Christmas time in London


By crikey it’s turned chilly! I am sitting here next to the radiator in my onesie, very glad of the additional (although faux) fleece lining! Hard to believe I picked a strawberry from the garden along with the last rosebuds just yesterday, but then we have been spoiled with such a long and unbelievably warm autumn.

Last roses of the summer

Actually, talking of flowers, Sam bought me a bunch of lilies when he came to look after me, and I literally had them on display until this weekend – they were beautiful. I’ve been hunting out a Poinsettia to replace them, but the only ones I’ve seen to date are incredibly tall and leggy. As the leaves have a tendency to drop from the bottom first, it’ll probably look like a palm tree by Christmas Day!


Thanks so much for all your lovely responses to my last blog. Your kind words, and sweet sentiments meant a lot, and both Colin and I were thrilled that you enjoyed his video and Christmas song so much. Thanks to you it’s done really well and is now available on iTunes, so you can actually download it or get the CD from The Sid’s website which is fabulous : ) We’re keeping everything crossed it will make the Christmas chart!

It’s not just the long autumn that lulled me into a false sense of security, but also the notable lack of Christmas songs on the radio too! Lucy said that apparently this year the BBC decided not to play any until the 1st December, which is certainly preferable to a few years back, when I was rifling through a rail of summer dresses in a department store, whilst being serenaded by Slade! I have to admit to preferring the older and more traditional Christmas songs like ‘Chestnuts Roasting’ or ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’, although Mariah Carey and ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is right up there with them – probably because the film ‘Love Actually’ is one of my all time favourites.

I love the cinema although we rarely go, and I don’t really watch a great deal of TV normally, but while I was home last month, I treated myself to several episodes of Bargain Hunt, along with Homes Under the Hammer and This Morning – oh and QVC of course!

That’s just daytime TV, but this time of the year brings the shows I love – Strictly, I’m a Celebrity and the X Factor. I’ve often dreamed of twirling round the Blackpool Ballroom, bravely wading through a plate of wichety grubs and even belting out a Blues number on the big stage! Am I the only one, or do you secretly long to wear the jungle crown or display the Strictly glitter ball on your mantle piece … do share! : )

Actually Colin and I had a little of ALL of the above on a ‘date night’ that he organised last week. He’s been working mad hours over this last month, and so we’ve hardly seen each other, so we met in London prior to our night out and hotel stay. Granted the food was a great deal nicer than Wichety Grubs, and the lovely singer called Cousin Alice who serenaded us in the jazz club could have won the X Factor hands down, but Colin led me around the dance floor with such finesse even Darcy would have been dazzled!

Covent Garden

London is a fabulous city at all times of the year, but particularly magical at Christmas with the special decorations, and we were very impressed with this beautiful tree in Covent Garden (above). The following morning, after a delicious cooked breakfast, we decided to visit the British Museum – somewhere I’d not been since I was 11 years old, although I worked just around the corner in Bedford Square for two years!

What a fabulous building, and so well preserved since they built a roof over The Great Court. It’s actually a lot larger than I realised, and the artefacts that are on display there seriously took my breath away. There was an exhibition which contained several Egyptian mummies, and a collection of all the incredible things they were buried with. An amazing array of gold and silver table wear, beautiful jewellery, glass ornaments and plates, paintings, carvings, gemstones – all there for the deceased to take with them into the afterlife. Some of these things were in such good condition, they looked as if they were on loan from Cartier or Harrods (excluding the mummies of course!) : )

I’m back with you later today, and delighted to not only have some time with Lulu and her Time Bomb skincare range, but also Kim Mendelson and Kim & Co before my regular Diamonique slot at 9pm – soooo many great gift ideas in all three hours! I’ll be with you again over the weekend, but on Sunday after work I’m haring into London to meet Colin and his children so that we can all take a trip to The Shard! I’m hoping it’ll be a beautiful day so I can take loads of photos for you from the top.

