Breast Cancer Care, new Cleanse & Polish and John B!


PresentersThis week –

– Breast Cancer Care lunch and dinner

– another triumph over adversity

– John Barrowman in da house! Taking over last Saturday night’s gift show

– Liz Earle’s spectacular limited edition Cleanse and Polish – Rose and Lavender!

– And Hope Springs pleases, whilst Downton disappoints! Do you feel the same?

Breast Cancer Care events

This is as hot off the press as it comes! Last night (3rd) it was the annual Breast Cancer Care event day. I attended both the lunch and the dinner in aid of QVC’s regular charity.

And at the evening bash, many of us went along and bought tickets to support Ali Keenan (our lovely fellow presenter who underwent a double mastectomy earlier this year) as she and the other BCC models strutted their stuff on the catwalk twice in one day. The models and their stories were truly inspiring and it was a really joyous day, I have to say.


At lunchtime, I helped to meet and greet a table of mostly QVC viewers, and enjoyed a delicious lunch into the bargain, and some great entertainment. Joe McElderry was the opening act earlier on and Geri Halliwell provided some light entertainment in the evening whilst we all marvelled at the fact that there were so many of us in one place!.  NB who else attended but wasn’t in this video? Leave me a comment below with your guess!



Viewers groupOne of my highlights was winning the silent auction (conducted cleverly via an i- tablet on the table) – which was a day at Woman And Home magazine, including attending a fashion shoot, and a makeover and styling session, then after lunch a trip round their offices.

I’m thinking my daughter Lauren might love this, if she can spare time to come down from Bath for it! We’ll see.

And it was lovely meeting the viewers at lunchtime, all six of them! Tehmina, Mila, Marion, Jayne, Lisa and Mo. And thanks to Mo for ‘subbing’ me £10 for the raffle and the ‘Heads and Tails’ game – IOU one. Well, IOU ten actually! Lol.

Debbie's speechHere we are showing how to play said game, whereby you put the card in the place you think the coin will fall – heads or tails – and the losers all sit down!

Totally random but it worked! And one final highlight is that Debbie Greenwood did one of the speeches, recognising the accomplishments of her dear friend – and ours – Ali K. Yes it was moving for sure! Well done Deb!

Don’t forget to check out her blog – and Ali K’s blog when she’s done it, to find out more about what it was like from her point of view! Plus lovely Will Gowing was with me at lunchtime and also is putting a blog up about it all.

Yes, if I can, I’ll put the goodie bag I got up for a little competition – maybe next week! And finally, early warning, put the Breast Cancer Care QVC night date in your diary. Grab the remote and sit in front of QVC waiting with dialling fingers poised – ‘cos last year there were tons of sell outs as all the donated products tend to fly out – all at wonderful prices! From 6pm on 17th October.

Me n john barrowman on air Snippets

– How fabulous to see John on with me on the last Saturday night show! He stole the show! His ‘Him’ set is great value and has been getting very good reviews too.

He chatted about his behind the scenes show for the new Dallas, and stirred up a bit of mayhem in the green room and stole all the Thorntons! Lol.

Dale’s on this week’s Saturday night extravaganza 8pm onwards, and again all gifts opened on xmas day, bought from this show, will have extended money back guarantee (till 25th January).

Special Edition Cleanse and PolishI was lucky enough to try the new limited edition Prince’s Trust Cleanse and Polish in… wait for it… Lavender and Rose!

It’s certainly different and am enjoying making a change to the usual one after over 15 years! – but the eucalyptus etc original will be hard to beat, long term!

Mind you I bet the new one’s stock will evaporate instantly – many people will buy several all at once cos it’s limited so – you have been warned! Lol. Watch out for it in the Liz Earle hour at 6pm on 5th October.



MarleneAnother Marlene moment for you and… stop press… we’re finally putting to bed some dates for Macrobiotic Marlene to come down to Surrey to run a short course and/or evening class on the diet/cooking/eating method that’s transformed me since I attended her workshop end of April.

Talk about looking and feeling well, or so I’m told! She’s intending to specialise in weightloss. Do leave me a comment below if you’d be interested – it may well be first weekend in December – we’re just awaiting confirmation! First come first served so do ensure you leave me a comment.

NB JUST SAY if you do not wish your comment to be published but would like me to pass your info on to Marlene.

– Blooper – just had to include this one from Dale’s gift show last week – Danny from HP didn’t know what to say! lol!



