Costa Del Sheepwash and the new Dyson for Hair!


Wow I can’t believe how fast this week has gone! Easter seems like yesterday, and here we are a whole week later once more, only nine days away from May! I’m looking forward to a week of being looked after, instead of doing the looking after myself! I’m off to that lovely writing retreat near Bordeaux, Chez Castillon, in France, for my birthday week and I can’t wait.

Till then it’s all systems go with tons of remaining jobs to be done before my deadline of finishing them all at my lovely little writing retreat and guest house, Retreats for You in Devon. I promised myself it would all be done, including the kitchen cabinets, by end of May, when we have a full house of guests including some QVC people. So we’ll see! One local guy has done a sterling job of finishing most of it for me but his time is done and now I’m bringing down the Surrey gang to finish the job. That’s the plan anyway!

Meanwhile in Costa-Del-Sheepwash, the Tea Room event on Bank Holiday Monday was amazing and my lovely cousin Christina came down to help out – haven’t been in touch except via Facebook for ages and I hope to see lots more of her – she’s lovely and an excellent cook!

Plus the sun has been shining most of the week and the garden is looking much, much better! My lovely neighbour and now friend (and originally a QVC fashion and jewellery addict!) Linda has been helping me do the garden and getting the pots and plants ship-shape. It was lovely having someone I didn’t need to explain to first, about using Richard Jackson’s plant food too!

Dyson Hair Dilemma
Have you seeeen the new Dyson hairdryer? Go here to see it in action and to buy it – it’s just launched and will be popular! The dilemma is obviously cost versus finish and I’m an Ego hairdryer girl so we will see after a test or two! What do you think?



Another £300 for Medical Detection Dogs Squeee! Superb result. And a lovely day of tasty teas and delectable cakes. Thanks to everyone who helped! (more about my charity here.) The sausage rolls were the most popular again, plus the carrot cake and banana bread Wendy made. But cousin Christina’s chocolate fudge cake went down a storm, as did the cakes from our lovely neighbours who donated, Janet and Margaret and Linda.

Lots of locals came as did several groups of my lovely facebookers from my Debbie Flint Devon gang. Thanks to everyone! There will be more events like this during the summer. I must say there will also be vintage type teas at the Jazz night I’m going to be singing at in Devon at Torrington’s The Plough arts centre on September 16th! Put it in your diary and come down, there’ll be teas at Retreats for You after too, more info soon!

Eating in the 1950s  OK so I was more the 1960s and 70s but many of these ‘rules’ were the same. What were you? What memories do these statements bring back? Leave me a comment below.

It’s shaking off that old wives tale system of beliefs about food that is at the heart of Till the Fat Lady Slims, my weight loss series of books, and Freedom Eating, actually. More here, and see below for a weekly snippet from the group!

Best Dinner yet at Retreats for You Talking of food, this week I made by best meal by far – Butternut squash, feta and wilted kale in a marinade – yummmm! If you’d like the recipe, go to my new blog on my website newsletter which will go live here! I do love seeing the reaction people get when I get it right.

Not so much when I get it wrong – which I frequently still do, but not so much a klutz as a few weeks ago, even though our local Sheepwash Chronicle feature revelled in my klutziness! Lol. You’ll also see the book of the week on my Read it Write it Sell it blog more here and the latest goings on from my time in Devon where I now spend half the week! Including early, early bird order links, like the Tarte one which is below and updates you won’t want to miss!

Subscribe to my newsletters to get the regular emails via and don’t forget to ‘like’ my official Facebook page for more vlogs like this one from along the river Torridge in Devon with the poggies in the sunshine, bringing you daily banter and over the garden fence style banter!

Click here to see ‘Vlog – life is good and how do you pronounce this..?’

New Dates to come stay in Devon Several people ask me each week about the retreats, and the latest newsletter has just gone out – with lots of nice new workshops to come on. Not just for writers – there are some for QVC viewers on 19th June and 21st August too! More here.

Getting the help you need Last week I had an amazing reaction and response to the blog, talking about controlling people and ones who spoil relationships by being so selfish. It was a general blog, using examples sent to me by lots of Facebookers who had some horrendous times. So many comments came in that I’m doing a second post this week too. But do read the original so you know you are not alone – it was inspired by Mel B’s situation and spurred an outpouring showing it’s rife.

It’s too important a topic for me not to mention, considering all the tales I keep hearing for people concerned about others being bullied, and people giving me their own stories, just glad to share.

Professional help is always best, but just don’t suffer in silence. I care about you guys, in the same boat as I was once. I truly do, and that’s why I’m making it into a series.

NB it is not aimed at anyone I know in Devon or in Surrey, thanks for the private messages. I have been getting on that subject but you don’t need to be concerned. Anyone claiming otherwise is wrong – proving a narcissist will always think things are about them lol. Click here for more on the new one. The original one to read first, is here. The post has recieved over 2,200 views – lots of people are sharing it and there are some help links there too. There will be lots more including videos to watch in the new one, so don’t miss reading it. Let me know what you think, via

Crazy Spaniels and Family time So Lolly and Nick came back on Easter Sunday from their trip away and rescued me from crazy Luna and Baloo, then Brad dropped by for a surprise visit with Kari. I had some lovely mummy time with my gorgeous kids before zipping back to Devon after the runaway successful Shark vacuum cleaner launch on Sunday night.

I’m not sure I’ll regularly drive back after a midnight launch but the adrenaline of live TV keeps you going really. For now! Then I had McDonalds at 4am and that took me through the rest! Haha! Not really.

