Whoooooaaaa!!! Is that a pic of me in the sea, you see before you? I know, regulars, you’ll be aware that I have a rare skin ‘thing’ which means I can’t stay in the sun, (more below) but for just a few minutes when I first go out in it, before the time runs out and I have to shelter again, I feel like a ‘normal’ person. Hence this pic in the sun, and others, to come next week. See below also for news of the sponsor dogs Derek and Lesley and how to come watch the concert in Devon in September! 

Cyprus Part One

Well it’s a long time since I’ve been on a proper beach hol and a family wedding brought us to sunny Cyprus for a week at the Sunrise Beach hotel in Protaras to have one. I immediately decided to use up my sun minutes by going for a paddle and then retired to the sunbed under a brolly in the breeze to write. I can’t go in the sun for a long time like the rest of my family cos of a rare genetic condition called EPP (only 250 people in the country have it – told you I’m rare! Lol) So as usual, I shelter. Imagine my delight when the little man came round with ice cold frozen flannels! Go to my latest website blog to see where I put it! Te he!

Worked a treat though! Anyway, here’s a couple of pics from my first day or so here – more next week! Enjoy your week in the UK or wherever you are too.


Top Top So Far!















Must say I’m loving this long tunic dress top from Join Clothes – perfect length and just the right material for this heat. More from Join Clothes here and watch out for the new Today’s Special Value lightweight tunic on Monday. 


Hot Courtyard Typical isn’t it! The minute I go away, a heatwave strikes at home! It’s happened loads of times – so next time I go abroad, make that the week to book your holiday in England! Lol.


Take That Went along to the Friday live Odeon concert with Take That performing at the O2 – and loved it! Some songs I didn’t know so well from the more recent albums but the audience in the cinema were dancing in the aisles and shouting back when Mark announced ‘cinema people say hi to the London people!’ Fun!


Brad and Dad It’s fathers’ day this weekend so have a nice time, but also big hugs to people, like me, for whom it has ceased to have any connection. (no grandad, dad, hubby etc!) Hugs to you all. Maybe next year tho… This is my son Brad who looks the spit of my old dad at around the same age!

Funny Actually it made me laugh, talking of husbands, when I elbowed my way through the crowd of guys at the luggage carousel at Larnaca airport, after my case. Whilst helping me lug it away, one of the lads kindly said ‘shouldn’t your husband be helping you do that?’ ‘He would,’ I replied, ‘if he wasn’t in Spain with his third wife!’ lol! But at least I married him for his DNA…

Saturday Lunch with the kids Who aren’t really kids, but they’re my kids and that’s what counts. Must say the talk around the table was partly of weddings and babies, for obvious reasons – Lauren’s getting married in just ten weeks’ time now, and it’s all systems go. Plus two of their cousins have had babies this year, so you never know…!

Issy loves trees Bless her! On one of my regular trips out with the little nieces, during my time staying at theirs whilst I’m in London, Issy declared she’d like to buy a book in the charity shop because she likes trees. Sat and read through it whilst we supped, she did. Such an intellect lol!

I always thought I’d build a proper treehouse one day for Brad my son, as he was a fully fledged monkey when it came to climbing. Never did it though. And the house in Devon doesn’t have trees big enough! Maybe I should plant some now in readiness for grandchildren coming along – it’ll probably be that long! Lol.

Tickets are Released for my Concert in Devon on September 16th! Talking of Devon, Go here to read more about the night, and if you can, come down for the weekend. We’ll be opening Retreats for You, my guest house in Sheepwash, for the Sunday afternoon too, for a vintage tea rooms event, so come down and meet us all! Two more songs decided – it’ll be ‘I only have eyes for you’ – a 1930s standard apparently, originally. And ‘Dancing cheek to cheek!’ Next week, news of the showstopper I’ve always wanted to sing!

Medical Detection Dogs ‘pup-date’ Staying with news about my lovely charity, I was chuffed to receive these two updates from my charity for which I’m an ambassador, this week. Derek and Lesley, my sponsor dogs, named after my mum and my late dad, are doing well and Derek is about to be matched with someone. He’ll become their dog, and will help them with their diabetes management, most likely. Fabulous. More here. And about Lesley dog, here.

And also watch out for my pal Linda Magistris’ fund raiser if you like to help charities – and are free and near LK Bennet in Wimbledon Village on July 7th!

Miss Surrey on QVC check out this pic of lovely Lucy Kent who is, ironically, current @MissSurrey2017! Good luck with the Miss England comp coming up soon hon!

