A Curious Canine After Dark and Meeting a Hero!


This week –

  • Theatre with my handsome son Brad
  • Fab Book of the Week and ‘Watch’ – Curious Incidents galore!
  • Meeting one of my heroes
  • Countdown to China trip!
  • Vintage Kids TV clips #2
  • And sneaky peeks from Red Carpet Manicure – Cinderella alert! Plus Decleor, Ultrasun, Artscapes and Kitchen Aid!


 Pindrop Performances at the Gielgud

I have to say, I’ve made The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time both Book of the Week and this week’s ‘Watch’ since it’s so blimmin’ good! You literally could have heard a pin drop with key supporting actors captivating the audience. Not just the lead, Christopher (played in this perf by Graham Butler,) giving outstanding performances – outstanding but all of them.

Thoroughly recommended as an expose in reaaaally innovative theatre, using all four walls of the cubed stage plus lighting and sound effects to help us get inside the mind of an unusual young man and how he perceives the world. He turns detective and takes us through a tantalising insight into the world of ‘extraordinary’ people. Definitely want to see it again, particularly for the performance of the father by Nicolas Tennant, a ‘rough round the edges’ but passionate and devoted dad.

Funny, clever, original and tear jerking it is a play with a difference and gets a brilliant 9.5 out of ten from me. That’s super-high! ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ is based on Mark Haddon’s award-winning novel, adapted by Simon Stephens and directed by Marianne Elliott. The production won 7 Olivier Awards including Best Play in 2013. See it if you can, if you like unusual theatre.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

The top pic is Brad and me with our ‘prizes’ for having ‘prime number’ names… well, if A=1 etc, then ‘Deb’ does add up to 11!  Lol! Comes of having a choice of several versions of my name! Plus beforehand, we made use of the theatre plus supper deal, to go to another innovative place – Inamo, where the tables provide one of the most futuristic dining experiences you could have! Here’s a little clip of what it’s all about.


Another lovely night out for me and my boy – am so happy he and I share a love of theatre and he’s happy to make it his birthday present! Wonder what we should see next?!



jamie Fraser


Read it Write it Sell It – my weekly look at all things book continues over on my website blog, where you’ll see a link to the book itself as ‘Curious Incident…’ is my Book of the Week, and another fab ‘Watch’ – find out about the hunky Jamie Fraser – hero of the ‘Outlander’ series as it finally comes to online streaming! See all about it here on my website RiWiSi blog, and here’s a teaser. Phwoar! Lol!



 Meeting Diana Gabaldon, one of my Heroes!

Diana Galbadden

Or rather, one of my heroines! A writing phenomenon, Diana Gabaldon is loved around the world for the ‘Outlander’ series – as I keep waxing lyrical about it on my Book of the Week slots (I’m now about to finish the 6th book, an epic 57 HOURS on Audible!), so I went to see her give a talk at the Oxford Literary Festival in , er, Oxford, with my pal Litty. She was funny, self-effacing and really insightful too, about becoming a successful author. I like going to hear people like her talk about how to do it and came away suitably impressed. Read more about it also on this week’s RiWiSi, link above. And find out Diana’s top three tips to success.! 

Countdown to China

Two weeks to go and counting, till I go on my three-week trip to Beijing to help train QVC China presenters (at CNR Mall, a joint venture.) I’ve been uploading relevant apps, like the ‘WeChat’ app on my smart phone, which everyone uses out there – it’s like twitter crossed with What’sApp and you can even use it to order things apparently.

Air app

Plus of course the Beijing air quality app – that’s one of the scary things. Joanne from Tiana B said that she hated it so much as it was like she couldn’t breathe so I’m hoping Springtime won’t be so bad. To put it in context, If you’ve ever been, what was it like then? Leave me a comment as below.


Nostalgic Kids TV #2 – more meandering down memory lane now as promised! When I’m away I’m going to bring you a little reminiscing show every week on this blog. Remember any of these?

