Charlie’s dickie bow style, and next week’s hot deals


Diamonique Day went off with bling, sparkle and shine as usual, and if you missed it it’s not too late to see some of the amazing deals go here. My favourite piece was this from the lovely Michelle Mone’s range – the show-stopping 20.00 carat simulated aquamarine ring! If it’s still available on advanced orders, it’ll be here.

Charlie and Ali K did the finale – very entertaining it was too, as ever. (See below for one of the funnies from the show! But little did everyone know what Mr Brook was wearing beneath that jewellery desk – his trainers! Lol!! Here’s the full pic where you can see them! Very smart he looked, complete with dickie bow, and he tops it off with a pair of trainers! Lol. Well done to all concerned, it was an amazing day.

Week off film fest

Had a lovely week in Devon last week, and have been enjoying my time in London this week too. It’s nice to have the best of both worlds. When I’m down in Devon, looking after guests, making meals, doing teas, it’s very physical. When I’m in London it’s a choice to do exercise e.g. Bodyblade (Bruce is back around Sept 20th) and going swimming in the gym opposite. (They sanitise with UV not chlorine!) But last week I bought some new goggles, used them thinking ‘gosh they’re tight’ then realised they could be altered even more by pressing a little button! Oh well! The pic made the kids laugh tho!

One thing I loved doing last week was having a film fest. Went to see both Christopher Robin AND Antman and the Wasp – both were fab, and it was nice having Caitlin along too. The latter I’ve included before, so here’s this week’s review…


Christopher Robin the movie. Well, it’s a Disney isn’t it, so you can imagine it’s cheesy with a capital CH. But… my kids loved Pooh tales, so seeing this was a no brainer for me. The most poignant part of the movie was, though, the relationship between the young daughter aged about 11 and the father, played by Ewan McGregor. I found myself a little choked up considering I ended up a single mum from when my two were 11 and 14, but when Lauren saw it recently she told me that in fact, she didn’t get the same reaction over longing to be given more attention with a busy working parent. So maybe I did a better job of making it up to them than I thought… Anyway if you take all the plot holes with a massive pinch of Disney-rainbow-coloured salt, you’ll enjoy this tale with a strong moral. 8/10 from me.

This weekend’s highlights

Today (Thurs 6th) – Cuddly clothing is back in fashion big time, and Cuddl Duds bring us a comfort-wear cowl neck tunic with hanky hem – love it! Go here to see and buy.

Friday (7th) – the Today’s Special Value is a fab Centigrade knitted edge-to-edge hooded coatigan with patch pockets – so warm and cosy! Go here to the homepage on our website to see it when it goes live from 11.45pm Thurs.

Saturday (8th) – Soooo excited to be launching the Kelly Hoppen six-piece bedding collection with extras – just feast your eyes on this designer look you can achieve if you buy it. Join me with Kelly herself at midnight Friday.

Sunday – Sooo pleased to be launching the new Gatineau lip balm with colour tint – have been loving the way it keeps your lips so moist for a long time after one use. It’s part of the new Today’s Special Value five-piece Firming Face & Body Beauty Collection featuring my fave Defilift.

Shop this week’s big deals here they go to air on our sister channels, end this Sunday at midnight: check out this stylish printed jumpsuit from Kim & Co in regular and petite lengths, treat yourself to the Decléor five-piece Magnolia Christmas Treat Collection or upgrade your kitchenwear with this seven-speed KitchenAid hand mixer.

See below for next week’s highlights


Deb’s Arm Banned

My arms were banned from view this week, as I developed some kind of a rash. I think I’ve narrowed it down to an old bronzing product I was given, so hopefully it’ll die down! Ali Young said, use Tea Tree wash and lotion and it seems to be helping. Good old Ali. She was featured big time in the Daily Mail again this week – well done her!

Abi’s baby break

Abi Horne was back on air this week, FOUR DAYS after having her lovely new 7lb baby girl Amelia in the bath at home within 45 minutes!! She felt fine, had no problems whatsoever and accompanied by hubby, baby and little one, she joined me for the fabulous Dyson Supersonic hairdryer show on Sunday night. Congrats to Abi and family! And by the way, some of the new stocks of the colour options have already sold out – the red for instance. Get the other Dyson Supersonic hairdryers with case here and see the whole demo and find out why people are paying the price for Dyson for their hair. No P&P and four interest-free Easy Pay instalments, plus a beautiful case – what’s not to love?!