Book of the Week if you’re going on your hols or recovering from it, you might like to attempt Chris James’ Twelve Day Plan. His Mind Body book is my Book of the Week over on my book blog RiWiSi. This book ties in with his 12 day Ultimate Lifestyle Programme which he was on QVC in January with and is still available if you’re quick.  It’s a box of helpful supplements you can take together with a structured schedule of what to do alongside them food wise. This book goes a whole lot further. More here. (Plus a Jack Reacher short story from Lee Child!)

Newsletter Update What on earth was she up to?… Go here to my regular website blog to find out! Plus I’ll be adding more holiday pics to my website, where you’ll also find out far more about everything! Read the latest, (and don’t forget to subscribe when the pop up box asks, to get my emailed newsletter. And Facebook page. I’m often issuing the Early Bird order links from there first too.)

Keep Up to Date And don’t forget to ‘like’ my Facebook page here, to see the updates on my official page in future including early pics of One Time Onlys when I’m on air, and regular Devon video blogs or ‘vlogs’ – NB you don’t have to be on Facebook to watch vlogs like this one.

Jagger-hankins? Don’t you think this young pic of Mick Jagger reminds you of our lovely Antthony? Apparently our top LA fashionista had great fun with Charlie on his visit this week – shame I missed him but sounded like they had super fun! One of my fave tops from his range came with me to Cyprus – lovely and cool!

Watch Looking forward to seeing this movie when I get back – have you seen it yet? Love all this period stuff and there’s been quite a bit about this period lately hasn’t there. Miranda Richardson is apparently stellar too! Can’t wait.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

This week on QVC Here are a cross section of next week’s Today’s Special Values – enjoy!

First here’s the Debweb link to the Vionic deal for today (Friday 16th), the super studded wedge sandal.

Then from Saturday onwards we have, in order, an extendable multi-tool garden trimmer, a new No!no! pro hair remover offer, and on Monday, it’s Benefit. BUT the early bird order link will be on my Facebook page on Sunday or Monday so click here to ‘like’ the page and it may come up when I post it, ditto the Decleor).

Then on Wednesday it’s Decleor, Tom Tom and James Read tan – I’ll be back from my hols launching the affordable James Read Summer Glow collection  on Thursday night at midnight!

Next Week ­- tons more pics and some videos from my hol in Cyprus. Have a great week!

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  1. Jill June 16, 2017 at 3:58 pm -  Reply

    Wow, I thought your Dad & Son was the same person at first glance……..they are uncannily alike. Very handsome.
    Enjoy your time in Cyprus

  2. Teresa Karasavvas June 16, 2017 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

    Enjoy yourself Debbie. Looks like you are having a ball Your son looks so like his late grandfather – it is like looking at the same person!

  3. Emily Curtis June 18, 2017 at 6:54 am -  Reply

    Great blog Debbie thankyou for sharing your lovely photos on here and in your newsletter I’ve never been to Cyprus but it looks beautiful. I’m so pleased with Lesley and Derek’s progress they and all the other mdd dogs do a fantastic job. This week on my hospital ward we had a therapy dog ? come in from the Mayhew dog’s trust it was lovely the dog Francesca was a mongrel they’d had left at the home after her owner passed away she had already been taught to help her previous owner with things like emptying the washing machine and alerting her to the door bell etc.. She was so well behaved and had been to see see all the children in the ward below mine. Om glad you had a lovely holiday and you mist be so excited for your daughters wedding ? day have a great weekend and enjoy the week to come love Emily xx

  4. Debs June 20, 2017 at 11:24 am -  Reply

    Jill & theresa- thanksgirls. Yes very alike! He’s like mybrother glenn too!

  5. Debs June 20, 2017 at 11:25 am -  Reply

    Yes doggy therapy is a very important thing! Some of the people who visit our retreat in Devon also very happy when they meet Daisy and Gracie :-). Big hugs to you Emily I know you have been through it. X

  6. Jacqueline Donoghue July 2, 2017 at 10:02 pm -  Reply

    What a handsome man your Dad was Debbie……yes your son just like him.
    Your looking soooo trim in the holiday pics. I’m sure there’s a man out there just waiting to adore you. Are they blind! L.o.l
    Always enjoy your show on the ‘Q’
    We met at one of the beauty bashes a couple of years ago and had a chat like old friends. You gave me a signed photo Which was lovely. Linda, your sister was with you.
    All good wishes to you xxx
    Maybe we meet again one day!

  7. JOANNE KERSHAW July 3, 2017 at 8:43 am -  Reply

    Love the picture of Dad and Brad family resemblance is remarkable. Glad you enjoyed the Sunrise Beach, I love the Capo Bay as well, will be back there in October Cyprus feels like home to me now after 17 years. Enjoy the rest of your week. Xx

  8. Majella molloy July 20, 2017 at 9:34 am -  Reply

    What is your skin problem Debbie as I can’t go in the sun any moremajella molloy qvc member

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