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Claire with CollabroHello all you gorgeous lot!

What a super dooper week we are having…surely this tropical heat wave has put you in a perky mood too?

There's sooo much going on as we race to the end of term, the diary is groaning (or is that me?). In fact I need to purchase a new one – that tells you life is getting out of hand! All in a good way though.

Where to start?

Well, let's focus this blog with the lovely treat I had at the start of this week in the shape of
Collabro – Jamie, Matt, Michael, Tom and Richard.

I had the pleasure of interviewing these talented (and let's not leave out easy on the eye!) group of boys who I'm sure many of you voted for back in June, when they won Britain's Got Talent 2014.

Collabro soundchecking

They appeared on Tuesday's Morning Show with their first album 'Stars' – it was so new we didn't even have the actual CD in the box! The phone lines were immediately busy and we sold out of the stock we had secured AND the next batch of stock!

There has been negotiations with QVC and the record company and as the release date has been put back to AUGUST 25th, I've just been told that we can continue to take your pre-orders of the album.

Remember that if the speed we sold out is an indication of the boys' popularity, then WHEN it is available elsewhere they too will sell out! This way you are assured that you have it on its way to you for sure and can relax and enjoy it, maybe even smugly!

The boys were deserved winners after effortless and moving performances throughout the rounds which culminated in a stunning final, moving the judges and many of us at home to tears…having sobbed my way through the entire film version of Les Miserables to hear "Bring him home" performed with such power and emotion certainly meant Collabro got my vote (and Maddie's…!).


The boys not only won the coveted prize of performing at this year's Royal Variety Performance and the £250,000 (I wonder if that's split five ways? Hmm I should've asked!), they also have been signed to Simon Cowell's record label…they are on the biggest high ever!

We had the privilege of a performance after our chat in the studio where the boys sang 'Bring him home' live for all of you. We even had an audience in the Morning Show with us! The atmosphere was superb. I've always loved live presenting, the adrenalin buzz is immense and it certainly was on Tuesday.

Claire and Matt - Maddie's favourite!As always we had such little time to chat, yet within the first two minutes ALL the stock of the boys' first album 'Stars' had SOLD OUT…their faces were a picture! I think the 'instancy' (is that a word?) of QVC is unreal until you experience it, and I guess it also confirmed the excitement surrounding them and the huge fan base they have already developed.

They also were trying to contain themselves as Craig and I were discussing the merits of the ' growing hose' during our previews! They held it together! And were ready for my questions (not sure Mr Cowell would've approved had we rolled around laughing!)


So what makes them different and why do I for one wish them huge and continued success? They so want it AND they will so work at it, they already have been. They have an air of professionalism that surrounds each of them and collectively they all seem to be delighting in their boyband status!
A boy band with a difference though, doesn't that show a tenacious spirit running through them, wanting to retain that difference.

Yes, they are young lads at the end of the day, and they will be scrutinised by the public, that in itself will bring delights and difficulties. I really hope that they can look at all those who go before them in this world of showbiz and learn from their mistakes, look at who their fans are (everyone it seems, from my 10-year old daughter to me!) and always remember that what they do and say will have possible repercussions, yet can be hugely inspirational.


 Most importantly, I hope they can buckle up on this incredible life-changing ride and squeeze every last drop of enjoyment and FUN out of it!

Maddie was delighted when she Instagrammed them that evening and they followed her back, she said "my mummy interviewed you on QVC", they said they would follow her and they did!

Top marks boys! You get my vote again!

I've melted away whilst writing this and had heat warnings on my iPad…nothing to do with the handsome boys! So…it's ICE CREAM TIME!

So much still to catch up with…I will be back!

Love from
Claire (bikini-clad and officially "melted" )


  1. Steven July 18, 2014 at 7:03 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    Hope you are enjoying your break. Gotta admit I didnt vote for the guys on BGT but they were probably worthy winners.
    Hope you enjoyed your Ice cream and enjoy your break. Be good to see you back on our screens in the near future
    Take care
    Steven xx

  2. Pseu Donym July 19, 2014 at 7:46 pm -  Reply

    I must admit, this blog wasn’t really for me until the second last line. 😀 Hope you enjoyed the sun!
    Glad you had fun with the boys!

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