Life-saving dog plus the spacehopper challenge!


Meeting Derek the newest Medical Detection Dog This week I got to meet ‘my’ puppy – well, the one I named after raising sufficient funding in the summer with our special events. On Wednesday I went up to Milton Keynes HQ to see him, and this is what happened –

Beyond cute, beyond adorable and absolutely amazingly talented. MDD if you didn’t know are the organisation who provide life-saving dogs to accompany owners in their daily lives and alert them to threatening situations. Derek is going to be a diabetes alert dog like Magic. When we were there at the volunteers open day, he actually alerted his owner Clare – look at him in action! Would you like to see him on QVC? I am requesting him to be my special guest for my first Back to You show at 3pm on New Year’s Day, let me know if you would like to see him! Just comment below. And remember to join me on 1st Jan! Plus lots more Derek Doggy Updates in future here and on my facebook and website!


Latest fundraiser Well our Mega Draw raffle went off with a bang! In the end there were dozens of mega prizes donated by well wishers and contacts of MDD and myself. Each of the winners were over the moon specially the ones who won the phone consultation with Alison Young, Keeley from Elemis, the skype consultation with SJ from bareMinerals and the Dream Jeannes delivered in person by Patrick Quacker! Goodness me what an amazing opportunity. Hope you all got to take part and thanks to everyone who did! We raised over £5000 in the end – enough to buy one industrial freezer! One down, seven to go – they need lots to keep the hospital urine samples in for their early prostate cancer detection trials.

Just Giving total

Patrick’s Christmas Online Quiz And also on Monday just after the webchats with Bruce on his Bodyblade QVC facebook group and the one on Back to You group with Leigh from Tarte, (more here) we were all given the wonderful chance to take part in Patrick’s great Christmas virtual online pub quiz! Christmassy questions abounded! Here’s a couple – can you guess them?

  • Name three of Santa’s reindeer whose names begin with D*
  • Which Christmas item was invented by Tom Smith in 1847?
  • Who sang Walking in the Air in the film The Snowman?
    (Answers at bottom of page)

See all the questions here, and donate still if you want to? Another one in a month or so! And don’t forget the news about Back To You shows – they will return in January – the first one being at 3pm on New Year’s Day – do join me if you can. Then Mondays through January but an hour earlier than previously – at 8PM TILL 9PM – so I hope you will do ‘second screening’ and webchat on Facebook groups whilst watching the show. Glynis Barber will be appearing on New Year’s Day too, she has a new diet and healthy eating book which could be the answer for a lot of people, watch out for it!

Update on my Novel – RiWiSi- this week exciting events in my author world – the new independent bookshop in Chiswick asked to stock my steamy romance paperback when Lorna Ko called them to come do an interview with me there! How exciting! You saw a couple of pics last week – well this is the report on Chiswick Buzz – a nice little video interview – thank you Lorna! I’m being asked about where to have my official book launch, by my publisher Choc Lit and they are favouring either Dorking Waterstones or the Chiswick Bookshop at the moment – I will keep you informed. This is lovely Emily and Sophie and me outside when Lorna did the interview.

Emily and Sophie

It’ll probably be beginning of February time. It’ll be nice to have some of you come along – I will need to issue invites though so sign up to the newsletter on to be kept informed about how you get invited along. Or email me to go on the guest list and say if you’re nearer Chiswick or Dorking in case I get a choice! Hope to see you there, and thanks to all for the great reviews going up online atm!

Go here to see the video clip and find out how many shades of grey are in Take a Chance on Me!


Your Shelfies! And it’s been a hectic week of book sales it seems – several people kindly emailed or Facebooked or Tweeted me to say they’d found my book elsewhere too – eg in WHSmith travel outlets or they’d ordered it from their local bookshop. More here on my Read it Write it Sell it blog about where to get it and what else is in the offing.


One kind lady and her daughter did a ‘shelfie’ at Manchester Airport on her way to Lapland! Thanks Wendy! And at Terminal 5 Heathrow WHS-travel another kind facebooker told me she’d found my book at number 57! More here. Not sure if that was just a blip but when Ken Oschipok from Ammolite jewellery went through on his way back to Canada after the ammolite show, there were none left, he said. Not sure what’s going on there! If you have anything similar to report do let me know! (Ebook online in usual places.)


