Brad is 30 and making an indoor snowman…


My silly son got a little bit tipsy at his 30th this week and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get a good pic of him and us! Lol. Anyway it was a great party and we all wish him a very happy birthday! Here’s the gang at the ‘do’.

Lots of people kindly commented on my Facebook post and said they remembered when Brad was a child and came on air when I was first at QVC all those years ago! They used to come on for New Year’s Eve, when we would invariably be doing some sort of party CD set with a guest called Laurence from EMG, or Tony Blackburn (my former telly hubby, pre Lee Hohbein!) And now all these years later my ‘’little boy’ is getting sozzled, married, and entering his 30s!

Sheepwash Update

Talking of being plastered, I did some plastering myself this week too, right little handy lady I’m turning into! Lol. Well it’s got to be done – I used to do loads of DIY myself so after a quick refresher course, I was left to my own devices and managed to do another whole wall out in the studio that’s going to become a mini gym.

My son-in-law-to-be Nick came down to The Court, the house in Devon where I am whenever I’m not at QVC. (It’s in the sleepy, picturesque village of Sheepwash if you didn’t know and I help run the writing retreat – more here) Nick began the humongous job of cleaning up the kitchen floor tiles that date back decades, if not centuries and are in what must have been an old stable outbuilding so are quite historic. Hence deciding to save them and it’s also partly due to favourable comments from people who’d been there or others who liked them and saw the history in them so I didn’t pull them up and put down new. Well I found a pic of the back of the house from the 1960s and you can see the previous outline of the rear of The Court, where Retreats for You is now based.


I go into more details about it on my website, with more pics and info about The Court, including the story from a lady who is in her 70s now and whose family were born in this very house in which I am writing this blog. She now lives up the road and I met her when I took my first stint volunteering in the village shop!


Yes I did an Arkwright and enjoyed my very first stint in the community shop this week – including doing cashback and everything! I was left completely on my own to man the till and managed quite well, I think. It’s lovely helping out and beginning to feel part of the new community that’s become my home.


I also went along with Wendy (my lovely neighbour and friend who helps out at Retreats for You too) to my local pancake night in aid of the church roof fund. Then the next night, I also went out to see ‘Hidden Figures’ at the cinema in Okehampton, then for a meal at the indian restaurant nearby. This was a thank you to both Wendy and also to my other neighbour and friend Linda, who made cakes for the recent vintage teas in aid of Medical Detection Dogs (see last week’s blog for more info and some fab pics and videos.)


I was going to go to milk a cow this week, (yes really!) but had to postpone due to snow setting in – inside the kitchen! Yes, by Thursday evening, Nick had created a ‘snow-fie,’ covering both himself and everything else in white residue from the bicarbonate of soda crystal resurfacing machine!

What with that and the real snow that actually fell on the motorway on my way back to Devon on Thursday night, it was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Lol. Not really. But I’d love it to feel like spring!

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Gold Standard How exciting that they found the oldest iron age gold hoard this week – I just love all that stuff! Lucky metal detectorists!  More here including pics. It probably dates back to 400-250BC, and was probably worn by wealthy and powerful women. Cool! Am looking forward to seeing Ken from Ammolite around 2nd April – historic jewellery with real fossils in! See the range here!

What it’s like to be colour blind Gosh can you imagine? These coloured pencils would be a mass of greens and greys – see these pics – hugs to anyone who is. Leave me a comment below if you want to tell me what it’s like if you have it?

Blooper – Lovely Richard Jackson is back this weekend so I couldn’t resist sharing this blooper from last year!

Facebook Funnythe singing dentist – ever heard of him? He’s going viral and this vid is a particularly funny one – it’s his facial expressions I like!

Watch – Hidden Figures – amazing, amazing, amazing film! Following the famous African American women who were crucial to the USA space race in the early 1960s, this film has it all – no wonder it won Viola an Oscar! Brilliant, just brilliant – I already want to see it again! 8.75 out of ten!


This week on QVC 

Today’s Triple Day offer from Bareminerals is here!

Tomorrow’s QVC have a superb Dyson deal at under £220 for a cordless V6 – I may get another one for the retreat so will be watching closely! Launches tomorrow (4th March)!

Sunday’s is another Early bird order link – the extra large Aala shoulder bag from Kipling – get it here!

I’m not back till Saturday 11th!

Next week – a writing retreat for me in Bristol with my mentor Julie Cohen. Looking forward to some space to think and get French or Dutch finished! So much happening lately and now it’s time to focus on the creative side of my brain! Have a great week!

Best wishes



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  1. Sue Stewart March 3, 2017 at 7:03 pm -  Reply

    Great blog Debbie. Loved the blooper with Richard Jackson. Really funny. Happy 30th to your lovely son Brad.

  2. Eileen Mahoney March 4, 2017 at 1:36 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, Viola Davis didn’t win an Oscar for Hidden Figures – she won it for Fences. She wasn’t in Hidden Figures! Think you are mixing her up with Octavia Spencer who was nominated but didn’t win

  3. martin forbes March 6, 2017 at 9:17 am -  Reply

    first of all belated happy 30th to your son brad your daughter is she about 27 of course debbie you rae only 40 how are you enjoying devon i guess it is asmall village i have just enjoyed a 2week lazy holiday from work doing nothing but chilling out never mind 2weeks summer hold end of may and noti week september nioce to have 5 weeks paid holidays .
    sad new of ali k s husband passing away

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