Capers with Catherine and stand by for Sealy!


Ohhhh did we have some fun this week? Plus an extra-early early bird peek at one of NEXT week’s deals, sure to give you more ‘zeds’…

Capers with Catherine in Reigate

Every so often, in telly land, we presenters have to go off and get our earpieces re-done. Apparently, the learned lady said at the Hearing Counsellors in Reigate, as you grow (she said age, but we don’t like that word! Lol) your jaw changes shape and so do your ears. Watch this video to see how we got new ones done, and for some interesting ear facts – plus a little factoid about Catherine’s previous jobs…

And the end product was a pink mould for each ear, the top one is Catherine’s, the bottom one mine – the same but different – and custom made to fit our ears ready for the actual earpiece to be made in their likeness.

We found it all very interesting and are looking forward to their arrival. When you do as many hours as we do you are supposed to alternate your ears, we are getting one for the left and one for the right.

Then it was off to for food a lovely two hour afternoon lunch and catch up. Catherine misbehaved, wanting to stand behind their window logos (shaped like upside down C’s with a dot at the top of each!) – you can imagine the rest! And we had a lovely chin wag – we often don’t get time for more than a ten minute brief chat at work so this was fab, and we truly put the world to rights over miso soup and big plates of veg! Hopefully it won’t be years before we do it again!

This weekend’s other deals on QVC –

Today’s Special Value offer is be perfect for getting you holiday ready – as it’s a new three-piece Face and Body Collection from UTAN, click here to shop now.

Saturday’s is special – the premium blender from Vitamix and it’s on an Early Bird order link – just click here to see it, and also to buy it earlier than most others!

And Sunday’s is this wonderful MarlaWynne border print dress – and guess who is launching it Saturday at midnight?! Yayyyy!

For next week’s sneaky peeks, see below.

Extra Early Bird Warning for Superb Sleep with Sealy

Have you ever been surprised by suddenly getting a wonderful night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, with fewer aches and groans? No? Well what if you could be offered the chance to try a bed for no postage with a 30 night try out period, at not much more than half what it normally is, from one of the biggest brands in the business? Well stand by because on Saturday 2nd June, we’ll have a chance to buy the amazing Sealy Posturepedic Gel Supreme 2000 Springs Pillowtop Mattress (with or without divan). It comes with an amazing saving of up to £1,000 compared to buying the super king mattress and divan direct from Sealy!

I’ve got three of these mattresses – one for when I’m in London, one for my bed in Devon, and a single one for one of my guest rooms in Sheepwash too – it’s in the smallest room, so I offer them the ‘best bed in the house’ to make up for it! Can’t wait to launch it on the Friday night at midnight – so be ready to join me!


Gracie misses the chair again

My ‘flabrador’ Gracie loves the sunshine – this is her in our courtyard this week doing her favourite pose – ‘flat-on-her-back-brador’ – where she spent many an hour in the beautiful weather. And if you’d like a listen and a proper look round, just check out the video below and listen to that beautiful birdsong and see that blue sky – OMG it’s so stunning atm. It was very hard to leave it early for once but I had to go back to have my earpiece done. At least it was a nice trip home – my shoulder actually got a bit red in the car, as a matter of fact!

Grandbaby update

As I discuss on my website newsletter this week, (apologies if you’ve seen it!) Little granddaughter Blake Katherine turned up with her daddy, my son Brad, at a family BBQ and what a lovely surprise that was! She is getting so smiley and knowing – it’s a real joy to see her when I do. I’m changing my working pattern so that once a month I spend a whole week in Devon followed by a whole week in London on QVC, when I hope to be nearer to Fulham more often and will be able to babysit more.

Rhododendron duo

Finally this week my new summer house arrived down in Devon – it wasn’t finished in time to get a pic for this blog, but look at these whoppers! Two fab rhododendron bushes from my mum ready to go either side of it. It’s going down in the corner of the garden where the sun sets – it’s a proper little sun trap! The guests will love it too, I’m sure. Am going to put some decking around it, and solar lights etc. Can’t wait to have it finished, and roll on more long summer days. I met a new handyman/gardener this week too who I hope is going to help me get lots more done in the garden over the next few months – it’s like the forth bridge!

Like my hat?

Lol. Not only are all the flowers coming out in my beautiful courtyard (go here to see the superb video which I posted online this week – just check out the birdsong and the colour of that sky!) but also the jasmine are in full force near Hatherleigh market, my Tuesday haunt with Devon and writing pal Alix – imagine how lovely the fragrance was from this little lot! See below for my social media and do follow me if you can for updates.

No make-up selfie

The most amazing evening sun means superb light for a selfie or two – which I shot down by the meadow in Sheepwash this week. I’ve not been able to put much on my eye until now, due to the nasty blepharitis I had (and marginal keratosis I’m told – eurgh!) But in this kind of flattering lighting you don’t’ need so much! However if you’re in the market for a new set, do watch out for the new

Book of the Week

On Editing – by Helen Corner – as soon as this ‘how to’ arrived this week, one of our guests, Clare, snaffled it as it’s so fascinating. I know I have a lot of tips and info on my book blogs on my website, but this clever tome has it all in one place. If you’ve never written a whole novel before and don’t know where to begin, it’s fab!