Book of the Week – is another lovely Christmassy one by fellow Choc Lit author Jane Lovering – currently on special! A nice easy read as it’s a novella. Plus audiobook of the week? I finally finished Ken Follett’s epic ‘Fall of Giants’ set around WW1. Go here to find them and read more.

Jane Lovering The Art of Christmas

Snippets –

Weekend off to wrap, write and relax. Had a nice weekend of nothingness, except sorting out Christmas! Now it’s a tradition that I spread everything out to wrap up, but what a mess it made!!


My tree 2015 Decided to leave off the garlands for the first year ever, this year. Well it’s been such a year of change, I figured one little change with the xmas tree would be nice too! Not long to go now eh! And btw, still you can buy Christmas gifts from QVC right the way until the 21st December.

Debbie's tree

I decided to ditch the garlands this year – wonder what my kids will say. Talking of my kids, here’s my attempt at a chat about our annual meet up for close family…

  • Me – “Lauren, do you think I can buy premium ready to cook stuff for our Christmas Eve get together with you and Nick, Brad and Kari, this year? You know, the really nice stuff that’ll save on preparation so we can spend more time together? Nice food?”
  • Lauren – “As long as it’s not your usual.”
  • Me – “What’s my usual?”
  • Lauren – “Quiche and your greens.”

You can tell why my sis and her hubby usually leave me to get the desserts for Christmas Day! We’ll be at hers again as usual – you? PS actually I do often buy quiche… but not all the time… do I?! lol.

Sprouts Dilemma Firstly I’ve been having a real craving for brussel sprouts lately. Secondly good job I live alone haha… Thirdly do you put crosses on the stalks? Apparently it’s best not to! Just learned that – you try telling my mum though – she’s unlikely to change the habits of a lifetime! But they are just delicious. I forgot to change my organic order and got tons delivered. Too bad I don’t have a horse too – 5kg of juicing carrots takes me ages to get through… Christmas Day? More about why you shouldn’t cross the base of sprouts here.


One mega gift to keep you warm As the snows hit the north (am sure they will come south at some stage) I thought I’d mention this – how amazing is this fire? Apparently it gives off steam which is lit up by the clever bulbs and makes it looks like real flames! I’m sorely tempted… you?

And watch out for the repeat Today’s Special Value of the V6 dyson cordless vac launching with me and Steve MacDonald tonight (Friday 18th).

Dyson TSV

Also this weekend the Mally Today’s Special Value on Sunday (20th) – here’s your sneaky peek but be wary as this makeup range always has amazing results and may go early!

Mally TSV

SBC Monday night midnight –  then Monday night, get ready for those achy days with a superb Today’s Special Value bundle from Adele – including big intensive arnica plus shower crème and much more – here she is with a tiny teaser…

Sneaky peek Then it’s Christmas week of course – and there’s a lovely Charlie Bears bargain if you find time on Christmas morning. We’re on air live til 2pm Christmas eve, then pre-recorded special programming until Boxing Day morning at 9am.

Reasons why I haven’t got a man… #1 – oh dear. There is officially no hope for me!  In this week’s website newsletter (which I send out by email to subscribers) I shared some pics of what happened when I met a man in the woods… You have to go read it! Click here (and just close the box if you don’t want to subscribe for future ones)

 Space hopper Challenge in the Presenters’ Lounge Definitely no hope – for any of us! The secret Santa pressie that keeps on giving… lots of laughs! You can tell it’s silly season can’t you!

Here’s Ali Young’s effort –

Here’s Claire’s –

And here’s mine!

Miceal is in the lead, Chloe second, and Charlie couldn’t do it ‘cos of his poorly back – we were driving him mad with the noise! Lol. More on Jackie Kabler’s blog.

TTFLS update – It’s only a month until the next version of my semi-autobiographical book – ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0, Tips and Tales to Inspire’ will be available! It’ll be available for kindle at the end of January. Remember last January the signed hardback was launched on QVC and before too long all 3000 sold out? Well this one, 3.0,  is a follow up and will have stories about lovely Dawn who has lost 11 and half stone now and others, plus 66 Secrets of Slim People for ongoing inspiration and a never-before seen chapter from me. The big news is that in the first week of January I will have the grand cover reveal and you will be able to pre order it – more news on my RiWiSi blog on my website and also on the facebook group support system. (or go here to find out more if you’ve never heard about it before)

Basketball court holds 12th century secret Gotta marvel at the wonders of British history and the centuries of occupation that enable news stories like this one – 1100s archaeology – fabulous. Love this type of thing. And you wonder why I’m single… hahaaaa. More here.