WATCH – OK so last week I had the trailer for Hope Springs. Then I went to see it. OMG – I absolutely loved it! It was just incredibly powerfully acted, both Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones excelling as the fifty-something marrieds who need a marriage reboot. I’d say a good eight and half out of ten – highly recommended.

And what to watch for this section? It would have been Downton Abbey. But it’s not for this reason – am I the only one thinking that this series is becoming disappointingly predictable – i.e. It’s ok to solve most of the ‘problems’ within one episode – eg Lady Mary managing to find a coincidental servant who sent a letter in season two, leading to the future of Downton being saved. Takes away the narrative drive, I think. What do you think? Leave me a comment below! Use itv player to not miss a single episode and watch it when it suits you!

Ditto with my ‘watch’ for this week – Moone Boy on sky1. It’s a charming little sitcom about a fantasy friend – Chris O ‘Dowd who also wrote it. Zany, off the wall and quite watchable! And I don’t just mean Chris altho he is rather a dish – has been since playing the love interest in ‘Bridesmaids’. What do you think?


 QVC– THIS WEEKEND – I am doing two Today’s Special Value’s – Saturday night it’s the No-No permanent hair reduction system, with a first for QVC – an extended try out period!

And Sunday night it’s the return of the lovely pop star Lulu herself – lots of you buy her items for xmas so stand by!

Next week – author interview alert! Jessica Hart – remember her? (my romantic novelist tutor who writes for Mills and Boon) – has taken a new direction after 20 years and published a brand new stand alone novel called ‘Time’s Echo’ – and guess what? If you’d like to win a copy, do check back in on here next week!

Best wishes Debs X

P.S. My TiFFT (Try it For the First Time Club) event for September can be something simple this month – my first ever Decleor facial with guest Fiona Brackenbury herself – in the salon in Guildford. Superb! Or of course all the work on – and for the first time getting back, now, to the early 1800’s whilst tracing back my family tree! Yours? Write it in below – it’s always nice to hear from you guys! Details about how to comment can be found at the top of my main blog page.


  1. Susan October 4, 2012 at 6:02 pm -  Reply

    I can only deal with one comment at a time Debs so just wanted to say WOW how STUNNING di all of you ladies and guys look in your special photos above!! Gorgeous. Love Debs G, Kathy and Claire’s dresses and hair in particular. I hope you all had a lovely night. How special to be invited. I would love to go some time. I will go and read the blog now. I hope Amica gets better – I was so sad to hear the news. I also can’t believe that this little girl April has still not been found. Tragic. But let’s keep positive!
    Be in touch,
    Susan x

  2. Susan October 4, 2012 at 6:03 pm -  Reply

    PS Debs can you post the video of Amica and Ali on This Morning?

  3. Jill October 4, 2012 at 11:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie!
    What a packed week you had!
    John Barrowman had me laughing out loud at nicking your chocs and the whole show was fun – you did manage to keep returning to the plot so well done!
    Love your videos of BCC. I bet the whole evening was inspiring! No idea who else was there but not in the vid. Certainly wasn’t me! Hope you and Lauren enjoy the day out!
    Can’t wait to try the new Liz Earle C&P. Have been using the original since the first time I saw it on QVC – must be 16 years ago? I got it in preparation for getting married in May 1997 and have been using it ever since (with forays into other products and brands along the way).
    Fabby blog again this week – thanks for being so generous in sharing your life and thoughts with us all.
    Love, Jill x x x

  4. Nigel October 5, 2012 at 1:30 am -  Reply

    Debs – Haven’t seen Moone Boy as not got Sky but Chris made me laugh in the geeky sitcom The IT Crowd(2006-2010) written by Graham Linehan(Father Ted/Black Books) – shame there wasn’t a fifth series as for me it was as good as the excellent The Big Bang Theory if not better.
    BTW if u happen to see pigs flying in the vicinty of your Mini Macro Marlene Meet then my attendance is a definite maybe !lol! – me & cooking don’t mix but seem to survive on loads of steamed veg, tinned oily fish and meat from the deli counter + not forgetting homemade bread & cakes made by some of my foodie customers (would be rude to refuse!) – now only 3 lbs to lose to hit target, u lost anymore ?
    Take care, Nige:))

