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Outside of QVC

I have had a really lovely week, one of my best and oldest friends (Leanne) has been back in the country. She lives in Dubai with her husband Rob and baby girl and so I don’t get to see her that often. They came back for a couple of weeks to visit family but also to give a proper introduction to everyone of their little girl Phoenix. There was to be a ‘glistening’! What is that you ask? Well it’s a non-religious christening or naming ceremony and I was lucky enough to be asked to be a ‘guide mother’.

Katy Pullinger

Before that though Leanne and her husband Rob came down to the coast for a few days to spend some time with us. We had a lovely day together, they came to see Tilda in her Sports Day and we had an afternoon on the beach with all our girls. It was such a treat for me to get to have time with Phoenix and get lots of baby cuddles. My girls loved being able to help entertain her too. That weekend we headed to Great Missenden to Rob’s parents beautiful home for the big event. The garden was beautiful and there was the most incredible food table.

There were ribbons and dream-catchers hanging from trees and gazebos with pretty tables and chairs decorated with flowers. The ceremony itself was a beautiful blend of poems and a service which explained the reasons behind her name and also the reasons why each of us had been chose to be a guide parent. I’m not too proud to admit there may have been a tear or two on my part. What a lovely and special weekend!

Katy Pullinger

I wore a gorgeous red dress from Ghost for the day, it’s also available in black and in bright blue.  (More from Ghost later too!)

What I’m using in beauty

This is probably one of the most disgusting but equally brilliant and satisfying beauty products I have ever tried. It’s from Patchology and it’s called a PoshPeel. You may have heard of this type of product before but if you haven’t, this is literally going to strip the skin on the soles of your feet of all the dead skin and callouses. It is not a quick fix, If you want smooth feet in an hour it’s not going to happen. What this is, is a process that will last up to around seven days (for some people it will be shorter some may be a few days more). So how does it work? Well you need to put an hour aside for this initially, so find an evening to sit and watch your favourite program or QVC show and take one of the boxes and take out the little booties. You fill them with the fluid from each sachet, which contains glycolic, salicylic and citric acids, and then slip your feet into them and leave them for 60 minutes or up to 90 minutes for greater exfoliation. That’s it, for now. It took around five days for me to start seeing something happening, suddenly my skin was starting to come away on the soles of my feet, for me it was around the heels and middle of the foot. A little more peeled every day and by day seven it had moved up the foot to my toes. It is incredibly satisfying I have to admit particularly when you see the lovely fresh skin underneath. My skin is actually still peeling on day eight.

This is the one of the best beauty products I have tried in terms of seeing the results before your eyes. The thing you will want to make sure of is that you get timing right, if you are going on holiday in a few days then now is not the time to do it. You need to give yourself a minimum of a week. Don’t worry too much about the tops of your feet, they won’t peel as much, it will be around the toes if anything so you can still get away with wearing a lot of summer shoes on some of the days. At peak peel you may want to keep proper shoes on though! I found a warm bath or shower really helps get some of the skin off too. You get two packs with this set so it could be one for now and one for the winter, or perhaps you will give one to a friend or partner. Another day or two for me and my feet will be super smooth and summer pretty!

What I’m wearing

Ghost fashion


As mentioned above I wore Ghost to the naming ceremony, I am so happy that we have this fantastic brand at QVC. I have a long relationship with their dresses, starting when I was 17. I wore Ghost to my school prom, it was a long silky slinky pale blue dress and I felt so grown up in it! 20 years later and I still love their dresses. This week I ordered the Kerrie Long Sleeve High Neck Rose Print dress and I just love it.

Katy Pullinger

It’s got a vintage style that is so up my street and the colour is so pretty. I would wear this to go for nice lunches or dinners and even for occasions, this would be the perfect wedding guest dress in my opinion. I was wearing it for the Kipling show with the ever lovely Marie-Francoise. It knew it might be a little warm in the garden but I couldn’t wait to wear it!

What I’m cooking – honey aubergines with walnuts and feta – suitable for vegetarians

Aubergine dish

I’ve got a new piece of kitchen equipment and it’s fast become my new favourite thing to cook on! It’s a Circulon double griddle and I’ve used it most days already. I used it to make this aubergine dish but you could also make it in a regular frying pan. The griddle fits across two burners, be it gas or electric and means that you can cook practically your whole meal on one pan or you can do lots of one type of food if you are entertaining. You could easily get six steaks on it for example in one go. It also has a little pouring spout in one corner for pouring juices.

What you will need:
1 aubergine
Clear honey
Pack of walnuts
Pack of feta

Slice the aubergine into disk shapes and lay them flat on a chopping board. Sprinkle with some salt and leave it to the side. The salt will draw out the bitter juice in the aubergines and will collect in droplets on the top. Pat this dry with some paper kitchen towel.

Heat the pan with some olive oil and start to fry the aubergine. I was able to do this all at one end of the griddle and left one end dry. I crushed the walnuts a little with a rolling pin and then added them to the dry end of the griddle to toast them a little. Keep turning the aubergines until they are starting to brown. Then take the clear honey and drizzle a little over all of the slices of aubergines. Turn the heat down a little at this point as honey can burn quickly. Keep turning the aubergines and let the honey caramelise on the aubergines. Remove from the heat and onto a plate. You can put the whole lot on a serving dish if putting out for a BBQ or dinner party or plate individual portions. Sprinkle with walnuts and then crumble feta cheese all over. (Leave this out for a vegan option).

So how are you doing in this heat? I hope you’ve all got a decent fan for the house, it’s hard to sleep at night isn’t it?! Let me know your tips for staying cool in the comments and as always keep up with me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.
Love Katy x

PS. I also wanted to say thank you to the person who sent me a lovely card that had tips for things to see in Gran Canaria. It’s found it’s way to me but it doesn’t have a name on it so I can’t say thank you properly but it was very kind of you!

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