Alison’s pixie helpers nice to see the camaraderie behind the scenes amongst our lovely Beauty Day guests, isn’t it?! Alison’s prize of a consultation over the phone and a beauty hamper will go down a bundle with the lucky winner – one of many from our Christmas mega draw!

Alison Young with elves

Christmas Party time with Lola Rose! Lovely Nikki invited us along to their office party in Primrose hill last night (Thursday) and there were glow-sticks, miniature fish n chips, cocktails and karaoke plus a group rendition of ‘Lola… she was a showgirl,’ natch! And well done to Nikki for offering the naming of a bracelet

Lola Rose and friends

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep – Signing of a different kind I’d like to alert you to a big noise coming up in January in the book world and proud to say Joanna Cannon is a fellow Julie Cohen alumni. Since we met at the writing course a few years ago, Jo has gone on to get a super deal with Harper Collins after winning a comp at the annual York Festival. Am so proud of my friend! Her book is getting lots of attention in the literary press, and she was one of my authors of the week at one point a while ago on my Read it Write it Sell it blog. I promise I will share the excitement as the release date gets nearer – have just been invited to her fabulous launch party at the end of January too. So proud of Jo. And how about these lovely cards she’s signing here too?! #Proud #2

Goats and Sheep

TACOM Shelfies! My book attracts more ‘shelfie’s’ – thanks everyone who keeps me informed of where they spot it in bookshops around the country.

Lorna and debbie

Loved this review recently added online –

Go here to find out more about where to get Take a Chance on Me, from Choc Lit  – paperback now in bookshops.

 Facebook Funny – thought this’d appeal to the ‘bah humbug’ inside you and those sick of seeing pictures of Christmas trees! Lol.

Elves facebook funny

Funny #2 – and here’s another tongue in cheek one! Hehe!

Christmas funny


Blooper  – Lisa from Benefit getting in a party mood! Funny!

And also here’s another highlight – singing a duet with Lulu live on TV! Albeit a very short one… see what you think! Lol.

Future ‘Watch’ – Matthew Perry on stage in The End of Longing. Just as I’m a fan for the nostalgia of han Solo , so am I for Chandler. Friends was one of our ‘family things’ when my kids were growing up. So I’d love to see Matthew Perry in this, his own work, appearing in London next year! More here.

Matthew Perry

Watch – Star Wars ep 7 –  Well I went to the jam packed midnight showing in Epsom, surrounded by mostly male, mostly of a certain type, some dressed up, with the odd light sabre popping up here and there. And much as the lack of forethought of the Coffee shop managers was evident, it was a good TiFFT* to attend such a first-showing in the UK. I know it’ll break box-office records. It was fun to be with people who clapped the opening ‘long long ago’ captions… who applauded when the originals came on the screen (even if there were certain quips about the appearance of Leia) … and who filled the auditorium with laughs in the way that cinema used to be when it was one big screen, upstairs or downstairs, and it was always packed – even if the atmosphere did smell a bit like a frousy boys’ locker room! A very good film – a good stand alone – excellent debuts from the two main new youngsters – plus some nice comic touches and plays on the original plot line and dialogue. One major disappointment – if you’ve seen it you may agree. It picks up decades after where Return of the Jedi left off, with Luke and Leia being brother and sister up on Tatooine with the ewoks dancing to the yum-yum song. But all in all, worth a watch. Am still making up my mind about the mark but perhaps 8.75. What did you think? Worth the wait?

Next week – OMG it’ll be nearly Christmas! A day out with my kids on Saturday, sister’s birthday and a facebookers’ get together in Harrods having afternoon tea!

Best Wishes!



Ps Xmas questions answers – Dancer, Dasher, Donner; Christmas Cracker; Peter Auty sang it in the 1982 film – Aled jones released the single for a Toys R Us ad and it got to No.5 in the pop charts in 1982 – thirty three years ago! *Gulp*.

Pps *TiFFT = try it for the first time club

Pps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – search DebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website,

OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!

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