  5. Michelle Roberts October 5, 2012 at 12:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Wow don’t you lot scrub up well, you all look gorgeous!!!!!
    Lucky you winning the Women and Home competition, listen if Lauren can’t make can I be first reserve only joking I have this magazine delivered every month find it a fab read.
    I’m still going strong on the ” Macrobiotic” diet and feeling much better on the whole I just have to watch certain foods don’t send my thyroid into overdrive!!, My arthritis has certainly calmed down a bit and I certainly don’t have the pain.
    Liking the look of that Cleanse and polish I do love lavender will certainly be on my shopping list.
    Another great blog Debs, will have to keep my reply short and this i pad of mine times out, does any one else have this trouble ? probably just me and computers.
    Hope the pogs are ok.
    Michelle x x x

  6. debs f October 5, 2012 at 1:59 pm -  Reply

    Susan – hello my lovely – thanks so much – it was indeed a spectacular night and very enjoyable to see everyone. The evening ‘do’ was just all of us paying for a table, and am sure the BCC open that up to whomever is able to come and support it – raises about £1600 per table, so very good cause.
    Sadly i didn’t have a youtube post of the This Morning appearances, I watched someone else’s in the end. But maybe Ali knows the link for one of them if it doesnt come up on ‘search’?
    Lovely to be involved with supporting the lovely ladies tho.
    best wishes

  7. debs f October 5, 2012 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    Jill – thanks so much – yes it was one of my fave shows of the year so far and ‘the other’ JB made it great fun! Who’s missing from the video? There’sa clue in the pic at the top! hehe!
    Yes am loving using the Liz Earle limited edition C n P but will be just as happy to return to the original, which I adore!
    thanks for commenting hon – as ever!

  8. debs f October 5, 2012 at 2:05 pm -  Reply

    Nige – very impressed that you’ve only 3lb to lose! did you stay off bread etc? apart from the goodies baked by your lovely lady clients of course! What happens during the winter when there’s no gardening to do?! Someone I know switched to cleaning inside the houses for them! lol.
    Didn’t see IT Crowd – but now I know Chris O Dowd was in it, I’ll definitely watch out for repeats! lol
    best wishes as usual!

  9. Tamie and Mila October 5, 2012 at 5:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi seems my first set of comments have disappeared somewhere! ha Never mind. Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Breast cancer Care Show on 3 October. The highlight of the year! As was meeting you. Just saying the weekend and the Monday before how great it would be if you were there! That was a dream come true. It was so great to meet you, the icing on the cake!
    Met some wonderful people too, QVC is a super family! Not forgetting the achievements of the courageous and wonderful men and women who fought adversity and are doing so well. Including AliK.
    Looking forward to QVC’s Breast cancer Care show.
    Looks like you all had fun in the evening too and you had double the fun on the day! Lucky you. Everyone looked stunning. Craig too, ha.
    Once again great meeting you, here’s to the start of a beautiful friendship!!

  10. Ali G October 8, 2012 at 12:18 am -  Reply

    Hey Debs,
    You are looking extremely well, I’m def sitting up & listening out for the Macrobiotic info dates although I dont live nearby would love to attend 🙂

  11. Christine October 8, 2012 at 8:28 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Your blogs are always so entertaining but I have to say that Downtown is still fab to watch. Know what you mean about solving everything so quickly but still, its a gorgeous costume drama and easy to watch. My fav is Maggie Smith. She has been given some great one liners!
    I lost my wonderful dad last November to that nasty “c” and have just bought the books you recommended (Conversations with God). Mum is reading them first and she says it has made her think about things differently. She hasnt given too much away, as I will be reading them myself shortly. Will let you know how I get on.
    My family home is in Chiswick and where mum still lives. I pass Chiswick Park every day and have yet to see any of the QVC presenters. Does anybody do public transport or only drive, lol! I did see your lovely model Tanya one Sat. morning though.

  12. Karen Whenman October 8, 2012 at 9:00 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, firstly may I say how fantastic you are looking, and as a person who has suffered all my life with a “weight” problem, yo-yo dieter, i would be very interested in the macrobiotic weekend. I look forward to hearing more on this as it is something I have never heard about before you told us that it what you were doing.
    Love watching you at QVC, always brighten up my day.
    Thank you.

