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Now it would appear that I am a crusty ‘ol dyed in the wool gardener and have used a huge petrol lawnmower on my grass for the past 10 years. Frustratingly it does seem to cost a lot of money to keep it serviced and running, not to mention the cost of the fuel which drinks at a rather alarming rate! At the last service, I had to replace the recoil spring, air filter, and spark plug – not to mention a change of oil, sharpen the blade and replace the variator belts (not cheap!).

I have been aware of the variety of electric lawnmowers that run on batteries that currently seem to be very popular but was a little concerned that they wouldn’t have the guts or the power to get through my lawn. So when I was offered the chance to try a battery-operated lawnmower from Greenworks, I jumped at the chance as I am familiar with their equipment, which has always been very gutsy and very well made.

The lawnmower in question is a 40v lawnmower and has 40v batteries to power its twin blades. It’s a very clever arrangement whereby it uses one battery until it is depleted and then automatically switches to the fresh battery. I was assured that it would cut over 520m² of grass (that is the size of a tennis court including all the run up area and extra space before you hit the fence, so it’s a big area). With the help of my son’s superior maths brain, I calculated my lawn to be 450m² so I thought that would give it a fair test. It not only cut the entire lawn, it only used one battery and even had a bit of charge left on that so I think it would certainly cut more like 6-700m².

It is a very strange feeling using this very light mower which makes virtually no noise at all, in actual fact I wasn’t sure if it was cutting the grass at all at one stage because it was so quiet! It’s a good job it has a little noise when you start it up so that you know the blades are turning, and they do turn really fast and cut the grass very cleanly indeed. The mower has a really clever system whereby when it hits some heavier or thicker grass, it seems to speed the motor up to tackle it cleanly, which is more than my petrol mower used to do. It has been very dry lately and so the grass hasn’t grown particularly heavy but the lawnmower made a fantastic job of getting through the light and heavy stuff and collecting some of the eucalyptus leaves that had scattered all over the place.

Its grass collection was pretty good too and I was impressed to see that it actually comes with a mulch plug, which if you are cutting regularly it means you don’t have to collect the grass and can fertilise the lawn with the grass clippings as you go. This is a facility that seemed a surprisingly nice extra when you consider the price.

My wife has always refused to cut the grass in our house because the lawnmower was so heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to start, but I’m beginning to think with a battery-operated lawnmower we might be able to share the chore! Certainly if you have to transport the mower not only is it much easier to lift it out the boot of the car but of course you don’t have the smell of petrol permeating your driving environment or the potential of any spillages… charging the battery only seems to take about an hour but it also seems to charge up most of the battery in the first half hour or so, and as you can take one battery out as soon as it is depleted and put it on charge, there is no real reason why you should never run out of battery, even if you have a massive lawn.

It’s a big 49cm cutting width but it feels like a tiny little 30cm mower when you are pushing it. The great thing about that is it means you cut the lawn quickly but it doesn’t feel like hard work! Don’t forget that this is a battery operated lawnmower rather than an electric one, so there is no cable which you might cut and is never long enough so you never reach the end of your tether!

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But, I think the biggest advantage of a battery-operated lawnmower is that it works every single time you want to use it! I am so frustrated at the beginning of every season and usually just when the grass is growing at its peak, that my old petrol machine gives up the ghost, refuses to start, won’t run properly etc. and I have to head off to the repair shop and then wait for the best part of two weeks to get it back. Of course by the time I get it back I need a machete rather than a lawnmower to get through the jungle. With a battery-operated lawnmower all you have to do is keep the battery charged (and you’ve got two of those anyway!) and sharpen the blades every now and then, and it will always be ready to use. The other thing to remember is that once you’ve got any Greenworks 40v machines (like the pole saw or line trimmer) you can use the batteries interchangeably.

The price of battery-operated lawnmowers was pretty severe and I must admit I hadn’t appreciated just how much you got for your money nowadays. With a Today’s Special Value offer on our Greenworks 40v lawnmower I’m positively shocked (excuse the pun). The offer is so heavily discounted and with a 30-day money back guarantee, I’m sure you will be absolutely thrilled. But of course if it isn’t to your liking we’ll come and pick it up at our expense and you get a full refund.

One thing I also need to get a great looking lawn, if the weather continues the way it has been, is a new hose as my old one has almost completely given up the ghost. However QVC always seem to have something in store like this Gardena Garden Hose and I really like the Karcher products but didn’t realise that they even do things like garden sprinklers.

Of course I should manage to get the lawn looking good again if I get another bottle of Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic Grass Feed. A gardner’s diary is always so full of chores that need to be done!

So if you’re completely frustrated with servicing costs, if it’s becoming more and more of a chore because of the weight of the lawnmower or if you just want to make life a lot easier, join Richard, me and the rest of the gang on Saturday for an incredible day of green-fingered action.

Simon X



  1. Simon May 22, 2017 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    Just an update!
    After all the rain we have had over the past week my lawn has gone ballistic ( I have been feeding with Richard Jacksons lawn Magic
    So I wasn’t sure if the Green works battery machine would still cut the mustard. Well I cut it today and it was damp, green verdant and really heavy and it still buzzed through it all. It did get into the second battery but still had plenty of juice left, and I filled two hugely heaped wheelbarrows full of clippings. Very happy with battery lawn cutting now!!
    Simon x

  2. Janet June 1, 2017 at 9:48 pm -  Reply

    That was one super speedy lawn cut! It did look a good finish, but there’s nothing wrong with being a bit crusty either! Happy gardening!

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