Facebook Vlog of the week

Go here to see a funny behind the scenes video clip filmed by my lovely mate Craigy in our presenter lounge – I posted it on my official QVC Facebook page, and you can watch it even if you’re not on Facebook! If you’d like to get this wonderful face-rejuvenating product, from LAB Life + Beauty , it sold out but hope it’s back soon!

Watch 1:

A Very English Scandal

OMG it’s sooooo good! Hugh Grant is on fine form portraying real life politician Jeremy Thorpe who was involved in an incendiary court case in the late seventies, based on his alleged attempt to kill his ex lover and stalker Norman Scott – played outstandingly by Ben Whishaw. OMG he is breathtaking. It’s in three parts – see it on BBC iPlayer on catch up now! 9/10 from me!

Watch 2:

Bad Lip Reading do the Royal Wedding  – one of the funniest bad lip reading’s I’ve seen – they dub fake words over video footage, search it on YouTube it’s hilarious!

Next Week’s Highlights:

Monday Yankee Candle are back with a set of three Summer Scents Large Jar candles – time to stock up methinks!

Tuesday Judith Williams returns with a five-piece Rose Collection from her Lifelong Beauty range for mature skin – always incredible value for premium results.

Wednesday – the Shark Lift Away DuoClean Tue Pet vacuum cleaner is here.

Thursday – a lovely summery hi-lo hemline sleeveless maxi dress from Nina Leonard

Friday – and on Friday Decleor’s four-piece Sleep & Perfect Collection is here –

(Just in time to herald in the Sealy Posturepedic Gel supreme 2000 Springs Pillowtop Mattress for a stunning price on my midnight launch on Friday (1st). As above – it usually sells out really early so be ready!

Next week

I’m on KMTV a university station today (25th) at lunchtime and catching up with friend Claire and her medical detection dog pal, plus bank holiday in Devon with eight month old great nephew Arthur! And the new summer house is revealed…

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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  1. Sandra Gregory May 25, 2018 at 8:28 pm -  Reply

    Great blog Debbie, interesting video o. Your and Cathrine’S Ser pieces being made.

    Yo our grand daughter is a little beauty xxx

  2. Penny Roberts May 25, 2018 at 10:37 pm -  Reply

    hi, Debs. your garden is so colourful and I love your labs pose. Your granddaughter is soooo cute and smiley. If I see you in Hatherleigh market sometime I will say hi. keep up the good work Deb Penny x

  3. Lorraine Bushell May 27, 2018 at 9:08 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Love reading your blogs every week but rarely leave comments. I love Marla’s TSV but sadly can’t buy it because it is short. My problem is I have really bad varicose veins so only wear trousers or a maxi. As I’m not on social media could you ask Marla if she could do this dress as a maxi. I do feel I miss out on dresses as so many are short, have cold shoulder, or wonky hems, (pet hates.)
    Thanks Lorraine

  4. Antoinette Browne May 29, 2018 at 1:13 pm -  Reply

    Hello Debbie hope you had a lovely weekend. I purchase my first Marla wynn dress. Me and hubby just sat reading your blog. You are such a happy and fun lady. God bless you.Antoinette c

  5. Tanya mansfield May 31, 2018 at 6:55 am -  Reply

    Dear Deb, any news on the Lola Rose “letters” diamond necklace promised in your previous blog and Lola show? I specifically stayed in on Saturday for the special viewing of said necklace only to be let down by a no-show as Nikki was “ill” ! Anna could easily have presented the piece. It now conveniently falls out of the no p&p offer, if ever brought to air as I have a sneaking feeling Nikki is loathed to do so. I have loads of Lola pieces but Saturday was unfair to QVC customers who put a lot of custom Lola’s way. I have only written this because lots of my friends commented about Saturday and how the whole thing was brushed aside while we have invested a Saturday Bank Holiday in anticipation. I dont believe this was QVC’s fault but a heads up in advance would have been appreciated by your customers!

  6. Tanya May 31, 2018 at 3:13 pm -  Reply

    Lovely Deb I apologize in advance for the following rollicking but here goes. Following your previous blog and Lola Rose show I specifically stayed in on Bank Holiday Saturday to see the Lola Rose diamond letters necklace only to be let down by the no-show because Nikki was “ill”. Anna is more than capable of presenting the item. The whole thing was brushed aside with a passing comment which was so rude to the viewers who were watching especially. I have a nagging feeling it won’t be coming to QVC & now it’s conveniently out of the no p&p offer. A heads-up before-hand would have been polite. Lots of my friends are also miffed about this & that’s why I’ve let you know. Sorry as it wasn’t your fault but your show\blog made me stay in! Best regards Tanya ?

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