  13. Hilary October 8, 2012 at 6:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    You touched John Barrowman’s cheek! I’m so jealous 🙂 If ever a man was wasted on men….
    I would be interested in the macrobiotic class please. I should be mobile enough by early December. I’ve got my first check up since my surgery this week so fingers crossed they’re pleased with how it’s mending.
    I’ve also decided to try the Conversations with God books on your recommendation – I’ll let you know what I think.
    Thanks Debbie, take care
    Hilary x

  14. Valerye G Wood October 10, 2012 at 9:18 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Can you put me on the list for the Marleen’s macrobiotic course and let me know when you have dates etc.
    Many thanks

  15. debs f October 10, 2012 at 9:30 pm -  Reply

    Tamie and Mila – ta so much for your lovely comment! Yes it was lovely to meet you both too! And the other girls. Such an uplifting day wasn’t it?
    Yes am looking forward to BCC night on QVC now too – roll on 17th! I’ll be away from 15th but will be watching from afar!
    big hugs and love to you both, new pals!

  16. debs f October 10, 2012 at 9:33 pm -  Reply

    ali G – you’re on the list! But what are you thinking of attending hon? There’s a two day course on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th (marlene’s just putting together the itinerary) 10am-4pm both days, just outside Dorking (near jct 10 M25). And there may be a single talk on the Friday night, too, bout 7-9 or 8-10pm. Which are you interested in? There are some quite nice B and B’s nearby too for staying over!
    best wishes

  17. debs f October 10, 2012 at 9:38 pm -  Reply

    michelle – yes pogs all good – holly’s recovering from the op on her back, seems ok. HAHA will keep you in mind for Woman and Home day! Lolly’s interested so will see if I can sort dates out with the lady at W&H. Re ipad – if it times out, all you need to do is select all, copy it, refresh then paste it back in. I think!
    xps glad the macro stuff is helping! Shame you couldnt come down to Dorking for the Marlene weekend in Dec!

  18. debs f October 10, 2012 at 9:42 pm -  Reply

    Christine – yes yes! Do please let me know what you think of CWG series when you’ve read it, and glad your mum likes it so far. It’s fun when something new changes the way you think eh!
    If you’re passing our studios in chiswick you should give us a wave!Pop in to the foyer if it’s before 7pm and say hello! lol.

  19. debs f October 10, 2012 at 9:44 pm -  Reply

    Karen – how lovely if you could come along! We only need about 8 or ten people and we can get everyone to have a go at cooking something, but the main emphasis will be on how the food we eat affects our health and how macrobiotics can aid in weightloss if you adjust the way you eat and cook. Certainly works for me! Thanks so much for noticing!
    Will put you on the list – nb it’ll be as below in comment to Ali. Let me know you can definitely add your name to the list. Fab!

  20. debs f October 10, 2012 at 11:25 pm -  Reply

    Hilary – oh goodie! Do keep in touch about the CWG trilogy! Will be interested to see what you think.
    Yes can put you down for the two day course – but can you kindly read below hon and see what you think about whether you’d like to come to the friday evening talk (if Marlene confirms it) or the whole two day course – as below in ali’s response from me?
    Look forward to hearing from you!

  21. debs f October 10, 2012 at 11:27 pm -  Reply

    Valerye – cool! So glad you’re interested – will be lovvely to meet you! And so far it’s looking like being the 7th/8th/9th december weekend – as below in Ali G’s reply from me. Which are you interested in hon? let me know! It’ll be such fun for two days! Am hoping my sis and brother will be there too – and maybe even craigy!
    d x

  22. debs f October 10, 2012 at 11:58 pm -  Reply

    ps if anyone’s still guessing, it is Carmel who’s in the pic but missing from the table in the little video of the BCC evening event! I think her pregnancy had taken her to the loo at the time! hehe!
    Well done those who guessed it!

  23. Marlene Watson-Tara October 11, 2012 at 9:22 am -  Reply

    Good Morning Debbie and Ladies,
    I am looking forward to my ‘Dorking Debut’ in December, hosted by Miss Flint.
    Will email you my outline for the Friday night and Saturday/Sunday Workshop later today Debbie. Will be a fun weekend and I am delighted to be meeting many of you at this event.
    Love Marlene x

  24. Karen Whenman October 15, 2012 at 11:07 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs, can’t believe it, but that weekend we are going to Bruges to celebrate my brothers 60th. Unfortunately he lost his wife earlier this year and doesn’t really want a big fuss, but he is happy to share his special day with his family, so we thought this would be a nice surprise. Really disappointed tho that I will not be able to attend, however will look out for any other courses that might happen next year. Thanks for all your interesting and funny blogs.
    Love Karen

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