After that we are heading off to the Christmas market and then the younger folk plan to ice skate – Colin and I will cheer from the sidelines, hopefully while holding a mulled wine, so applauding won’t be an option : ) Last time I went ice skating I was in my 30’s, wearing a pair of elasticated tracksuit trousers which were pulled to my ankles by a small child who’d lost his balance … not an experience I would care to repeat!!!

I think that’s pretty much all my news to date, so I’ll look forward very much to hearing yours, and finding out which is YOUR all-time favourite Christmas song – you can, of course, include ‘Santa Left Me’! : )

Have a great weekend, and stay warm! With my love, Ali xx


  1. eileen December 4, 2014 at 5:21 pm -  Reply

    were did you get the oncie then ali looks cool

  2. loraine December 4, 2014 at 7:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi alison yes it’s certainly cold now but better than the rain . Glad you had a nice time on your night away your lucky it’s not far from you it seems to far to go for us being down in ringwood near bournemouth we tend to have a 3or4 day break if we go to london .well we are ready for Xmas not bad considering we had a leak from the en suite into the kitchen through the light fitting caused by the tiler when he done the floor a screw was in the pipe so after letting it all dry out Les has repaired everything and we are back to normal thankfully Hope you have a nice time on Sunday and a healthy happy xmas to you Colin and your family love Loraine Les and family xxx

  3. Twinkle December 4, 2014 at 11:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali πŸ™‚
    Awww I love your onesie its so cute πŸ™‚ I love wearing onesies but do find them a pain when I need to use the toilet, its a bit chilly having to strip off everytime he he
    I love the pics of your roses and lillies. So beautiful. Hope u manage to find a perfect ponisetta before xmas tho hun
    So glad you and Colin had a wonderful time together you certainly deserve it you are both wonderful people who are perfect for each other and I know just how much he means to you, you are a very lucky lady πŸ˜‰ You deserve so much happiness Ali xx
    My fave xmas song? I have no idea I love them all, although most reduce me to tears, Christmas is such a sentimantal time and brings back so many memories happy and sad.
    Unfortunatly missed most of your shows today but did manage to catch you, during diamonique you had such lovely pieces tonight πŸ™‚
    Ali you would be AMAZING at strictly!!! can just imagine you wearing all those beautiful dresses and owning that dance floor πŸ™‚ which professional dancer would you like? shame Colin couldnt dance with you πŸ™‚ that would be so BEAUTIFUL to watch.
    Take care, sending lots of love xxxxx

  4. Jean Reynolds December 5, 2014 at 12:24 pm -  Reply

    Hello Ali. You look so lovely in your onesie pic. So happy to hear you are managing your life to the full. Best wishes for Colin’s song being successful. I know you get thousands of emails, but I just want to tell you that my daughter Wendy, who has been through same as you, is so similar in her attitude and battles on just like you. She was 37 and her two boys were 7 and 4 at the time, but I am sure you will agree that family is very important to you and your children are so caring to you. God bless and I pray you will go from strength to strength. What an inspiration you are.
    Loadsa love, Jean

  5. Susan December 5, 2014 at 7:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali, your flowers are stunning! How generous. And lovely roses. What are you up to for Christmas? We will be one short this year sadly. It’s a hard time at the minute. I’m glad you’re well and recovered now Ali and you can enjoy Christmas. Enjoy your Sunday trip and chat soon x

  6. TINA S December 6, 2014 at 10:57 am -  Reply

    Dear Ali,
    Hope you are keeping well (and warm). It certainly has become a lot colder. We had a lovely day out by the sea last week. It was lovely and sunny but chilly. The sun does’nt stay out long though at this time of year. Stroll on spring. I love the spring when everything starts bursting into life again. I am watching the birds in my garden. I bought a huge seed “bell” for them. Its funny to watch them.The blue-tits love it but the sparrows don’t seem as keen. And of course the robin will eat anything!
    I must say I am a Strictly fan and have been glued to the set. This year has been exceptional with so many good dancers. The winner could be any one of the remaining contestents. I think it will be a very close call and can’t decide who I think will win.
    I posted a Christmas card to you yesterday. I hope you like it. As soon as I spotted it I thought of you and Colin. It is of course Welsh themed with a twist and apt as Colin is in a band. Keep a look out for it!
    Well I must fly as hubbies waiting for me to go and get the papers .
    Your photo’s look lovely, it would be nice to get up to London especially to see all the Christmas lights. We may make it up there one of these day’s- who knows?
    Take care, and have a fab Christmas.
    Love and best wishes, Tina S (S. Wales)