Pinky and Perkyfrom crackerjack c 1962 – as old as me! And from their own show – kids were pretty easily pleased right?
50s cartoon

Remember a Mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam? Ken Dodd’s Doddytown – how kooky was that?! The Munsters, Lamb Chop, Basil Brush and what some people called a ‘creepy schools programme,’ Picturebox – the legend of sleepy hollow. Remember the music? What memories flood back when you listen to the video on the link? I recall sitting in the school hall with a big TV on high metal legs and wooden shutter doors to keep the sun off the screen so the whole class could see it at Morden Farm Middle School in South London.

Also Camberwick Green – “here is a box, a musical box, … can u guess what’s in it today?” Brian Cant was part of all of our childhoods, wasn’t he?

And one that was too long ago for me, but lots remembered when we discussed on Facebook – Torchy the Battery boy!

What else do you remember? More next week!



Getting Gatineau’d! Went to have a fabulous facial this week too, courtesy of the Gatineau team – in Windsor. It was heaven I must say and I got the Defi-lift facial. I’ve also been trialing Merumaya’s iconic serum and night cream recently – which leaves skin really soft in the morning. But when I’m away in China I’m going to do the full Gatineau Defi-lift routine incl serum, cream, neck and dec, lip and eyes! Fingers crossed I’ll come back firmer! (Don’t say it – I know what you’re thinking! hehe!) Highly recommended anyway, and a great pack can be found here if  you’d like to read more about Gatineau’s Defi-lift and watch Alison Young’s video (correct at time of writing.)
gat debs

First Almond Latte at Q Café Handsome Adam in the café at Q Towers this week managed to make me my first ever coffee shop almond latte in this country – I was well happy! My body doesn’t like dairy and Almond milk is my favourite! Was well chuffed! Helps keep me going on these long shifts. And hot water with lemon of course – which I’m sitting  here sipping now, as it happens!

Adam almond milk

Eclipse – the Diamond Ring. So the big day came at the end of last week – not! I didn’t see it myself, nor did half the country unless you were in the Faroah Islands, where Prof Brian Cox was extolling the virtues of a rarely seen phenomenon when an eclipse of the sun creates this sight just as it starts re-emerging again from behind the moon and one of the moon’s craters dips in to allow this starburst. Fab physics! We won’t see another total Eclipse for 85 years apparently (well, Brad or Lauren or their kids might!). And still not a word from Bonnie Tyler…


Gorgeous greeny blue DQ By the way there’s a brilliant top rated 2ct bargain if you love our own simulated diamond rings – I’ve done several DQ shows lately, and it’s rare to see ones like this – one of the most beautiful colours, indicolite, simulated in silver – what a show stopper! Click here to see 630375.


Top Tip re TSVs –  There are a few people who hate that the Today’s Special Values are largely publicized well in advance nowadays, but I have to say many more absolutely love it. My advice is this – check the TV guide for when your fave shows are returning, and make sure you scour the internet (or call the call centre) for the key bargains in advance of the on air shows. Also do sign up to the email alerts system if you can, too, for your fave brands. I hate people being disappointed and considering there were another quarter of a million new customers last year alone, it’s vital to help yourself avoid missing out. The TSV is often available before the midnight launch now too, so do make a habit of checking up. We also get lots of posts on the ‘Back to You QVC Facebook group (links below) so do ping a ‘join’ request for that too if you can! Links below!

Sunday Afternoon Tea Litty and I stopped in Gomshall at Tillings Tea Rooms on the way back from Oxford and she talked me through some notes on my next novel – set a hundred years ago. It’s a lovely place, with fab gluten free food. And somewhere I love to go to write – my mobile doesn’t work there even!
Litty and me


Last week’s Top of the TOPS – one of the most asked about tops I wore over the last week was this one from Antthony, which Jilly and I both have and nearly wore on the same night! You’ll often see my pal and fellow presenter wearing this lovely Antthony hem tunic too and what a fab price! Go for it before it sells out!

Debbie Does Dinner Oooh this one was lovely again! Singapore Tofu Laksa – whatever Laksa is! My pal Gill came round and I made it for us on Saturday lunchtime. It was very nice – about 8 out of ten, yes I’d make it again! #HelloFresh. If you’d like to find out more, and use the code I’ve copied – 8VPFGZ – you should get your first box for £20 less (depends which you choose but my first one was only £12!) – click here to see what you get.



