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I thought I would mention the novelty factor of being able to write this at 33,000 feet in the air. You guessed it; I’m on a plane using my iPad. If you have access to the technology, the sheer luxury of being able to work, socialise online, surf or shop from anywhere around the world is precious. Just the other day Claire Sutton and I were asked to do a technology lifestyle shoot at a luxury house and I had no idea what it would entail. It was really exciting because we pulled up in the morning at a venue, in this case somebody’s house, and there’s a whole production crew setting up in preparation for a shoot. Rather than get ready as we should have, curiosity got the better of us and Claire and I opted for a nosy around the house instead, or as we called it: ‘familiarising ourselves with our new work environment’. I kept thinking to myself ‘who lives in a house like this?’ It’s quite odd that people hire their own houses out for this, don’t think I would like some nosy cretin like me wandering round the house. Once we had a brief peek in all the rooms we set about our day’s work, which actually involved lots of cups of lovely tea and pleasant chats.

The whole idea of the day was to look at some of the fabulous technology brands that QVC offers, such as Bose, TomTom and Apple, and to find out why Claire and I particularly like them. The day had a very laidback feel about it and it was genuinely just Claire and I having a chinwag about our lives, and how technology has aided us. It’s actually rather impressive how certain products enhance our lives and make things easier. Claire told me how invaluable her TomTom was when she was on a family trip to Scotland, driving around in a place her and Dan had never been to before. Can you imagine attempting it with just an old fashioned map?! TomTom devices actually provide so much more than that, I use mine for every journey because if there’s traffic they re-route you and they always tell you the speed limits so you can drive safely on any road. I find them particularly useful in town and city centres which now are abundant with one way streets, and they also guide you to car parks. We both agreed we wouldn’t be without them.

Bose music systems are just super luxury, you can completely see why world class venues opt for Bose as their sound-system of choice. When you hear your favourite music through a Bose appliance you can close your eyes and pick out each instrument, it’s almost like you’re at a live performance. They have great innovation too with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options making them wireless and portable. I’m quite into music so I’m particular about how I listen to it, and I have to say Bose technology really does make a difference. Something I hadn’t really thought of that Claire pointed out is that she loved them because they were so simple to set up straight out of the box with just a few obvious buttons. So, whatever the reason, Bose is always a good choice for music lovers. I’m a particular fan of the Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker. I have mine in my bag right now, it’s coming on holiday with me.

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Apple innovations are incredible. Everyone knows their logo; they’re aspirational and sleek. My Mum is in her 60s, she’s never used a laptop or computer in her life but her and my Dad invested in an iPad on my advice and unbelievably within a few hours my Mum had downloaded an app, surfed the web and she knew her way around the tablet. Without any help from me she is now a wizard on the iPad, emailing, watching films and buying products online. Claire had a similar experience with Tom, her eldest who has Down’s Syndrome; he’s a real visual learner and he was happily surfing the web within minutes. Plus, anyone who owns an iPad knows how portable and lightweight they are. I’m tapping away writing this in the notes section of mine now and I’m on a plane. You can do everything you need on a daily basis on a tablet, but for more storage, documents and anything more creative then a laptop is a must.

Technology is continuously moving on at a fast rate but at QVC we keep you up with the game. Many of our laptops give incredible bundles of value added plus big storage and speed of use. Tune in to our technology shows; we have experts like Lee Hohbein and James Murden who talk you through all the features and give you the pros and cons on each piece of technology, explaining which device suits you and your family’s lifestyle and usage.

Between midnight and 1am on Monday night/ Tuesday morning we have ‘Hi-Tech Toys and Electronics’. At 6pm tomorrow you can tune in to ‘Electronics on the Go’, and on Saturday the 14th we have ‘Sound Innovations from Bose’ (if my writing on their fantastic products tempted you!) Another one not to be missed is ‘Q Technology featuring Apple’ on Sunday the 22nd at midnight.

Watch out for upcoming technology TSVs which offer amazing value, and next time you are on a plane, train or a long journey you can make the most of your spare time like I just have. I couldn’t live without my tablet, could you?



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