Coco Bianca and deliciousness made easy!!


Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all fine and dandy as we approach Easter 🐣

One of my favourite times of the year actually… and not just because we get to eat loads of yummy food 😋 (although I’ll come on to that in a sec!!).

Firstly we have a stunning Today’s Special Value coming up this weekend from Coco Bianco. Now if you’re not familiar with this range, you need to be!! (Apologies for any perceived bossiness here… but it’s just that I really think you should, it is fab!).

I would say that generally this range makes up a fair chunk of my wardrobe, especially in the summer months. I don’t even know how many pairs of their palazzo trousers I own but they also do a great maxi dress too!! Which brings me on to the TSV launching this Sunday at midnight. This is a beautiful sleeveless Round Neck Maxi Dress in an incredible range of colours and prints.

The price is amazing (as you would expect) but a true dilemma here is which one to go for as they are all bright, sunny and just perfect for summer and the holiday season. Check out the photos, but more importantly tune in! (I’ll probably change a zillion times and end up deciding with five minutes to go before going live on air!!).

Now what about that deliciousness I was referring to earlier? Well this comes by the way of our fantastic KitchenAid TSV on Tuesday that I’ll be launching Monday at midnight!

If you’re like I used to be years ago… tempted by lots of kitchen graters and mixers, all promising the earth only to end up in about 497 pieces (approximately of course!!) and relegated to the depths of darkness at the back of a kitchen cupboard – then do not despair any longer! I cannot even remember when I bought my KitchenAid from, but I reckon it’s at least five years ago and I have not looked back.

I’m not even much of a baker really, but although I love it for that (and wish I had more spare time to experiment in that department), I also love it for just sorting out some pancakes or Yorkshire puddings, or even simply for creating the most irresistible mashed potatoes ever!! At the weekend I had some last-minute guests arrive, so I stuck my head in a few cupboards, grabbed some basic ingredients and managed to knock up a quick Victoria sponge, which even my cat (Tomasina) seemed slightly tempted by!! Please see the photos below!

Now I was going to issue a wee challenge here to ascertain how perceptive you all are.

I was going to ask; “what do you notice that isn’t quite right about this particular Victoria sponge?”

However, after stating my less than perfect baking skills, I realise that I would be potentially inviting an avalanche of comments which could in fact end up relegating me also to the depths of darkness of a kitchen cupboard, and so have decided to simply do the right thing and own up (“tell the truth and shame the devil” as my mum used to say).

Soooooo if you look really closely you’ll note that in my rush to provide a tasty bite for tea, I ended up putting the jam and cream the wrong way round!! Fortunately in this house the cake is never around long enough for any of this to really matter!

You will of course be seeing a plethora of alternative baking suggestions when you join me for the launch (and I look forward to road testing them too… even if it is midnight in a Monday!!).

Have a lovely weekend and see you then.

Take care,

Anne xx


  1. Susan April 12, 2019 at 5:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne,
    Oh my goodness your sponge cake looks amazing! You are a gorgeous baker! Yum yum! I love your kitchen too. It’s a very classy kitchen. Cat looks impressed too as you say!
    I saw you the other day and you’re looking great. How are the family? Are you going to Italy soon?x

  2. Fiona Carne April 13, 2019 at 8:20 pm -  Reply

    Does it really matter cream or jam,but technically it’s not a Victoria sponge cause it has cream, according to the hair bikers,but who cares looks delicious

  3. Christina Cardle April 14, 2019 at 10:19 am -  Reply

    ThankYou for your blog Anne, really enjoyed that! Your sponge is fantastic! Even although as confessed the jam is the wrong way around (I’d never have known as I’m not a baker….yet! One day once I’ve invested in the KitchenAid as I fully intend). Love the CocoB dress it’s ‘gorzwah’!!!!!! See you at midnight with your presentation. Lots of love, Christina X

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