View from my coffee cup

This week’s view was from the bottom of Brother Glenn’s garden in Croydon, where I stay when I’m in London. The new gazebo was a fabulously relaxing place to sit on Sunday having woken up late, spent a whole morning in bed, and early afternoon here, with fruit to eat and pretty plants to gaze on, in the September sunshine. Lovely! I’d just watched the return of the Sunday morning political programmes too. I used to be bored by politics but now I’m a bit of a geek. It’s all hotting up out there on the chequers horizon so I’m watching avidly to see what happens – even from the bottom of the garden on catch up! I’m easily pleased…

Book of the Week

It’s the new one from Ken Follett. Regulars will know I love his Pillars of the Earth etc, historical series. So I thought I’d try The Key to Rebecca, a gripping thriller set during – yes you’ve guessed it – the Second World War! It’s just out and I can’t wait to get stuck into it! I’ve got some long journeys coming up, backwards and forwards to Devon and now Wales – Lauren’s baby is due in just two weeks’ time! The stakes are high for the survival of the British campaign in North Africa, and only intelligence officer Major William Vandam and the beautiful courtesan Elene can put an end to the danger as Rommel’s troops come ever closer… ooo!

Fave Facebook Funny ­

I have to say no one told me about this – I wore my dress inside out all day long! Only realised when I was sitting in car at end of day and noticed the ‘feature stitching’ on the hem. Then it dawned on me it wasn’t feature stitching, it was inside out! Lol. And check out this vlog post I did with a tour around the lanes of Devon with the pogs, and a surprising outfit, as well as a thoroughly enjoyable meander through the past… Follow my social media, all below, to keep up with the updates, see the blogs first, and find out about the Early Bird order links first!

Blooper of the week

Here’s a funny from the Diamonique Day Grand Finale with Ali K and Charlie – I love watching their banter don’t you?!


This week on QVC:

Monday – there will be an early bird link on the homepage from tomorrow (Friday 7th) to get the Amanda Wakeley braided Redmayne shoulder bag – her last TSV sold out early so be prepared!

Tuesday – it’s here! The superb Peony flowers orchid terrariumcan’t wait to see it live! It’s been the buzz of the building for ages and such a low maintenance way of getting a new plant for the house!

Wednesday – Revitalash return with a brilliant value bundle featuring Advanced Lash Conditioner and Primer Mascara Collection – their blue primer is one of the best so I shall be purchasing this one!

Thursday – Alison Cork is back with a stunning scroll embroidered bedspread, for cosy warmth as the nights draw in.

Friday – and another lovely day of Skechers deals including the Street Shiny Diamond Dancer slip on shoe TSV.

Also as you will know from our TV guide, if you look ahead at the title of the shows, watch out at the end of the week for possible early bird links for the weekend’s deals.

Next week on the blog

A Saturday out with the nieces, and a super quiz night like I’ve never been on before in London featuring a very famous politician, plus off to Wales for my daughter’s 29th birthday (it was a surprise!) and of course, loads of sneaky peeks!

Have a lovely week!
Best wishes
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  1. Dr Matthew Swann September 6, 2018 at 5:49 pm -  Reply

    I love plumping my sultanas, Ms. Keenan and you were mocking me. Titter ye not. They are so tasty. 🙂

  2. martin forbes September 9, 2018 at 6:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi debbie hope you are well iam not bad your 2nd grandchild due soon bet you are looking forward to that

  3. Pauline Bennett September 10, 2018 at 11:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie love reading your blogs good luck with the near arrival on your new grandchild, can you give us a heads up for the denim&co tsv

  4. Debs f September 11, 2018 at 12:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi martin, yes definitely thank u

  5. Susan September 11, 2018 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Hope the rash is getting better by now? Also just wanted to say good luck to Lauren. We all know first ones can be long so hopefully it goes ok for her. And the baby of course.
    Also just saw on Twitter you’d said something about Roxanne. I don’t know, I find it very uncomfortable everyone talking so much about this. I think B.B. is terrible anyway and just gossip really. There’s something about making such judgements on these 2 people’s lives though that could impact the rest of their lives that I really find dreadful. The girl could have mental health issues and to be played out like this is terrible. I think we should all leave it well alone. God forbid any harm comes to either of them coz I think the media would have a heck of a lot of responsibility to take. Anyway like I say hope all goes ok with the baby.
    Take care x

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