  7. Joanna Downey December 6, 2014 at 8:03 pm -  Reply

    Hello Ali, We all know that you’re an attractive girl but you look positively pretty in your onesie. The temperature certainly has dropped, however, today was bright and sunny and the Shropshire countryside looked stunning as we drove to Much Wenlock. This dear little town holds her Christmas Fayre on the first Saturday in December and it’s a super day out. Your photos were, as always, top quality and I agree that London looks beautiful at this time of year. I love Covent Garden and the area around the British Museum, Bex and I once stayed in a hotel in Montague Street it had a classic Georgian frontage and an English country garden at the rear – it was a fantastic weekend! The Shard is also fantastic, we went just after it was opened so I hope you have a clear day to get the best of the amazing views. I’ve read through my words and they seem a tad adjective heavy so I’ll finish by saying that I’m pleased that you, and Alpa, like my grandmother’s words. She was so important to me and was truly young at heart, I hope that I can bring magic into Tallulah’s life as she brought it into mine. I don’t watch much television but Homes Under the Hammer is my guilty pleasure and I understand that Daniel Craig loves it… I also love “Love Actually” so Mariah is often heard in our home, as is “Last Christmas” and “The Christmas Song”. Carols reduce me to tears and Nativity plays… Merry early December to you and yours, love from Jo x

  8. Kim December 7, 2014 at 11:11 am -  Reply

    Hi Ali! Another great website, and may I say you look fab in your onesie! Great to have you back on TV with us, and looking so well. I’m greedy and have two favourite Christmas songs – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day for cheesy, and Fairytale Of New York when I’m feeling grown-up! Though after hearing Colin’s offering, of course, they’ve both been blown out the water! Take care and stay your lovely, bubbly self. Hugs, from Kim x

  9. Chris December 7, 2014 at 12:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali – cute Onesie! I’m really not having much luck, medically-speaking, this year – I just got out of the hospital yesterday after three weeks fighting Cellulitis in my left leg. Christmas will have to be at home this year, as my leg is in a delicate state and wouldn’t cope well with the heat of Spain. I just hope the airline will refund my fare, as I can’t afford to lose that amount of money. My Aunt has offered me Christmas Day at hers with her friend, but I’d really rather just do my own thing at home. I’m cheesed off because my elder brother is going to be out in Spain with Mum and Dad, and it would have been the first time I’d seen him in nearly two years. My younger brother is rebuilding their new house in Cambourne (near Huntingdon), and he and his family will be going to friends. Why don’t supermarkets do Christmas Dinner ready meals??

    Wishing you and Colin a lovely one!