Facebook Funny Haha! Thought this would tickle you! Bet you’re singing it for ages now! Lol!


BLOOPER – magnifying what? Funny from Anne Dorrington in practical ideas show at the weekend!

Bruce is back on Saturday 28th – on QVC UK with me at 8pm, (watch it live here) plus three times on Friday (27th). We’re planning to go record another variation on the Bodyblade Super6 if we can find a non-rainy, interesting location – meanwhile Click here to buy yours soon, as it’s back in stock – and it’s sold out nearly every time in the last several visits! Here’s the link to the workout we did in Richmond Park last visit – watch out for the duck… not!


Focus on Fish Oils

Also on this week’s Back to You blog on my website, a ton of links for you to do your own research on fish oils – we’ve been discussing them at depth this week on Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook group. One lady was asking about if it can help depression and other conditions, so I thought I’d link to a brilliant Oxford professor’s scientific research – do go have a read! It’s all on my website, where you’ll also see Fiona from Decleor’s Q&A including which aroma essence oils to use when, what’s in this Saturday’s TSV bargain and what she uses herself! All on this link, just click here.


Back to You Update

JK Rowling quote

And talking of the group, this from J K Rowling seemed pertinent this week given what people have been reporting on Facebook! Here’s one person’s results – with NSV’s – non-scales-victories galore – being posted on our group this week. Don’t forget to get your copy of ‘Till The Fat Lady SLims 2.0′ – available on QVC, 704285 – signed, with added bonus material and links to even more, whilst it’s still available from QVC.

This is from Georgina on Facebook this week – she’s been using Bodyblade and my TTFLS book!

“Ok then, hubby came home after 4 weeks working away and we have done the measuring and here are my non-scale victories so far.
Chest … 2cm reduction
Waist … 2cm reduction
Hips … 1cm reduction
Thigh … 1cm reduction
Arm (thickest point) … 4cm reduction.
This is all down to knowing when I am hungry, only eating when hungry, cutting out most of the sweet stuff and Bodyblade ….praying I can keep this up but feel these results have given me my mojo back for the next 4 weeks.”

Yay! This and many more being shared and inspiring others on my Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook group – do come join us! Still another two months, just under, of the three-month challenge so you’re not too late!


RCM Reminder – Want to know the secret of my current nail colour? Advanced warning – the new Disney Cinderella movie – out here Easter weekend – will be accompanied by a Red Carpet Manicure limited edition set – on air with my sis Linda Bignell on Thursday 9th April in The Morning Show for ten mins. 



Today’s Special Value & Upcoming Sneaky Peeks –

Saturday 28th – Decleor is back with a fab TSV! – with this fab bumper bundle of skin and body care as our daily deal – my fave Gradual glow is one of the options too – the secret of my recent sun-kissed look! Join us incl with me at 6pm Sat 28th (before Bruce and me bring you Bodyblade for a whole hour at 8pm!)

207584 panel 2


Sunday 29th – Mally’s Back for a 2 Hour Special – join us 5pm for more Gorjois makeup tips! And this is the Cook’s Essentials Ultra 5 pc Cookware Set if it’s new pans you need

Thursday 2nd April – Ultrasun Today’s Special Value with lovely Abi Cleeve – who is also our webchat on Monday 30th 8-9pm on Back to You QVC Facebook group – do join us to ask your questions!
206977 9

Shhhh! Love those professional retro looking mixers the top chefs use on those cookery shows? Kitchen Aid is back on Easter Saturday! Plus, a big Artscapes One Show only type bargain Monday (30th) 9pm if you love our cotton printed t-shirts range.

Next week – I’m mostly off – as I mentioned last week, I have lots of leave I’m supposed to use up and lots of writing to do plus a certain trip to the Far East of course! I’m only on air this weekend, then Thursday 2nd, then two days the week after and then I’m away till early May! I’ll keep updating on here and on my website though – so do click here to subscribe to my email newsletters (which anyone can get – you just have to enter your email where asked) so you don’t miss a thing!

More next week – including the big Easter Competition, featuring Flora Mare!

