Celebrating Christmas with presenters Catherine and Anna


Catherine HuntleyMerry Christmas everyone!

We asked our lovely presenters Catherine and Anna to reflect on Christmases gone by and what they enjoy most about the festive period including their family traditions they have each year.

What's your favourite thing about Christmas? Share your memories by commenting on this blog.

Christmas memories from Catherine Huntley

Christmas music always brings back some good memories. We've been playing smurfs Christmas CD in our house since the kids were very tiny and I still bring it out every year even though they're adults!

Christmas pixiecatMy Motown Christmas album also comes out each Christmas and my newest one is from last year… Michael Buble singing Christmas songs, so cheery.

I also just love all the lights and good spirit the season brings out in people. It's easily my favourite time of year.

Here are my pictures of previous Christmas'. There's one of my cat dressed as Santa and one of me at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland last year lapping up the festive atmosphere on the Merry-Go-Round.

Christmas memories from Anna Cookson

Ching, ching, ching, ching… it’s the sound of jangly bells starting the Christmas classics on the radio. It’s the icy air infused with the mellow warmth of mulled wine and the crinkle of stompy boots on snow. It’s bright eyes echoing the twinkling lights and candlelit carols in the stillness of the church. Wrap up, feel warm, feel loved.

It’s checking in with people, reconnecting, making time to invite them round for a mince pie and or two – stopping the turning whirl of the year and holding out a hand with a shouty ‘Merry Christmas one and all.’

Cookson Christmas Crab

It’s remembering too – remembering what’s important, remembering friends and family and those who are no longer with us, and remembering Christmasses gone by.

I remember the crunkling feeling of toe on stocking as my foot found evidence of Santa’s beneficence at the end of my bed: ‘he’s come!’ And, big stuffed sock in my arms, careering into my parent's room to share the joy of the miracle.

 I remember the smell of pine and satsumas and the full feeling of another slice of Christmas cake.

I remember our wiry fake Christmas tree with its tinsel branches that malted every year until practically all the green and silver strands had melted away with enthusiastic decorating and it held its branches out with hardly a glimmer.

We compensated by piling it high with baubles and cardboard cut outs of kings we’d coloured at school and sprinkled with glitter. It watched over us.

I remember the big white teddy bear that burst out of the paper at me in fluffy excitement. ‘Christmas Bear’ saw me through many a tough time after that and always gave good counsel. I remember my best friend Amy coming for tea on Christmas Eve, discussing at length the plausibility of Father Christmas, and coming down on the side of ‘yes,’ he must exist. I remember carol singing, game playing, film watching and most of all warm happy times with my family: ‘togetherness.’

I will leave you with a thought from Charles Dickens – it is his anniversary year after all: ‘I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.’

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don't forget to leave your comments about your own Christmas memories below.

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