    Chris xx

  10. Tricia Coulson wood December 8, 2014 at 6:25 am -  Reply

    Hello again Ali, I am laughing because the last twice when I have written on your blog I am the last entry before you start your new one.!!. I thought I would pop in again early as I wished everyone a really happy Christmas , especially everyone who’s feeling a bit poorly. Special wishes go out to you..xx.
    Well what a ridiculous day I’ve just had..because of my illness and not getting out much I now have a parking badge.(hopefully temporary). Today was the first time we used it and my husband was very careful that we parked correctly . No lines or restrictions to be seen. We went to the nearby dept store , had a cuppa and cake, got back to the car and it sported a parking ticket!!. It appears that there were signs on the entrance to (Saturday market) as its called informing that no parking allowed anywhere in the square!. It did upset me as it is a rare outing.. I just ask .WHY ?. All I can say now is that I will continue buying from qvc..much safer.. I did buy the dyson tsv hot & cold heater. it’s very effective. We have real fires with logs which are hard to keep up to during the day so I now have the dyson in the day room, We also have oil fired heating which is so expensive to have on day and night. So in the long term i feel the dyson will save money. Myself and the cats are nice and warm during the day , I do recommend…..I said on your last blog that I thought you looked fabulous and that I believe you have a great asset in Colin he looks great fun.. I loved the Xmas song and thought the singer was Trevor Eve?.A favourite of mine?
    I have started my steroid reducing regime which will take several weeks. I will stay on a low maintenance dose.. My daughter and many of you I know had massive doses of steroids during your chemotherapy and I remember she had very little sleep. I am absolutely shattered also but cannot sleep. My youngest daughter who has had her recent radical hysterectomy,ovaries removed surgery has had the all was advised following genetic counselling…She is going to start looking for wedding dresses in the new year.. It should be a great celebration just as your wedding will be . It’s like a light at the end of a tunnel..a real happy time.. For all your family’s a feeling of relief and joy..
    Lots of love to one and all. Thinking of Jilly, Annie and her family, thinking of everyone, love, Tricia. X

  11. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi there Eileen, I bought it from Sainsbury’s of all places!! Incredibly warm and comfy πŸ™‚ x

  12. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:21 pm -  Reply

    Hi there Loraine, and sorry to hear about your leaky ceiling! Good job it didn’t cause all sorts of other problems with the electrics! Lucky you having such a handy husband as your Les to get it all sorted πŸ™‚ We had a fab time on Sunday and would definitely recommend it to you when you next plan a three or four day break to London. Happy Christmas to you and yours too, love Ali xx

  13. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:37 pm -  Reply

    Dear Twinkle, Lovely to hear from you and I agree, that is the only down side to wearing a onesie! I’ve found my perfect poinsettia, and have already started feeding it with Richard Jackson’s flower power, so am hoping it will thrive! Thanks for thinking about your favourite Christmas song, and yes like you, many of them make me a tad tearful.. possibly one of the worst for that reaction is Karen Carpenter and ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’… beautiful nonetheless.. Bless you for saying you reckon I’d be good at Strictly – I think I’d like Kevin as my dance partner, because he creates the most fabulous dances, and I love his accent πŸ™‚ You take care and do keep in touch, love Ali xxx

  14. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:39 pm -  Reply

    My goodness Jean, your daughter Wendy sounds quite remarkable, and I am so very happy to know that she is moving forwards with a positive attitude, which must be such a relief to you and her boys. Very difficult for you as her mum I am sure, but wonderful that she has your support and love. God bless you too, and I wish you all a truly Happy Christmas, love Ali xx

  15. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:42 pm -  Reply

    Dear Susan, I do feel for you and all those who have lost someone they love this past year, and will be facing Christmas without them.. It’s never easy, and the first year is always the hardest, but I’m sending you a big hug, and hope that you will be with the rest of the family so that you can be strong together. We are having Christmas with several of Colin’s cousins and their partners this year, and then my sister and Linda will join us Christmas Day evening. We’re going to Lucy on Boxing Day, and I hope to see both the boys on Christmas Eve.. it’s going to be busy! Take care, and thanks for writing, love Ali xx

  16. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi there Tina, and lovely to know that you too are a devoted Strictly fan πŸ™‚ Like you, I’m not at all sure who will win although I think it may well be Caroline Flack as the judges seem to like her a great deal, and she’s never had any formal dance training either. I will check my pigeon hole when I’m at work tomorrow, but thanks in advance for the card. I hope to be sending mine out at the end of this week! I know that you would love London and maybe you’ll make it here before the end of the year. The lights are particularly pretty this year too. I am sure the seaside looks quite dramatic at this time of you, although the sea breezes must be freezing! You take care, and thanks as always for writing, love Ali xx

