Completing my Diet Chef plan and more on the big move


It's been a very busy week and I've run out of time to write my usual tome. Instead I sat down this afternoon to reflect on the superb success I feel I've achieved with Diet Chef.

Not only is the 28 Day Hamper so easy, fuss-free and packed with tasty food, it takes the entire fuss out of buying special foods, taking ages preparing food and weighing everything out. I haven't dieted for so many years because I've never had the patience with all of that. Diet Chef food is so full of choice and flavour that it's been the easiest diet I have EVER been on. It's really changed my attitude towards how to lose weight, and in truth, it's given me a small boost of confidence, not least because of all the lovely things people have said to me. I've lost inches on my waist, hips and thighs and some people have warned me "don't you lose too much!". Well there really is no danger of that, I've been overweight all of my life. My BMI measurement is only down to 28 (which is classed as Overweight), and being 5ft 7inches, I wouldn't want to be under 11stone anyway. I'm the lowest weight I have been for about 7 years so I'm going to enjoy that for now and relish trying to lose a few more pounds in my own way. Check out my show all about Health & Fitness this week and also another Diet Chef show coming up in early March if you need any help in trying to get fitter, healthier or lose a few pounds.


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Well I was back at the Cole family home on Sunday for a gathering of our small clan to have lunch around the big dinner table for the very last time in the home in which I was raised since 1978. We arrived just before my 7th birthday in the August and I remember it well – marvelling at how large our living room was. Well everything looked bigger when you're a kid, the house was a standard-sized 3 bedroom semi with a modest garden, not a mansion by any stretch of the imagination. Yet more boxes of my stuff from childhood were uncovered and I found a folder with this fella in – evidence of my first ever bank account which Mum opened for me when I was about 11years old, I reckon. Do you remember The Griffin?? No prizes for guessing, but which bank bought out MIDLAND BANK? I also found boxes of VHS tapes galore and one of my very first 'ghetto blasters' – I'm going to sort through those in the coming months! So this week is the big move – I'm heading back to Brum with my eldest brother, The Hubz, my nieces and their boyfriends to help assist my Mum in clearing and moving out of the house and into her wonderful new apartment in the retirement village. Will keep you updated!

Old stereo VHS tapes








Where you can find me this week…

Wednesday 19th February
6pm – Health & Fitness
8pm – Attitudes by Renee (with Renee Greenstein)

Wednesday 26th February
8pm – Trinny & Susannah
11pm – Northern Nights bedding

Sat 1st March
6pm – Fashion by Jami (Premiere)
8pm – Practical Ideas

Fri 7th March
9am – The Morning Show (with Craig Rowe)
11am – Kim & Co

Sat 8th March
4pm – Kim & Co
5pm – Vitamix: More Than a Blender

Don't forget that when I'm not on-air at QVC, you can find me on Twitter or on my Facebook page. I always love to hear from you about the brands you like on QVC, what you've bought from us or anything you want to tell me, so come over and say HELLO anytime!!

Bye for now.