PS – *TiFFT – Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Karen March 29, 2015 at 2:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie…Another great blog!! Lovely pic of you and your very handsome son. You must be well excited about your fab trip…you will be great and really deserve this amazing opportunity!
    Gosh, the memories continue with Crackerjack, Play School, Take Hart with Morph and of course Sooty + Sweep, LOL!!!
    Enjoying your new book, TTFLS, it’s keeping me on the steady course of Freedom Eating and would recommend it to everyone!

    Hopefully you will stay in touch on your travels…as will be missed on the telly!

    Hugs…K xx

  2. Sara B March 29, 2015 at 6:29 pm -  Reply

    Watching the Richmond video at my desk at home, preparing for the delivery of my Bodyblade and without thinking I found myself copying the exercises whilst sat at my chair – without the Bodyblade.

  3. debs f March 30, 2015 at 5:16 pm -  Reply

    Sara – you are funnny! I do that too! I do that when i’m listening to audio books and they say ‘he made a face like xx’ – i do it! Crazy! lol xx

  4. debs f March 30, 2015 at 5:17 pm -  Reply

    Karen – thanks so much hon – am very proud to have been asked I must say. I know it’ll be a great experience. How has the Freedom Eating from TTFLS book been going lately?

    • Karen April 2, 2015 at 9:29 am -  Reply

      It’s going great Debbie! A lot of my clothes are now that bit looser and I can see and feel quite a difference!! Some fab tips and hints in TTFLS book, which has helped and inspired me on a daily basis!! Thank You!
      Just need to buy new clothes soon, LOL!!!?
      K xx

  5. Cathy April 1, 2015 at 7:48 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    I remember at school we used to get a Look and Read A4 workbook to use whilst watching a weekly programme of 20 mins. I have looked online and found “broadcast for Schools.co,uk. After watching, you had to answer questions about the characters and the plot. I remember in 1973 we did “Joe and the Sheep Rustlers”, it even has a photograph of my workbook on the website. 1971 “The Boy from Space” written by Richard Carpenter of “Catweazle” fame. “Cloudburst” with “Wordy”(a little orange robot type puppet and “The King’s Dragon”. Happy days!

  6. Kate April 3, 2015 at 10:42 pm -  Reply

    I remember all those programmes Pinky & Perky, Camberwick Green etc. My cousin used to work at the BBC and my brother and I visited as children and met Brian Cant and watched him making an episode of Playschool.

    My son went to China in August to University & is living in a place called Guilin which is very beautiful with lakes & mountains. However he said it was unbearably hot, the people are mad and the culture so different. Also we are vegetarians & he is really into Health Food but he said the only thing he thinks safe to eat is crisps & McDonalds! He has been to Japan for quite long stays & found it completely different there with lovely fresh veg & rice, very clean country & people very polite & helpful.

    There seem to be no rules in China, people drive all over the road no seat belts, mopeds wobble everywhere with lots of people on one bike & no helmets. He finds it very funny sometimes but frustrating others. He’s always emailing me with funny stories, I could go on forever. He said the government is very oppressive over there & people do not have freedom of speech.

    I think the air is ok in Guilin, he has made some good friends & they seem to worship English people in China!

    I hope you have a really lovely time, it does sound like such an interesting place. x

  7. Michelle Rollingson April 6, 2015 at 5:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. A couple of years ago I went with one of my managers on a business trip to China; we started in Hong Kong, went via Shenzhen to Beijing, then via Tianjin to Shanghai. We spent the majority of our time in Beijing. I have to say we stayed in the most beautiful hotel close to the office – there was one floor dedicated to the most massive swimming pool! We had a private car and tour guide and enjoyed the sights of Beijing one weekend. However, the air pollution was horrendous; I had respiratory problems and lots of nose bleeds. We were there during our summer though; I hope as you are going in Spring the air pollution will be less invasive. We ended up using the underground shopping mall to travel between the hotel and the office.

    My Masters thesis focused on the different learning cultures of Asians and Westerners. I’ll be fascinated to hear your opinion on their learning culture. We basically all do the same thing, but we (Westerners) rudely ask questions immediately of the ‘teacher’, whereas Asians show more respect carry out their own due diligence and ask questions afterwards!

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