  17. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    Hello there Jo, and many thanks for the compliment – Colin says I look sweet in it too! I think it’s time for our Cozee Home sheets to go on the bed – really much colder at night now, and we don’t like to keep the heating on overnight either. I can now be in complete agreement with you and say that I thought The Shard was amazing, and yes, we were very lucky with the weather. Pics to follow in final blog of the year. Can’t remember if I told you that I have had a jewellery box engraved with your grandmother’s words for my sister Jenny… very apt I felt. After visiting The Shard we went to Winter Wonderland and heard many of the favourite Christmas songs including Mariah Carey πŸ™‚ Do hope all is well with you, Tallulah, Bex and the rest of your family, and am wishing you a very merry Christmas too. Thanks for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  18. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:53 pm -  Reply

    Kim you’re a star! I will pass your comment onto Colin when he gets in from work, and after a horrid commute I know it will cheer him πŸ™‚ I thought of another one I like ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ – always makes me smile. I hope you’re pretty well organised for Christmas Day, and can join me at midnight tonight for Dennis Basso’s final TSV of the year! Love Ali xx

  19. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 5:56 pm -  Reply

    Dear Chris, I am so sorry to hear your news, and completely understand how disappointed you must feel…. would you not be able to get there if you stayed out of the heat of the sun? It seems such a pity that you will miss your elder brother, but maybe you could join your younger brother who would I’m sure hate to think of you being on your own.. I think they may well do a Turkey ready meal, but you could buy two portion packs of everything and then have it cold on Boxing Day if the worst comes to the worst! Sending you a hug, and do hope someone will include you, love Ali xx

  20. alison Keenan December 8, 2014 at 6:04 pm -  Reply

    Dear Tricia, well done for getting in early, and it was lovely to hear all your news, although I was sorry to hear about your health problems. It will be good to get off the steroids though I know – I remember taking them and the rotten side effects over time, so I wish you the very best in reducing the number you have to take. I was glad tho to read about your youngest daughter’s search for wedding dress, and you’re right it must be marvellous for you all as a family to have that to look forward to. I’ve recently had my fitting dates sent through to me which is also exciting! Such a pain to read about the parking ticket, especially as you don’t get out that often anyway! So glad to hear you’re keeping warm with the Dyson – I’ve heard great things about them, and Kathy and I could really do with one of them in our dressing room as it’s freezing! Commiserate with you re the cost of oil – we shut off radiators in rooms we don’t use, and my onesie is definitely an asset! So glad you liked Colin’s song, but no the lead singer is not Trevor Eve – he’s Bob a good friend of Colin’s and has a great voice I agree. Do take care of yourself Tricia, and thanks as always for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  21. Linda December 8, 2014 at 9:03 pm -  Reply

    Dear Ali,
    Once again a great blogg Glad to hear that You are well and that you getting ready for Christmas.Everyone is so busy this time of year. Like headless chickens, and this its over in a moment, or so it seem I am afraid it is not going to be a good Christmas for me and my family as my sister passed away on the 3rd although it was a blessing as we have had 3 dreadful Christmas’s with her so ill and it such pain it was awful to see.
    Although my Sister is at peace now I miss her so much and cannot think of life with out her, she was always there for us all when we needed her even when she was so ill.
    Hope all your family are keeping well. and the run up to Christmas will be great for you. Will look forward to your next blogg.

  22. Linda December 8, 2014 at 9:04 pm -  Reply

    Dear Ali,
    Once again a great blogg Glad to hear that You are well and that you getting ready for Christmas.Everyone is so busy this time of year. Like headless chickens, and then its over in a moment, or so it seem I am afraid it is not going to be a good Christmas for me and my family as my sister passed away on the 3rd although it was a blessing as we have had 3 dreadful Christmas’s with her so ill and it such pain it was awful to see.
    Although my Sister is at peace now I miss her so much and cannot think of life with out her, she was always there for us all when we needed her even when she was so ill.
    Hope all your family are keeping well. and the run up to Christmas will be great for you. Will look forward to your next blogg.

