Busy Busy Days Off and Liz Earle TSV Peek!


First before I regale you with my antics during my week off, here’s the low down on the latest from Liz!

Liz Earle’s six-piece Botanical Beauty Gift Collection is on its way. Yahooo! I’ve already got several orders for Christmas presents for this fabulous annual offering, and I’m sure it’s going to be one of the biggest of the year. It’s on air Sunday week but within the next seven days you will be able to buy it! The early bird order link will be activated by around Thursday or Friday, so here’s what to expect. A full size Limited Edition Rose & Cedrat Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, a supersize Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, your choice of Skin Repair Moisturiser, Rosemary & Rock Rose Body Wash and Body Cream plus two muslin cloths, all presented in this pretty floral-print bag.

I have used Liz Earle products since they first launched on QVC which makes it a couple of decades now. Cleanse & Polish has to be one of my all-time favourites and is always in my cabinet at home, so this limited edition one will make a fabulous change. Plus cannot wait to try the body products duo, in the new fragrance. It could even be separated out as a little present too, which will help to justify buying the whole set! But with a little bag, it makes it a brilliant option to buy more than one as you could divide the set up into Christmas gifts very easily. Make sure you don’t miss it as they often sell out early. And look out for the early bird order link going live on my Facebook page next Thursday or Friday (19th/20th). Join us on the night of Saturday 21st October at midnight to see it.

Busy, Busy Days Off.

This week it felt like I was breaking the record for meeting people for catch-ups, coffees and nights out. Having no guests down in Devon meant I got a few days to myself – so I did what I always do and filled them up! Here’s just a selection of the get togethers from the last seven days – and it’s by no means all!

The Dog That Finds Cats

Met up with Colin Butcher the owner of Molly, the detective dog who finds cats, last Friday lunchtime. She hits the news regularly and has been on the telly too. He has been offered a book deal and wanted my advice so we went to lunch. Molly is an amazing little canine who has been trained to find lost cats. I think it would make a great kids book don’t you? Colin is rushed off his feet with requests for help to find pets at the moment so it was nice to catch up with him. He wasn’t always a pet detective. He used to be a private investigator like Cormoran Strike from J. K. Rowling’s Robert Galbraith novels. He once asked for my help to help one of his cases – go to the Debbie flint website newsletter blog to find out more about why – it could have been very hairy that’s for sure!

Girls Friday Night Out

For once, I went out after work – yay! It was with Emma from Imedeen, one of my lovely friends. We put the world to rights, and had a lovely meal in a place called the Fire Station, which is an old… well I’m sure you can guess… it’s quite a long time since I finished early enough to go out after work so it made a nice change 🙂

Lolly Lunch

Saturday morning I fitted in a lovely couple of hours with my beautiful daughter Lauren, and we went to one of our favourite places to eat in Guildford. It was really lovely to have a girly shopping trip with my girl. I also bought half a hundredweight of spare knickers and other underwear, a shopping trip I had not done for quite a long while so it was about time. 🙂

I think knickers for me are a little bit like forks and missing socks, they seem to disappear and I get through them at a rate of knots. But then I do stay in a lot of different places. And use a lot of different cases. Must have a clear-out sometime and I’ll probably find them all. 🙂 What is the thing that disappears all the time in your house?

Alison my Green Witch

Remember the advert for the cinema where someone went along with her very own green witch who was basically her cinema partner? Well Alison my sister-in-law and really good friend is mine! This week we went to watch Idris Elba… See below. And had another lovely catch up over a cuppa 🙂 we worked out that the last time we used our monthly cinema passes was months ago! So we are vowing to get back to seeing more films more regularly. There are certainly a lot to see at the moment. 🙂

Sister Time

Looks like my sis has got a spaceman helmet on doesn’t it?! Ha-ha. This was another catch-up, on Sunday lunchtime. Nice to see her again and she is now back to full health after having sepsis. If you missed all my blogs about this awful condition, please read about it on the ‘Back to You’ tab on my website so that you might become more aware (or you could just google it.) She is still helping her recovery by eating really healthily, and it shows – well done Linda!

