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As many of you already know, this last week has been a complete wash out. Flu with a chest infection has bull dozed me completely and it takes a lot for me to have to take time off sick. The fact that I had little to no voice left meant that I really had no choice but to stay in bed and do everything I could to get better. I have been dosing up on every possible medicine, vitamin, liquid and food. I’ve been researching natural remedies and gargling with salt and apple cider vinegar. I’ve even been drinking the vinegar in water in an attempt to kill off the bacteria in my throat.

I’ve had the loveliest messages from people with their recovery tips which has been really comforting and helpful. All of this while also looking after Ivy, who has been poorly too, which as you can imagine has been challenging. She has only just gone back to nursery this morning for the first time in over a week and she was not happy about it! I know it’s not been anything life threatening but boy has it been debilitating!

So what did I do with my enforced home time? Well I’ve watched a lot of telly, mainly back to back re-runs of episodes of Friends, and also spent too much time scrolling through social media. I’ve slept and I’ve chilled on the sofa with Ivy and it’s actually been rather nice, apart from feeling so rotten obviously! By the weekend I was going stir crazy though so I convinced Fred to get me down to the beach for some fresh air. We went as far as our beach hut, which we rent, and I sat in the fresh air with a herbal tea, wrapped up in blankets and my extra thick Centigrade coat. It was so nice to get outside for a bit and watch the world go by, it was only for an hour but it was so worth it. After that though I did fall straight back into bed and slept for another three hours!

On Sunday I felt like I had truly turned a corner, so much so that I wanted to get out of the house and out of town for a bit. The kids desperately need to get a run around too so we headed over to Mudeford for a change of scenery and walked the beach front there. We had beautiful views of The Isle of Wight, home to Liz Earle, and even though the sun was shining the sea was wild which I always love to watch. I love the sound of crashing waves. I even threw on a slick of lipstick and my favourite new Baukjen coat and was starting to feel a bit more like me again.

However in classic Katy fashion I pushed myself further than I should have done. I walked way too far and by the time we were half way back we stopped for a hot chocolate and I had to hold myself up against the bar as I felt pretty faint. So of course as soon as we got home I was straight back to bed! (I was also asked in a previous blog where my scarf is from so here it is again, there are only a few colours still remaining and I know it’s a bit pricey as it’s cashmere but it’s probably my most used item in my wardrobe!)

As you may have gathered, I’m not really great at doing nothing. I like it for about a day and then I’m going stir crazy and have to do something. So with all the talk about Marie Kondo and her TV show about clearing out our homes I got onto the case of clearing out drawers! I haven’t even seen the show but I’ve always been pretty ruthless about clearing out junk and things we don’t need or use. Fred is a hoarder and it makes me go even further the other way. I didn’t go crazy I just did the drawers in the living room and one storage box but it felt soooooo good.

Why is it that we all have those drawers that we throw things in to basically just get it out of sight. All that ends up is that the drawers become dumping grounds for junk! I found 9 rolls of Sellotape in one of the drawers, 9!!! All different sizes and so many things we have absolutely no need for. Remote controls to devices we don’t even have any more, keys to doors we don’t even own any more, leads and wires we have no clue what they are for, buttons, business cards with out of date info, receipts, old coins, I even found the umbilical cord clip from either Tilda or Ivy!!! It was such a good thing to do and I will keep on going around the house over the next few weeks and do a cupboard or drawer each time.

So I don’t have any fashion to tell you about this week, because quite frankly I have lived in pyjamas and tracksuit bottoms. I do however have a few items of skincare that have been a God-send this week.

My skin has been so grey and the dark circles under my eyes have been so dark that I had to keep layering on the lotions and potions. I have also desperately needed my Gale Hayman Lip Lift as my lips were so dry from the antibiotics and that has saved them from splitting so I am very grateful for that. My skin however I felt needed some brightening so I have been slathering on The Hero Project Vitamin C – 30. It’s a beautiful serum packed with vitamin C that you take all the way down the neck and onto the chest.

This is a clever formulation as it is created with 30% methylated L-ascorbic acid (which is the Vit C) and it is created to stay stable so the formula lasts in the bottle so it carries on working on the skin. Keep it away from your eyes though as I learned the hard way that it can sting! I am definitely getting the colour and healthy look back to my skin and I am putting it down to the help of this.

The second thing I have been using is from Elemis and it’s coming to QVC in February so I will remind you of it again when it comes in. It’s from the ever growing range of Superfood products from Elemis which you can find some of here. It’s the Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist and it hydrates, nourishes and primes the skin. It’s packed with Rooibos Tea Extract and Kefir Ferment to sooth and brighten the complexion with Aloe vera, Coconut Water and a natural Pre-Biotic. This has been lovely to spritz over my face when I was too tired to do anything else and apart from anything else it was simply refreshing!

So I will be back as QVC at the end of this week, in fact on Thursday when this blog goes live. I will be bringing you an hour of Boho Betty Jewellery on the Main Channel at 6pm which I am very much looking forward too so I hope you can tune in. Meanwhile I will be spending the rest of this week pumping myself with the healthiest food and drink I can find. I’ve been eating so much fruit and veg and juices and smoothies in a bid to get healthy. The Nutri Bullet has been dusted off and pulled out of the cupboard to get a work out! I see we now stock the Veggie Bullet too, I’m going to go and watch the video on that now!

One last thing I want to draw your attention to, if you love shopping with QVC and like to shout about the things you find, we currently have a section at the bottom of our homepage which shares your pictures. All you have to do for a chance to be featured is to use the hashtag #myqvcfind on Instagram and it may get shown. I would love to see your favourite things be it fashion, homeware or beauty.

Until next week, I hope you are all looking after yourselves!

Lots of love
Katy x

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  1. sue February 2, 2019 at 8:08 pm -  Reply

    Hope you are feeling better now

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