  23. Mary Morphy December 9, 2014 at 6:37 am -  Reply

    A very good Tuesday morning from a dark and very cold Westgate. I do not have a onesie; I’d look like a teletubby as personally I think if you are more voluptuous they are not the most flattering plus all that unzipping to go to the loo is a pain; however, my daughter has a giraffe onesie and loves it. She recently wore is to a boot fair and when the wind blew the little ears wiggled!!! Certainly an attraction to my stall!
    My house is full of festive cheer and all the lights, garlands and both trees were up by December 1st; I have had Xmas songs playing in the car since |November 1st on the insistence of my daughter who at nearly 15 is sooo excited about Xmas; she was up at 5am last Xmas day..I was on the Baileys by 5.30am and eating Marks and Spencer shortbread ( a Xmas tradition) as it was going to be a very long day. She is threatening to do the same this year. Her 17 year old brother is reluctant to rise at that time, as is her dad so I have said she can open her pressie ( the Asus tablet TSV in blue) and play with that to keep her happy.
    There seems to be more Xmas lights etc up early this year in neighbouring houses and it makes a drive home in the dark very cheerful. Unfortunately, the Christmas songs in the car have taken a back seat at the moment as I have the new Take That cd, Three and daughter Chloe has the new Olly Murs cd ( and a ticket to go and see him in May for Xmas) and we are fighting for music rights in the car. However, in Asda last week the Salvation Army were playing carols and it always brings a tear to my eye. My favourite carol is Hark the herald Angels Sing; I can’t sing but you can really belt that one out!
    Apart from Colin’s Xmas song of course, my personal favourites are Elton John – Step into Christmas, always gets the foot tapping when I hear the first few opening bars, A bit of Shaking Steven – Merry Christmas Everyone and my most favourite is Kirsty McColl and the Pogues – Fairytale of New York. I am however a little disappointed that lovely Gary Barlow and his Take That pals haven’t brought out a Xmas tune, if they did then I am sure that would be my favourite!!
    On a gardening note, my geraniums are still flowering, how amazing is that? think though that they will be killed off by the bitter cold and wind of this week but they are looking beautiful and my white snowflake has come into flower again!
    So morning TV eh? hardly watch it except if I’m poorly but I like Homes under The Hammer even if they are years old. Can’t also beat a good dose of This Morning; Philip Schofield has aged beautifully!!
    Great British Bake Off News….I has a lovely chat with a nice man from the programme in a phone interview. He said that that is the first part of the selection process following a paper sift so I had already done well. I answered all the technical questions right and now have to wait to hear if I have to attend an audition. I was stunned to get a call so keeping fingers crossed.
    Must get on, while its quiet I may get a few pressies wrapped up quick before the rest of the household wakes up. Much love Mary xx

  24. alison Keenan December 10, 2014 at 3:47 pm -  Reply

    My dear Linda I am so sorry to hear about your sister… and although these past Christmases have been difficult for you all with her in so much pain, I realise this year without her will be so much harder… I find it impossible to understand why some of the loveliest people in the world are only here for a short while, and although there is nothing I could possibly say that will comfort you this Christmas, I hope that by being with the rest of your family, you will keep your sister close. All those memories are something no one can ever take from you. Sending you my love and a hug, Ali xx

