Busy, busy, busy!


I don’t know what your summer has been like but mine has been a little on the hectic side recently. Regrettably it has been so busy, predominantly, due to work rather than holidays or parties! Not that I mind, as I am one of those people who gives thanks every day for doing a job that I love, and as the old saying goes, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!

This is always a busy time of the year as people usually head off on holidays with their families and extra cover is needed. As a result I have been both, on air in the studios and outside filming on location. Which, given the lovely sunny days that we have had this month has been a boon. Or it would have been except that the day we were outside in the fresh air filming it was blisteringly hot. Nice if you are at the beach or lazing in the garden but not so great if you are having to work and be professional and look cool and calm when in fact you feel like a Yankee Candle large jar that has been burnt for the requisite 3 hours and has melted right to the edges!


Luckily we are all well educated on the subject of sun exposure – we have to be, otherwise Ali Young would lynch us, and I made sure that I applied my Ultrasun Face SPF30 before I went out to work. So, as hot as I might have been I didn’t burn! I also brought my JPE Fitovers so that I could protect my eyes from the glare of the sun on my notes.

All those years as a boy-scout really do pay off if you take to heart the boy-scout motto, ‘be prepared’. Here is a picture of me in the boy-scouts from years ago when I was about 12 or 13 years of age. Can you spot me?

Speaking of being prepared, when I am on the go I always prioritise everything I am doing over stopping for food, until, that is, I suddenly crash and am, without any warning, ravenously hungry. This is not a good point for me to get to as, quite uncharacteristically, I become grumpy and a little bit agitated. Once I eat food I am fine but if there is no food around it can be terrible. (I am honestly, almost always in a cheery, positive mood… honestly). With this in mind I made sure I brought some good quality snacks with me in my bag, courtesy of the Protein Ball Company.

I brought a packet of each of the flavours that they sell on QVC – Coconut & Macadamia, Peanut Butter and Goji & Coconut. I thought I’d have a particular favourite, but they were all so tasty I simply couldn’t choose between them. As they were packed with great quality protein they really kept me going through the day, thank goodness. There were no diva strops that day, which reminds me – I must give a few packets out to some people I know! Lol.

In the midst of all the busy time at work though I have managed to catch up with some old friends, and whilst doing so recently I met a new little friend. He is a rescued standard sized Pomeranian and he was so cute I couldn’t help but whisk him up and give him a cuddle! I am a huge dog fan, we had West Highland Terriers growing up and I loved them.

I still don’t have a dog of my own, but only because I love dogs so much I want to have the time for them and as I am so busy it really isn’t fair to them, not to mention a little selfish of me, to have them just so I can enjoy them when I have 5 minutes spare. One day it will happen though. In the meantime I make do with fleeting moments with other people’s dogs.

A few quick cuddles and a quick lick on the back of my hand gets me through for now! For those of you who have dogs just know that I am very jealous of you. A dog, or indeed any pet that gives you comfort in your life really is a blessing, never take it for granted.

This weekend I have been back at work again every day over the bank holiday. It’s not all bad though I got to hang out (and do a little bit of work) with our motley crew of gorgeous gardeners! Such gorgeous plants and flowers we had. I was coveting them all. I did notice the shift towards autumn/winter plants and it made me realise that summer is almost gone and it is time to get ready for a whole new season.

I never find the transition from summer to winter particularly easy but I do think having some lovely bright blooms in the garden could really make a big difference!

Time for me to get back to it, like I said, busy, busy, busy!

Miceal x


  1. Christine August 30, 2016 at 5:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi you love dogs, I love them to,we have westie called Mac. Our last westie called Pepper we managed to get Mac we found out he is Peppers nephew. They are good company.
    Take care x

  2. Jill August 30, 2016 at 5:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi there lovely blog
    I can totally agree with you on the grumpy when hungry thing.. You just cant concentrate loving the Jo and Steph range of popcorns too my favourite is mixing sweet and salty too.
    I too love dogs and grew up with a rescue dog and an adorable golden lab, due to ill health I too would love the company of a dog again but because I wouldn’t be able to walk far at the moment that thought is on hold. There are so many adorable rescue dogs out there! never say never hold that thought!!

  3. Jill August 30, 2016 at 7:15 pm -  Reply

    Oh and loving the scouts pic, Back row 2nd in !! Lovely

  4. Christine Parker August 31, 2016 at 7:54 pm -  Reply

    Lovely blog as always Miceal. I hope your poorly back has been ok .. I also hate the end of summer ….dark morning’s and nights are awful……. it also means the gardening shows (that I love ) are coming to an end … 🙁
    Loved the scout pic …. back row second fom left …….. take care X

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