Breakfast in bed, lunch in the greenhouse and supper…open for negotiation!


Pipa Gordon Son gardeningI wonder how many parents have the same daily negotiations as we do?

“Can I have a biscuit please Mum”
“…ok just one though as it’s supper time soon”

“Can I play on the Xbox please Mum?”
“…you’ve already had half an hour today, you can have another half then you’re done”
“…can we make it another hour?”

“I’m turning your lights out in ten minutes so please get into bed and have a read”

And get this one …. “You’ve been so helpful this week with the animals that I’m going to give you £10 instead of £5 for your pocket money”
“….£15?” (I went straight back to £5 on that one and there I stuck!!)

Negotiation skills like this are immensely useful when an adult … NOT at 9 and 10! They make me laugh though they really do (but don’t tell them that!!).

The Easter holidays seem particularly rife with negotiations, you should have seen their faces when I said that no screens will be allowed whilst we are in Cornwall over Easter. You’d have thought I said no chocolate eggs this year, or even worse no food!

Of course they played every card they could and we eventually agreed on iPods for music on the way down, but I think I’ll make a playlist for us all to share. I know those little people of mine, they will battle to play games and have eyes down the entire way instead of playing I Spy, the Alphabet Game (spying letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order on number plates) or Guess that Tune, Movie, Book or whatever else I can come up with – feel free to share your ideas below!!

So, with the Easter holidays in full swing, as per usual we are doing our best to cram everything in! 

Pipa Gordon HorseridingMy daughter and I are trying to get down to the stables as much as we can as I am back in the saddle these days after years of not and she’s loving pony club. It’s something I always yearned to do as a child but wasn’t able to so I’m thrilled she can.

Myles has mastered cooking “donut French toast” for breakfast (he’s suddenly a budding cook, which I love!!) and yesterday planted his Easter Garden … I hope the grass seed comes to life soon (I’ll be getting Richard Jackson’s Flower Power on that methinks!).

Pipa Gordon Daughter GreenhouseThey have also renovated the greenhouse and renamed it their “cottage”, we’ve had about four different sleepovers and quite honestly, by the time we get down to St Ives, I think I’ll need to put my feet up, although I might give the boogie board a go!

I hope you are enjoying this Easter period and if you have any great car journey games, please feel free to share!!

Take care

Pipa x


  1. Beth Morton April 16, 2014 at 4:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa,
    Your blog did make me chuckle! I’m an Aunty not a Mum so not so familiar with these dialogues but reading them it really reminded me of growing up so maybe things haven’t changed as much as I thought!
    Glad to hear you and your daughter are having fun with the riding – you are such a busy person it’s good to hear you have time to do things for yourself too and to have a shared interest must be great!
    Have a safe trip down to Cornwall. For about 10 years in a row, we stayed at a carvan site in Gwithian near Hayle and our treat for our 3 week holiday (weren’t we lucky?) was to go to St Ives and visit “Harts” ice cream parlour. Harts is no longer there but going there was the highlight of our holiday and the KnickerBocker Glories were huge!!
    Beth XXX

  2. Mary April 16, 2014 at 11:39 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pippa, when my kids were about 6 And 8 we had a long journey in the car so I place Ned a quiz/search sheet with questions about the journey and to look for certs in things during the journey; ice cream van, orange tractor, Eddie Stobart Lorry’ motorcycle and side car, Del Boy three wheeler etc. Each child has their own sheet on a clipboard so there’s no fighting. Mine are older now’ Nearly 17 and 14 and a half ( very important) so now on long car journeys we all have our own different music as if hubby drives it’s something awful like Roger Whittaker( I thought he had died) or some folk music.( No offence meant to either Roger or Folk–personal choice) Me and my daughter travel long distances to cricket matches and play “Spot the road kill and guess what it was”. Admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea but makes a change from I Spy!! Have a great break. Mary x

  3. Karen April 25, 2014 at 5:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi, we (my 10 year old and I) play vauxhall/ford. If a vauxhall passes we shout VAUXHALL and 9 times out of 10 it’s followed by a ford so we shout FORD and visa versa. Then we cheer when an Audi passes. My daughter loves this game (silly I know) but it passes the time !!
    Karen xx

  4. Sandra Jones July 5, 2014 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    when we used to go with our children on holiday, one of the games was spotting the lorries with names on, how many were seen on the journey and how many of each one, they had columns of them, like Weetabix, Kellogs, now it would be Primark, Asda, and ones like that, another one was car registration number starting with 1 then hoping for the 2, although they don’t do it now, but you could put the letters down and wonder where they had come from. If you put the letter down then when you get back home do a search for the letter.

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