  25. alison Keenan December 10, 2014 at 3:57 pm -  Reply

    Dear Mary that is such marvellous news about The Great British Bake off – i can’t wait to tell Colin and will keep everything crossed that this is such phase one of your being accepted onto the show!! Woo Hoo! Loved your tales of Audio Acrimony in the car – Lucy always won hands down with her choice, and I think it may well have been Take That the first time around! I have to admit to having The Tenors in my car – well I wish I had them in my car but I know they wouldn’t all fit in – but the album we brought to you last Christmas has been a firm favourite of mine, That and of course the delightful Mr Buble, who I thought was very entertaining on the X Factor but clearly Mel and Cheryl didn’t…! That’s another song I’d forgotten I loved – Baby its Cold Outside – but like you the carols always make me well up. My mum and dad took us to the London Carol Concert in the Albert Hall and my sister and I had dresses made especially for the occasion. I must have only been about seven but will never forget the drama and majesty of the whole event – music still moves me to this day. I can’t believe your daughter still gets up so early on Christmas morning! Not surprised you’re on the Baileys by 5.30am! We have all Colin’s children again on Christmas Eve and most are staying over, but I think it was at least 9 before the first hardy pair surfaced that day last year πŸ™‚ Have put the tree up and the lights are on it, but am waiting for Colin to come home so we can decorate it together – although I usually get to put the star on πŸ™‚ Thanks as always for writing and keeping us up to date.. I will be writing my final blog of the year complete with a Christmas Seasonal Sound competition and corking prize, so don’t miss that! Love to you, Ali xx

  26. Lynn Hind December 11, 2014 at 1:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Ali Firstly many thanks for your kind reply. X Yes we had a lovely cruise I went in a submarine felt like David attenburgh lol but awesome experiences I didn’t let the scleroderma stop me lol

  27. Lynn Hind December 11, 2014 at 1:27 am -  Reply

    But coming home from 30 degrees abit of a shock lol my fav song is o holy night it sums up the spirit of Xmas,I wish you and the family all the blessings and peace for a lovely Xmas Ali god bless with love ❀ Lynn xx

  28. Carol S December 11, 2014 at 11:42 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Alison. Just wanted to say you looked very glamourous on tonight’s beauty show. I just like all the Christmas songs that are played when I am out and about. Seems to make people happier. Colin’s is a favourite though.

  29. Carol S December 11, 2014 at 11:44 pm -  Reply

    Hope you have received my card, not really a Christmas card but nice sentiments. Love.carol. X

  30. alison Keenan December 12, 2014 at 10:23 am -  Reply

    Lynn I am in awe of you! I can seriously think of nothing more terrifying than going inside a submarine… it’s all my terrors in one! Small space, weight of water… need I go on!! Probably missing out though as you made it sound amazing. Good for you for carrying on with your life inspite of your health issues πŸ™‚ Yes I bet it was a bit of a shock coming back from 30 degrees to this – although it’s a tad warmer today, just wet and windy! I have to admit to not knowing that particular carol so I will search for it on Spotify πŸ™‚ Wishing you and your family a truly happy Christmas, and hopefully better health in 2015. With love, Ali xx

  31. alison Keenan December 12, 2014 at 10:26 am -  Reply

    Thank you Carol for your kind words! As Mikey said I wasn’t too sure about the eye makeup initially, but it grew on me, and I was very impressed with the brows! I will make sure I tell Colin you love his song – he was interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire and they played it, and I have to say it sounded amazing! I have a number of cards that I brought home from work last night and will be opening today, and then sending my own cards out, so if you put your address on it, I will certainly get back to you. If not, thank you in advance for your kindness. Enjoy the weekend, love Ali xx

  32. martin forbes December 12, 2014 at 6:28 pm -  Reply

    hi alison hope you colin and the family are well i sent you rxma scard i think tguesday this week you should get it soon my fave xmas ong wizard from 1973 when iwas 4 i wish it could be christams every day.
    glad you are on the mend.

  33. Alison Keenan December 12, 2014 at 11:19 pm -  Reply

    Carol I have just found your card and it is beautiful! How clever are you?! The stencil work is fab, and the sentiment perfect… Thank you so much… I am going to frame it and put it up in Kathy and my’s dressing room.. Bless you. With love, Ali xx

  34. alison Keenan December 13, 2014 at 12:32 am -  Reply

    Dear Janet (Jones) I just had to write and say thank you for my beautiful christmas card, and all your lovely sentiments… Here’s to you, Janet, Peter, Andrew Emma and Alife – may you have the happiest of Christmases, and may the year ahead bring you nothing but good times. With my love, Ali xxx

  35. Carol s December 16, 2014 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    Dear Alison, Thank you so much for the lovely response to my card.

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