Them Thar Hills

Another day another catch up, this time coffee on Monday with Alix in Belstone in the lovely little quaint tearooms behind the church there. It was a lovely day, and there is a super view of the Dartmoor hills in the distance. I was getting some tips about running a coffee shop and tea rooms from Marion who runs it there, for next year for my own plans. If I had my way I would spend every day being a lady who lunches! Too bad I have to do some work as well. 🙂

Debbie does dinner with Jennie

Cinema night on Tuesday, (after a big day of meetings, including potentially running a photography workshop down in Devon next year, and volunteering in the village shop,) was preceded by Debbie doing dinner – a lovely stir-fry for me and Jennie my yoga pal. I think I should definitely start doing this more often to get used to doing proper dinners again, as when I’m on my own it’s very tempting to not bother! In fact that topic inspired one of my vlogs this week, see below. The film we went to see at the cinema afterwards was Kingsman 2, which was excellent. 🙂

Sheena’s Feast (on)

And finally another lunchtime get together this week with my pal Sheena, from the WI down here in Devon, and the lovely pal who helps me to do admin and arrange things like the Medical Detection Dogs concert. We had a lovely time in Holsworthy catching up, and I had one of my favourite lunches in the follow-through coffee shop, sorry the Filter-Through coffee shop ha-ha! I keep making that mistake – whoops. Anyway we have arranged to have a trip to London at some point in November for a big MDD event, she will drive as I will have my carpal tunnel operation about then. Thelma and Louise here we come!

There’s a sample of this week’s Vlogs over on my official Facebook page–regarding a real single person’s dilemma – one you may be able to offer advice about – go here to watch it. (Do ‘like’ the page to see future posts like this, but you can still watch it on Facebook if you don’t log on.) Let me know in a comment below if you have any thoughts on it, and over on my website, several of the solutions which Facebookers gave me – do you agree?

Book of the Week

Just finishing the final (7th) Clifton Chronicles – have really enjoyed them. Jeffrey Archer is such a superb storyteller and it was sad to come to the end of the series. So now I’m on to the brand new one from Dan Brown. Just out, Origin is another twisting and turning tale that intertwines historical fact and his own brand of ‘faction’. So far so good – review next week over on my website under the RiWiSi tab.

Last posy of the season!

Flowers from the garden, aren’t they beautiful. I do miss all the massive amounts of flowers in my Dorking garden in my last house, but I must admit that I much prefer this house. Would you believe I moved out nearly a year ago? 🙂
Talking of anniversaries, to go read Craig’s 10th Anniversary blog about what happened to him 10 years ago and see the cutest adorable video of when he won the biggest competition of his life…

Xmas Gift Bonanza

Well it’s here! As of last weekend we were officially into Christmas products and decorations and gifts. As you may know our 30 day money back guarantee is now extended until 25 January, great if you’re buying gifts for Christmas Day. This picture was from an hour of gorgeous classy home reflections decorations, with Lucy Piper. If you missed it here is a link to a list of our current Christmas decorations from Home Reflections, look out for the bargains!



Blopper – should be blooper! Funny. Sorry if I spelt it that way! Yes do pls add this sentence:

‘ OMG I think this is one of the funniest I have ever seen – and a contender for my blooper of the year when I do my review of the year just after Christmas. Had tears in my eyes watching this.’

Watch 1: Kingsman 2

OMG I loved this. Wasn’t sure in the first fifteen minutes, as it got a bit comic strip, but due to the outstanding acting from Taron Egerton and some unpredictable plot twists and superb comic moments, it just got better and better. It’s a bit shocking/surprising given some of the unusual moments director Matthew Vaughn chose to include, it’s certainly gory, but it’s gory in a cartoonish way. Great finale, and looking forward to Kingsman 3! Here’s the trailer – see what you think. 8 out of ten from me. Unlike the other film I saw this week…

Watch 2: The Mountain Between Us

With Kate Winslet and Idris Elba in the leads, this was a no-brainer for me. BUT something was missing. On screen chemistry? The middle part of the film was slow and without that sorely needed chemistry – yet suddenly when they reach a hut, they start sleeping with each other. Hmm. But the last section made up for it and rescued it. Just. Here’s the trailer.