  1. Louise Shepherd February 17, 2014 at 5:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marv
    Yes – I remember the griffin. When I was a student it was offering £100 if you opened an account, so I did! It wasn’t my first bank account, and it was rather shortlived for me. It didn’t last to the end of college (the account, not the bank).
    I had to google who bought out the bank that likes to say…yes! It became part of HSBC. It’s amazing how the highstreet banking and building society names have changed or simply disappeared over the years.
    The ghettoblaster and the pile of VHS tapes look VERY familiar to me too! I am sure I’ve still got a stash of VHS that I mean to convert to digital format… just haven’t got around to it yet.
    Back to you, and your FANTASTIC weight loss! Congratulations and very well done to you! It’s not easy in the first place, and then having the public scrutiny added in for extra pressure… so no mean achievement, and it proves to you that you can do it. I’m sure that the achievement, the compliments, and the evidence of your own eyes have really boosted you.
    I suspect you are rather like me in the dieting world – not one for spectacular early weightloss. I’ve been on diets in the past where I’ve been thrilled with the weight I’ve lost, but the slimming group counsellor has been somewhat disappointed. 1-2lbs a week seems like a sensible amount to lose, to my way of thinking. I also suspect that you are like me in that you keep an eye on the other end of the diet: so you try to stay in the “real world” as far as you can – nothing worse than coming off the back of a diet eating stuff you tolerate and then rushing back into the comforting embrace of the food that helped you put the weight on… I don’t need to tell you that the hard part starts now: keeping off the weight you’ve lost. I’m sure you can do it, and I really hope you do. You seem to be very honest about yourself, so I don’t think you’ll kid yourself that you’re sticking to things if you are not.
    I’ve got “The Medicinal Chef” on waitlist, but I’ve got Dale Pinnock’s most recent book, as well as some recipes from his website. I highly recommend the roasted butternut squash with sage and feta cheese: I printed the recipe off his website. I’ve made 4 different recipes so far and all are yummy (and more importantly quick and simple to do).
    If you want to be eating quick and healthy – I really hope you got the cook’s essentials soup maker TSV. It’s quick and easy to make lovely soups, either from the provided recipes, or from another source. If you don’t have it with buttered bread, or fried croutons, or lace it with cream, it should be quite a healthy to get lots of lovely vegetables. Better stop talking about food – I’m making myself hungry now!
    I think it’s lovely the way your family has all got together to bid farewell to the family home, creating one last precious happy memory of it, and then to help your mum move to her new apartment. I hope she settles in well and makes lots of friends in her new home. It’ll be weird in a way, seeing her in surroundings which don’t include memories of an earlier time, but also reassuring that she’s got somewhere that will doubtless be easier to look after.
    Made myself a rather unsuccessful smoothie this afternoon. Limes and cucumber are better juiced than blitzed, and the strawberries were rather tasteless. Will wait to try that again in the summer with properly ripened local strawberries, mmm!
    I dare say Ali Young has told you how anti-aging being well hydrated is! It’s so easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re busy, but it’s worth making the effort to remember. You do look glowing – and I must say the RonniNicole dress you are wearing in the video clip is a knockout on you. Every woman needs light reflected onto the face, and that pattern around the top, framing the neck, does just that.
    Have a great week – and good luck keeping up with the healthier eating now that you’ve got started using Diet Chef.

  2. Alison Court February 18, 2014 at 2:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine
    A few years ago my mum and dad moved out of our family home and we had to go and clear out loads of our old stuff. I had file upon file of A Level course work and loads of outfits from the 80’s. The worst thing to sort through was my collection of books, I couldn’t cope with getting rid of many of them so needless to say my husband and I have 5 bookcases in our house.(I dare not count how many books are actually his.) I hope you weren’t too upset sorting your things out. I know I felt quite sad because after all its the end of an era isn’t it?
    Also well done on your weight loss, it’s not easy.

  3. Beth February 18, 2014 at 4:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marv,
    I’m surprised you had time to write a blog with everything that’s been going on but good for you! I didn’t really mention it to you in my last reply but well done you on your weight-loss, it IS hard work (even with Diet Chef methinks!) as I think for all of us, myself included, food can be so many things and you’ve mentioned before that you’d had a rough time a few years ago and food and drink were a comfort. I think it’s a common thing for many people, myself included, and again, well done.
    What comes across is what a lovely family you have and how you all pull together – I think it’s something to be treasured and I wish your Mum lots of happiness in her new home. I’m sure it’ll be a wrench on the day to leave but it sounds like it’s for the best. You’re all there to help by the sounds of it so that’ll mean a lot to her.
    Last but not least, my first savings account was with the TSB – the one from the 1970’s not the new one now!
    You take care,
    Beth XXX.

  4. Marverine Cole February 25, 2014 at 9:07 am -  Reply

    Hello Louise, Alison & Beth!! thanks for all the lovely comments. Glad you remember the Griffin Bank! Of course it was HSBC which took it over, for some reason I thought it was Lloyds Bank: don’t know why.
    Thanks for your support re Diet Chef, will figure out what to do to maintain the weight and lose some more now. Definitely searching for the Dale Pinnock book.
    This reply is short and sweet I’m afraid (as is my next blog post) because it’s been such a whirlwind of logistics and emotions. Plus there’s still tons to do here in Brum before I head to the Q to be on air this Thursday & Saturday. Posting next blog today or tomorrow. Hope you’re all keeping well. xxx

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