Craig’s mishap, hen party and best Les Mis yet


What a funny Morning Show I had last week with Craig and the girls – and can you guess what we were all pointing at?! Did you spot it if you watched? Yes he was so sleepy he hadn’t woken up yet and came out in mismatched jacket suit and trousers! Haha! Two separate shades of blue… Funny. Very appropriate given today’s news for the country – lol. It was quite an experience doing The Morning Show I must say, being a non-morning person. I only managed it by staying at the local hotel, otherwise, I would never have got to sleep – too worried about missing the alarm! And even then I only dropped off around 1 am. Good job it only happens once in a blue moon. I did enjoy being on with my lovely Craigy tho. Even if he DID have different coloured trousers.

See below for who HE enjoyed being on with last week – how famous is she!!

Hen party and Les Miz The main reason for being on early was so I could go to my sis-in-law-to-be’s hen party. The plan was: first off to ChoccyWoccyDooDah near Carnaby Street (eurgh – felt sick! – no savouries just sweet. Had a bit, not too much, but still felt yuk!) And was still coming down off the sugar high in part two of the musical. Still, it was a lovely time, and the wedding is next week in Cyprus. They’re camera shy but I’m not – haha! Lots of pics of the hol anyway, in next week’s blog. See below for update on Les Miserables…




Carla and Me in the Garden The QVC garden was put to good use last week, just before the storms started – what happened to the weather at the weekend?!! Well anyway, she and I had a superb show featuring some lovely Quacker items – see here for a selection of some of the latest Quacker deals including the scalloped edge trousers and top I’m wearing in this pic.

Plus talking of fashion, there’s a super day of fashion tomorrow (Saturday 10th) and on Tues and Wed next week, Antthony’s back too! Here’s some of his fashion, go look and get the deals before others do!

Bundleberry Revisited Amanda Holden’s our latest QVC ambassador and her fabulous homeware range called BundleBerry will be shown again on QVC Extra this week (Friday 9th at 8pm, Saturday 10th at 10am and Sunday at 11th 7pm).

How lovely to have such big names on our channel, isn’t it? Did you like any of the designs?

School Reunion Met up with some of my old high school pals last weekend  – we all went to Willows High in Morden between ’75 and ’80 – ahhhh nostalgia! Janet and Marie and Denise and I all reminisced about what we all got up to more than 30 years ago – gulp! Hope to see them again soon.

Has Tom Hardy been filming in Devon? Who was filming. Look at this ? apparently, another heartthrob was filming in North Devon recently. Following on from his allegedly tackling a robber in Chiswick where he apparently lives, and where QVC is based, maybe this is destiny getting my heartthrob close to me ha ha! #iwish!

What a lovely pic of Daisy Dog but this sooooo needs a caption, don’t you think?! This was up the lane nearby where I live in Sheepwash in Devon – so many lovely walks there. And apart from the occasional pig farm or chicken shed, or muck spreading, lovely fresh air too! This was Anne and Elaine who came recently – see what they said about the place, below.

Fancy being a puppy socialiser? Do go along to the Medical Detection Dogs recruitment event in Witney, Oxfordshire on 6th July from 10am, but limited places so do email them as in this pic sooner rather than later.


Fireside Chat

And I loved this week’s guests – so much vibrant conversation. One of them was an academic, who knows lots about psychology so I was in my element. All around the fire with a nice glass of wine – yes we even put the fire on, it was chilly enough this week. I had a couple of nights with hot water bottles too! They seemed to be very happy with the place – it makes me very proud that it makes others happy. In fact, I had a flurry of recent reviews – very chuffed! – online.

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The continuing Tale of Emotional Bullies It’s incredible how many responses I’ve had to my recent blogs about emotional bullies. Hate to labour a point (labour – get it? #topical!) but now that part 1 has had over 5,500 views. The latest one, part 4, has 1500, with a feature about the TV programme Catching A Killer and some new stories from readers, I thought that would be it. But I’ve stopped being amazed at the feedback I keep getting – the latest being another guy I met this week – this week! – who had his own story with a super happy ending, so I’m adding it to part 4 next week. If you’ve been following my

If you’ve been following my series on my own website about emotional bullies, you’ll understand me saying you could have knocked me sideways when one of them described having been married to yet another female narcissist – what is it about this topic!? AND the latest book I’m now reading on audiobook, The Accident, (by a Sunday Times Bestselling author who’s just booked to come to the retreat,) coincidentally turns out to be partly about some awful behaviour from another emotional bully – once again. I’m truly getting a message here don’t you think? Read the blogs and if you’ve suffered yourself, let me know what you think too.  Do go here to see all of them and do please share it with anyone who thinks they’re alone in all this – you’re not, it’s not normal to feel crazy and unloved, and yes you can get out or do something to remedy your situation. Lots of video links and help posts as well – fascinating stuff if you’re into human psychology as I am. It helps with creating characters, and boy has it helped me lately.

New Website Newsletter is all about my latest cooking mishap. Remember I ‘fessed up to being a bit of a hazard in the kitchen? Well go here to read the latest about what happened when I trialled a new way of cooking a breakfast item… shocking picture! AND other updates I can’t fit in this QVC blog…

Book of the week My latest is The Accident from Cally Taylor – C L Taylor – who has just booked to come to my writing retreat. She’s a skilled storyteller, her crime novels are full of clever twists and genuinely original. Go here to read more if you want a cracking read this summer, and one that leads into three others you can go straight on to.

