Christmas in (scorching) July!


Hi all! Phew! What a scorcher this summer is turning out to be, eh? Yesterday I sat out in the garden for the first time in ages and it was like being on holiday!

I got one of my daughter’s fabulously funky throws out, made myself a really healthy but hearty picnic for one, donned my bikini, Ultrasun and a contented smile and really enjoyed treating myself to a good dose of vitamin D.

The cats of Chez Huntley don’t seem too bothered by the weather, despite their fur coats, and they spent some time in the garden with me. They did what they do for about 90% of their lives. Sleep! If reincarnation exists I’d like to come back as a cat of Chez Huntley. They’ve got it good. The other 10% was spent exploring a garden they already know like the back of their paws. It always makes me smile how they find newness everywhere. I think we could learn a lot from them. Having said that, if we slept that much then not a lot would get done. Another portion of the remaining percentage was chasing the odd butterfly, luckily for the little winged beauties managed to avoid capture and my girls are too lazy to pursue them for long.

There’s a little nest in one of the bushes where a blackbird has secreted away her young family. Every now and then she flies out to collect food for them and when she returns to the nest I can hear the tiny little babies chirping away. She seems like a great mum. I do hope the cats don’t go after them. If they do it’ll be the first time in their ten years with me that they’ve caught any birds. The odd poor little mouse, yes, but even then only two or three ever. I just don’t think they can be bothered when there’s a choice between the chase or sleep.

Despite it being the height of summer we, at QVC, like to celebrate Christmas in July. Six months before Christmas Day. It’s also a special day to me as my daughter, Chrissie, celebrates her birthday on the 25th of July. I hope you can join us for some of the day as we have some fantastic ways to help you get ready. It sounds crazy getting ready so soon but buying a few bits now means you can spread the expense between now and then rather than being overwhelmed with it all at once. Alison Cork will be launching the day with our own Alison Keenan and a gorgeous lantern Today’s Special Value.

Dale and Andi Peters will be having fun and feasting with our festive food and drink. We will feature festive lighting, beauty gifts, our very own toy shop and so much more. One of my personal favourites, Culinary Concepts, are back, too.

I’ll be with you at 8pm for an hour show with the absolutely lovely and talented designer, Alison Cork. I’m also looking forward to presenting the 10pm Home Reflections hour and then finishing off the day with Miceal Murphy at 11pm with a browse around our Christmas Shop. Make it a date for your diary and cross off some of those Christmas chores early!

I recently caught up with Keith Maynard of Vionic (also known to many as Beefi Keefi, ha ha! That’s his social media handle). Wow, Vionic have come such a long way from their initial offerings on QVC several years ago. Their styles are now extremely vast as well as offering all of the benefits the brand was built on by the founder, Philip Vassilli. Philip was a podiatrist who had created orthotics for thousands of people. He discovered there was an average so he set about creating footwear which incorporated this technology to help people. Well, the business has gone from strength to strength and has become more and more stylish along the way.

I will be launching their latest Today’s Special Value at midnight next Thursday into Friday. It’s fantastic! It’s also a first. We’ve seen lots of trainers from the brand but never had a bungee lace trainer before. I’m so excited about this as I love a bungee lace. Easy on, easy off. Fast, comfortable and stylish. Again, all of the range features that podiatrist-designed technology. You can try it out for yourself at a special price on the day but the price is only for 24 hours, remember. If you know anyone who might like these or anything we have to offer, don’t forget to tell them about our ‘Five 4 U’ deal for new customers. They’ll get £5 off with their first order.

On final thing, Dyson fans… if you don’t own one, make it your business to get one from QVC. You have a thirty day ‘cooling off’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) period with our money back guarantee, so why not. It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve bought from the Q. Especially in this heatwave.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and don’t forget to join me on my social media of you haven’t already. It’s always great hearing from you so feel free to tell me how you’re keeping cool this summer.

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Lots of love,
Catherine xx

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  1. May Gledhill July 24, 2018 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine

    Always love watching you as you are so genuine. Loved your story about the fly I has a similar experience last week when using a sunbed I had a fly for company to. Ps I love your cats x

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