Brunch and Bills Last week I also met up with Jodie my lovely teacher niece and Lolly at a super place in Wimbledon I’d never been before – Bills – for brunch. It was very nice to indulge in a proper American style brekkie. I really felt like it – that’s the beauty of Freedom Eating and TTFLS (see bottom) especially with all the steps I’ve been doing down at the retreat – I regularly use up the calories and am actually losing weight again. Cool!  More here about Freedom Eating.

Dining with Alix I’m such a nincompoop! I thought there was only one Indian restaurant in Okehampton and so before Coppelia (see below) Alix and I were supposed to meet for supper – but I went and sat down in one restaurant and she did in the other up the road! Anyway twenty minutes later I realised the error (probably mine!) and went and met up – it was very nice and a perfect prelude to three hours of ballet on the big screen!

Tommy and his garden tools Here’s another picture of tommy our guest who does the garden items – well, just because… lol. And this is also a super deal! What a fab garden blower! 

Bloopers – there was a technical issue with last week’s upload so here’s a treat for you and a couple of recent howlers and funnies from on air!

That’s aqua 😉

Funny Essie colours

Facebook Funny  hehehee

Watch – Coppelia or ‘copp-ay-lia’ cos it’s got an accent over the e! Turns out this is the best ballet I’ve ever gone to see and I watched it with Alix after a fab indian supper in Okehampton on Wednesday. Are you a ballet fan? Did you do it at school? I never really did – it, like horse riding, was never on my south London caretaker dad and mum’s agenda when we were kids.

But I loved this production, screened at cinemas, from the original Australian ballet company production. Superb scene in Dr Coppelius’s workshop too – scary! And amazing glutes – I mean amazing dancing (!) from the male dancers in their ballet tights. Ooer! Lol. Seriously, it was good – if it is on again, do go see! However, I don’t know why it’s called Coppelia – she’s not even in the curtain call at the end! Should be called Swanilda, don’t you think? Lol.

More here.

Or see a whole performance from a few years ago on YouTube – here

At the cinema I am desperate to see this – Wendy and I would have gone this week if it hadn’t been for the evening show time starting at 9:30! Too late for me nowadays! Lol. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Christopher Lloyd, who I didn’t recognise, are genius in this tale of old dudes staging one last heist to get their pensions back – I hope to see Going in Style this week!


This week on QVC – some super shifts to look forward to – here’s today’s Bibi Bijoux Heart Charm Scarf, it’s selling fast so be quick!

And here’s the Early Bird order link for the Tarte Maneater Cosmetics Collection on Sunday (23rd, Beauty Day).

But do join me for the launch of Saturday’s HP laptop – long time since we had one – tonight at midnight.

And here’s a sneeky peek at next week’s new daily deals on QVC!

This coming Monday, Ronni Nicole are back with this super trendy cold shoulder dress, Tuesday Bose are delivering the best in sound quality with their Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II, and on Wednesday QVC are taking you to sunny Australia with Australian Bodycare’s tea tree collection. Renee is back on Thursday with super comfy tunic- perfect for hols! Phew!

Next week I’m on Tuesday, Wed and Thurs unusually, as I’m in Devon for Bank Holiday weekend. Particularly looking forward to Reiker footwear at 3pm on Tuesday – look at their range here – and a pair of their boots in a size 7 are currently my ‘go to’ footwear – biker chick style! Have a super week!

Best wishes



PS if you want to email me about any of the issues raised above it’s

Here’s the lastest Freedom Eating from Helen B:

“Since joining this site and reading the Fat Lady books, I feel I don’t need diets and more importantly, don’t want to do them. However, I have three weeks of my Weight Watchers membership left and was going to go tomorrow – just to “use them up”. I now feel I don’t want to be part of that anymore and might just go to the gym instead and do an extra class – feel this might do me more good! Love this approach – I hardly think about food at all. ? Long may it last!”

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  1. Lucy April 21, 2017 at 11:21 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,I have only got half way through your blog and felt I needed to say how true your quote about being happy with your own life is!I feel that is so true of some people you meet in life and not just relationships.
    I really feel that we are in charge of our own happiness and anyone who cannot treat you with respect and kindness isnt worth your time or thought.
    Your honesty and good humour are a really lovely to see,wishing you all the best.
    Best regards Lucy

  2. Linda White April 21, 2017 at 11:43 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. Just have to say I waited patiently for QVC to get the Dyson hairdryer. Christmas came and went then my March birthday came and went and still no luck. Go fed up waiting and bought it elsewhere. It dries my hair in half the time and leaves it silky and shiny. Worth the money in my opinion. X

  3. Debbie Flint April 21, 2017 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

    Linda – thanks for your recommendation – it’s amazing isn’t it! x

  4. Debbie Flint April 21, 2017 at 4:41 pm -  Reply

    Lucy –
    You know what, it took me years to learn it but yes – it’s all so true! Happiness is a choice, and we need to practise making it every day. Hugs and so glad you like the blogs! x

  5. Julie Manington April 21, 2017 at 7:58 pm -  Reply

    I absolutely love the dyson dryer, it’s the only dryer my cack handedness can deal with. Fantastic. Debs I love all your news medias it’s lovely that someone takes the time to do things properly..and so interesting and diverse..keep it all coming..xx

  6. Susan April 21, 2017 at 8:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, have a lovely birthday in France. Lovely treat! Glad you’re enjoying Devon. I agree with your comments about happiness generally I really do. I do think though life is very difficult for a lot of people and financial, job and housing worries obviously affect a lot of our emotions and sometimes we’re just not on form. I think we should all make allowances for difficult life circumstances and at the end of the day we never really know what goes on behind closed doors. But yes happiness is partly our own choosing. Just my humble thoughts too!x

  7. Angela April 21, 2017 at 10:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie I love your blogs especially all the pictures of upcoming tsvx

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