Christmas on QVC, Breast Cancer Care and more…


Me, Dale and Craig on the Christmas promo shootHello everyone!

Hope everyone’s well and embracing the changing season! I quite like it, because it’s giving me an excuse to snuggle up in some of my favourite “Cozee” things… but more about that in a minute!

Work’s been really busy recently and will only get busier as Christmas approaches. My first QVC Christmas is going to be a memorable one I think! We had enormous fun filming our Christmas promos back in September, and you may have noticed the first of these already on your screens in the past week.

We filmed in a big old country house in Berkshire, complete with fake snow, Christmas trees and open fires, which was rather bizarre on what was a gorgeous sunny September day. The results were fabulous though.

Dinner party sceneAbove is a picture of myself, Dale and Craig all glammed up to film a dinner party scene, along with some of our regular celebrity guests including Andi Peters, Lulu and Andrea McLean.

And here’s a peep at the incredible spread (pictured left) our brilliant backstage kitchen people put together for the shoot, with Will Gowing and Andi Peters getting settled in – and yes, we did get to eat it. I absolutely LOVE my job!!


At the Breast cancer Care eventThis week saw two major events – first, our annual charity event in aid of Breast Cancer Care. It was the most incredible evening, and I felt so privileged to be part of it.

I think we all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and a friend of mine died from the disease almost exactly a year ago. She was only in her thirties and had a very small baby. So to get the opportunity to be part of a major fundraising event was fantastic, even more so when we managed to raise over £300,000 in just three hours. 

We all dressed up for the show, and here’s a picture of the lovely Catherine Huntley and I (pictured left), who both plumped for black dresses! It was an emotional and wonderful evening and massive thanks to all of you who donated and shopped with us that night, you are all amazing!

The second major event (alright, not really major at all, but a big deal for me!) was that I have now finally moved out of the adapted cupboard that has been my dressing room since I joined QVC, and into a real dressing room, which I’m sharing with the gorgeous Claire Sutton.

I was thrilled to have my own dressing room (pictured below left) when I started at QVC (during my long career in news, dressing rooms were a rare thing) and I got quite fond of my little cupboard. But it’s even better to be in a lovely custom-built dressing room, with a window, telephone, TV and proper lighting! (pictured below right) I’m quite thrilled, and Claire is a lovely roommate.

My old dressing room My new dressing room










Me in Cozee Home beddingNow, I mentioned snuggling up in “Cozee” things at the beginning of this blog. Next week, on 29th October, is the first anniversary of QVC’s own fantastic brand of cosy bedding and home accessories.

And it’s quite possible that I am Cozee Home’s biggest fan! I have been obsessed with it ever since I started at QVC, and have now lost count of the number of sets of fleece bedding I have bought.


The new Cozee Home robeI have just put some back on my bed with the onset of the chillier nights, and I love it so much I actually struggle to get out of bed in the mornings. Here’s a picture of me (pictured above left) cuddled up in the Faux Mink and Fleece duvet set.

It’s honestly the warmest, cosiest bedding EVER, and if I was Queen I would issue a set to everyone in the country. It’s so soft, and it’s almost magical how there are no cold spots when you get into bed – it is instantly warm, and I have not needed an electric blanket or hot water bottle since I started using it, so it saves money too!

We have some fabulous things in our first anniversary shows on the 29th – here’s a sneak peak at something which is a cross between a blanket and a dressing gown (pictured above left) and is DIVINELY comfortable. It would make a brilliant Christmas present too. Don’t miss the shows; you’re going to love them!

That’s it for now, have a lovely week!

Love Jackie x


  1. Jean October 23, 2013 at 8:56 am -  Reply

    Hi Jackie,
    Yes you do seem to have been busy at QVC recently. You seemed to be enjoying the lovely food which was the TSV, I purchased that last year, it was delicious, have gone for it again.
    The Butler and Wilson show was great as always, Simon does have some lovely things on his show, loved the bag.
    Have seen the Christmas promotion, yes it must have seemed strange doing all that on a lovely day. You realise what you have to look forward to now as time is flying by. Wow the table looks amazing, and glad you got to eat the food. I love watching Andi Peters on his show’s, especially when he is with Dale, they are a good matched pair.
    You look very glamorous in the photographs, and so does Catherine, the Breast Cancer Care is such a good cause, and such a fantastic amount was raised. Yes my sister-in-law had breast cancer, she now has what poor Amica had.
    Your Dressing Room sounds great, you need somewhere relaxing when you are at work, and there will never be a dull moment sharing with Claire, she is such a lovely bubbly person, always full of bounce.
    You mentioned Cozee Home, you certainly look as if you do not want to get out of bed, I don’t blame you. I have some of their throws, they are so soft, you keep stroking them, the cats love them. I have not tried their bedding, I have Kelly Hoppen on at the moment, I find that very warm although it is cotton, must be the high thread count, I am a fan of her bedding, it is lovely, I love the colours and designs. Looking forward to the Cozee Home show on the 29th. The blanket/dressing gown you are wearing sounds interesting.
    I am beginning not to want to get up so early in the mornings now, but I have to as the dog’s are waiting for their breakfast, mind you I have noticed some of them are still tucked up in their warm kennels outside when I go out. And as I mentioned before I am lucky I work at home, as we have an Engineering Business and that is on the premises next to our House, we start at 8 o’clock, I know that is not early compared to a lot of people, but I still have to be around to answer the phone, (mind you not always, if I am out with the dog’s I think oh blow you can wait, leave a message).
    I certainly do not envy your journey too and from work, okay if the weather is good. I expect it always depends what time you travel as to the amount of traffic as well.
    Anyway Jackie, enjoy the Cozee Home show and take care.
    Love Jean XX

  2. Angela October 24, 2013 at 11:45 am -  Reply

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Breast Cancer Fundraising evening and adored the black fur tippet that you were wearing. Can I ask is it available on QVC?
    Many thanks

  3. Jackie Kabler October 24, 2013 at 3:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jean,
    Great to hear from you! What sort of dogs do you have? I really really want a dog (and a cat!) but as my husband and I are so rarely at home, we’ve decided it wouldn’t be fair on an animal so we are going to have to wait until we retire. When I do get one though I think it will be a miniature Schnauzer, I love them!
    Speak soon!
    Love Jackie x

  4. Jean October 25, 2013 at 2:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jackie,
    You asked me what sort of dog’s I have, 9 Labradors, oldest is 14, youngest (two brothers) just coming up a year old. One Golden Retriever and a Border Collie. Also two cat’s.
    Yes you are right, you need to be at home quite a bit if you have a Dog or Cat, a Dog especially. They are such good companions, and give you so much love. Our dog’s are of course pet’s but mostly used for Working. Schnauzer, yes they are lovely dog’s.
    Love Jean X

  5. Jackie Kabler October 27, 2013 at 12:28 pm -  Reply

    Hi Angela
    Sorry no that little faux fur is my own. I got it in Accessorise a few years ago, not sure if they still do them. I also have a brown one I got in Reiss a year or so ago. If I spot one anywhere in the next few weeks I will let you know!
    Love Jackie x

  6. Angela – Finn’s mum October 28, 2013 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Jackie – appreciate it! You look amazing in the photo above. I don’t have the chance to shop the way I used to as my 2 year old son is disabled and my time is taken up with physio and appointments. That’s why QVC is amazing for me – most of Christmas sorted out now.
    Thank you for taking the time to reply. Enjoy your shows
    Warm regards
    Angela x

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