Finally – just to say, being a politics geek, I’m very glad Andrew Neil is back on Daily Politics – got fed up of stand-ins (not Jo Coburn) mispronouncing autocue emphasis and appearing like a novice, so am relieved the ‘pro’ is back in the hot seat. I’ve followed political programmes more avidly for a while now, so I enjoy a dose of Andrew Neil on Twitter. Politics geek eh? And I wonder why I’m single… he-he.

This weekend on QVC

Here’s the link to today’s (13th October) deal – a super infrared stove heater.

Plus an extra special treat for you – here’s the Early Bird order link to the Benefit 5pc collection, and here’s Lisa Potter Dixon’s own video telling us more about it – exciting! Hope it’s on my Beauty Gift Ideas show at 2pm Saturday.

Tune in at midday on Sunday for Molton Brown. I received delivery of the eight (!!) Christmas gifts from Molton Brown I chose this week too – and the Giftmate bags to put them in click here to get yours now.–Very excited to wrap them up early! Well I’ve got another Molton Brown show on Sunday at midday too – join us. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of super deals to choose from link to this search

Sunday’s TSV is the wonderful Emu Waterproof Gravelly Suede and Sheepskin boot – around £120 or so, don’t miss them – it’s getting cold out there!

Next week on QVC

We will feature Ronnie Nicole on Monday, Green Seasons annual 5.3kg festive meat hamper on Tuesday, the Scents of the Season 10 small jars set from Yankee Candles on Wednesday and just in time for cooler climes, the Dyson AM09 fan/heater with timer on Thursday. Magnitone have a great Christmas gift idea for anyone who wants better-looking/feeling skin on Friday too. Then by about Thursday the big Liz Earle 6pc Botanical Beauty set will be available on an early bird order link so watch out for it on my social media and on my website if you don’t do Twitter or Facebook!

Next week on my blog – what happened at the op? Not actually AT the op, you understand, but I’ll reveal what it involves to ‘expiate a ganglion’… bet you can’t wait! Ha-ha! Plus more family fun, and one of the best Amazon Fire/Alexa deals all season.

Have a great week!



Ps – to keep in touch, follow me on Twitter and Facebook


  1. Josephine Jennings October 13, 2017 at 12:55 pm -  Reply

    Debs what a week full of fun.

  2. Vanessa Roberts October 14, 2017 at 9:38 am -  Reply

    Oh Debbie, that blooper!! Absolutely hilarious! I am one of those people who always get the giggles in the most inappropriate places at the most inappropriate times! I just can’t stop laughing after watching this. I don’t think I’m even laughing at the actual blooper anymore, it’s Chloe and Keeley and all their giggling! Laughing until it hurts is the best thing ever! Xxx

  3. martin forbes October 14, 2017 at 1:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi debbie .hope you are well iam not bad not written in about 5 weesk to you old computer stopped working kaput new computer working well congratulation sto your daughter on her recent wedding.

  4. Janet Smith October 14, 2017 at 2:54 pm -  Reply

    Thrilled to have a peek at next weekend’s TSV from Liz Earle. It looks great and to please me, for once no Eyebright which I’m sure is an excellent product, but not one that I use. Looking forward to trying the new fragrance of shower gel and body lotion! Well done QVC and Liz Earle for a fantastic collection!

  5. Carol T October 15, 2017 at 12:22 pm -  Reply

    Best blooper ever – has had me in stitches thank you Keeley you are so the best and to team that with Chloe how fab. Keep up this section Debbie laughter is such a great therapy.

  6. Heather Blaber October 17, 2017 at 6:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Lovely to hear all your news. You’re such a busy lady.

    I have just finished watching the first series of Outlander. Good but the last two episodes made me feel squeamish, (Captain JR), and I had to leave the room a lot! As this was first on Netflix, which we don’t subscribe to. So we watched it on more4. Hope we have chance to watch the next two series on more4 soon.

    Looking. forward to Liz Earle’ s TSV. Cannot be without my C&P. Not on any social media sites, so hope I can get the early bird link before its aired.

    Stay safe

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