

“I have been doing the “sugar free” thing for a few months now and my consumption of added sugars has dropped (not gone completely, I’m only human) to almost nothing. I’m very proud of myself and am looking forward to my weigh in and blood test results at my diabetic check next week because I know my weight has dropped by 11lbs and I’m sure my blood glucose is has dropped again (fingers crossed!).

I’m feeling better in myself, but that might be my B12 injections every 12 weeks, and it is not as hard to do as I thought, although OH isn’t totally on board because he says he doesn’t see why he needs to cut back but I’m not forcing him, just tweaking things a bit so he doesn’t realise his meals have changed.

Overall, I have found the challenges with Christianne Wolff (Body Rescue Plan) and Lauren Gayfer (The Fairy Food Mother) really interesting and tasty. I’m on the wait list to do Lauren’s one again as I enjoyed it so much and I’m currently on another challenge which is more to do with mindset than telling us what to eat.

As usual I’m not saying that I will be on this 100% of the time but I’m trying to definitely do 80/20 and Mon-Fri will be working hard at it and then from after shopping on Friday to Sunday night I will give myself some leeway and continue to enjoy this way of eating”

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  1. Laura Crossley June 23, 2017 at 8:21 pm -  Reply

    Hiya debs, looks like you had an amazing family holiday/wedding ? I’m interested in true crime & have just started to listen to a podcast I thought you may be interested in as it deals with narcissism. It’s called “Beyond reasonable doubt?” on radio 5 live, thought it would help you pass the time on those long journeys between Devon & Q towers xx

  2. shirley osborne June 25, 2017 at 8:48 pm -  Reply

    Dear Debbie I have been to that hotel as well and agree it’s just beautiful. Did you go to fig tree bay which is not far away from the hotel?

  3. Al Madge June 29, 2017 at 10:25 pm -  Reply

    So Glad you had a super holiday in Cyprus we went there last year and are returning to the same holiday just down from yours. The Vrissaki beach. such a beautiful place and soooo relaxing. xxx

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