Facebook Funny

Blooper – here’s one hot off the press – from last night’s launch of the Shark TSV – Alison is so funny! #notMyPiles

WATCH – I know I haven’t been to the cinema much of late – too hectic a schedule – but I must say last week’s Les Miz is worth a revisit as I know it was my 5th time of seeing it, during the hen celebration, but this one left me really impressed. I have to say I think it was the best acted, best staged of all the times I’ve seen it. Jean Valjean is not as good a singer as Alfie Boe IMO, but acted the role with extreme passion and conviction. Great supporting cast and fabulous spectacle. if you’re ever going to see it, I’d say go to the current one. More info at LesMisOfficial. Here are some of the reasons why it’s so amazing.

The first song makes my skin tingle – every time! Several of the cast in this video are in the current production too. Genius finale also – check it out!

Hear me sing And I can only ‘dream a dream’ that my singing would ever be as good as the two who kick off the above clip. BUT nevertheless, in aid of Medical Detection Dogs – I’m going to be ‘performing’ at the Plough Arts Centre in Torrington in Devon in September on Saturday 16th. Put it in your diary and make a weekend of it? Lots of B&Bs in the area, plus we will be having tea rooms on the Sunday straight after too. We’ve been deciding the ‘set’ I will sing, alongside the superb live jazz band, and I’m very excited! Just got to learn all the words now! Worth a little trip to help support this great charity and sing along with fab 40s and 50s songs like That Ole Devil Love and What a Difference A Day Makes, like I sang last November in Chiswick, albeit with my mother’s dodgy camerawork! Hehe!

This week on QVC – another round of highlights for you to enjoy, and my pleasure for helping to provide these sneaky peeks…

This weekend’s deals including Today’s (Friday 9th) Shark Vac offer. Tomorrow’s is a lovely Kim and Co brushed Venechia printed sleeveless swing tunic, that comes in a choice of fun prints. Plus Sunday’s long-awaited Bernini 2 tier Dancing water fountain. And Monday’s is a super Ab Core Trainer from Bodi Tek, to get your bod in shape for the summer. Also watch out for Judith Williams on Tuesday with her Long Life Beauty set. Wednesday is the Vionics Pacific Kehoe studded wedge sandal with built in orthotic.

Early Bird Then BareMinerals bring us a new complexion rescue kit on Thursday – look out for the early bird order link for that around Tuesday from me – go here and ‘like’ my official Facebook page for the update if you’d like to get it early.

Next week – going to see Take That live via the Odeon, and a super get together with my kids and their partners. Then pics from my Cyprus hol! Can’t wait for some annual leave, given that I’m currently working in Devon then working in Chiswick – I’ll look forward to some relaxing in Protaras! Sunrise Beach here I come!

Best wishes




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  1. Ruth letts June 9, 2017 at 2:33 pm -  Reply

    Love Sunrise beach. My friends restaurant is virtually opposite its sister hotel Sunrise pearl. If you fancy a good home cooked local meal pop to Andama, friends of mine for thirty years. Owned by kavasis family, George and Renos

  2. Jackie June 9, 2017 at 2:38 pm -  Reply

    Lovely photo of Daisy dog – ‘I’m ready for my close up Mr. De Mille’!

    It was great to meet you at the Medical Dogs family day. Any more updates from Devon?

    Lagottos Grammy

  3. adelle howatson June 10, 2017 at 7:49 pm -  Reply

    Have never seen stage version of Les Mis Debbie, but could listen to Steve Balsamo all day long! He’s definitely my favourite Jean Valjean! Absolutely love ‘Gethsemane’. Have a wonderful time in Cyprus, it is truly my favourite place ever!

  4. Kay Stapleton June 11, 2017 at 12:46 am -  Reply

    Love reading all your blogs about your busy life and find out what’s coming on qvc have a great holiday xx

  5. Sasha June 13, 2017 at 8:35 pm -  Reply

    Always such a pleasure to read your blog Debs. Double looked at your pic of the hen do. One of your friends looks the spitting image of my best friend at school Amanda Veasey. Sadly we lost touch, and I’m not a social media kinda gal. You always look fab – an inspiration to us all. Best wishes, Sasha.

  6. martin forbes June 14, 2017 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    hi debs hope you and family are well ia have just returned from 2weeks holidays from tenerife wher it was very hot back to work tuesday gone .i more weeks holiday in september still to come i seen lesmiseables about 15 years ago in london dont know theatree witrh my aunt mum and dad it was brilliant

  7. Dawn Tindle June 14, 2017 at 6:05 pm -  Reply

    Have just returned from Protaras once again until September once again.
    You will love the Resort and the temperatures too. Just warming up now. The hotel is great too and super for a wedding.

    Can’t wait to see your next comments and pictures too. just love a wedding.

  8. Debs June 20, 2017 at 11:28 am -  Reply

    Ruth kay adele sasha martin dawn jackie-
    thanks everyone for leaving a comment, it always makes me happy to read comments that are left on this blog as mostly it’s all on the social media nowadays :-). HUGGs to all. I hear the weather has been a heat wave back in the UK whilst we have been in Cyprus, always happens when I go away 🙂 X

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