Carolyn reveals Monday’s Whetman Pinks offer


Hello, Carolyn Bourne here!

I am so excited to tell you about the Bank Holiday Today’s Special Value that QVC will be airing (and offering online) this Monday 4th May. We’ve been really busy here on the nursery with Laetitia, our fabulous breeder. She’s been shaking not stirring the pollen and creating a brand new, gorgeous, unique and worldwide-first range of stunning Pinks called ‘Whetman Cocktails’, which we are proud to introduce to you.

whetman pinks3

Their evocative names are: Mojito (white/green eye), Tequila Sunrise (salmon/red central ring), Cosmopolitan (red/cherry eye), Shirley Temple (pink/maroon eye) and Cherry Daiquiri (pink/maroon eye). Doesn’t that just make you want to reach for the bottle, get some glasses, a cocktail shaker and your recipe book!

The blooms are astonishing; single, stunning, fragrant and ginormous at 5cm across (that’s 2″ in old money). They’re sweetly fragrant with a long flowering period, and they’re also a perennial, which means they will flower year after year.

BUT, more importantly, they are only going to be available to us QVC devotees. They will be sold for the first time ANYWHERE in the world and no one, but no one else has these brand new varieties. So be the first to plant them and show them off to your friends and neighbours. Be there or be square!

Now, these ‘Cocktails’ are fully hardy herbaceous perennials, similar to garden Pinks, flowering around 45cm (18″) high. They are as easy to grow as the Garden Pinks provided you give them plenty of elbow room and sunshine. If you have a clay soil may I recommend that you plant them in large containers or pots. Just to remind you that Pinks hate wet feet and so your compost or garden soil needs to be well draining.

whetman pinks2

And a little more from me…..

How about growing your own cut flowers? Pinks are an excellent choice because they last so well in water and smell fabulous. This applies not just to the Garden Pinks (40cm stem length) but also down to the Dwarf Pinks (15cm stem length). The traditional Garden Pinks are the stars of the cut flower brigade and no garden should be without them! Amongst my favourites for cutting are Monica Wyatt (lilac/maroon eye), Devon Cream (soft yellow/pink stripes), Devon Wizard (purple), Devon General (crimson), Widecombe Fair (oatmeal)… help, I can’t stop!

As May is the month when everything, including the weeds grow, I often bring to mind that old adage ‘cut thistles in May, they’ll grow back in a day’. Well, this month your Pinks will be sending up masses of flower shoots too, so now is the time to give fortnightly feeds using a high potash compound fertiliser such as a tomato feed – it will really benefit you plants. And keep an eye out for those pests too!

One more thing! With your Cocktail Pinks you can pick a flower, take the petals off and drop them in your cocktails for decoration – just like the professionals! Now that’s what I call a good idea!

whetman pinks



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  1. Malcolm Boyland May 19, 2015 at 9:11 am -  Reply

    I would absolutely love to purchase and plant your Cocktail Pinks: Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan and Shirley Temple. I saw Carolyn Bourne on the BBC coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show. I hope you still have them in stock. Kind regards Malcolm

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