Booboos in the Kitchen at Retreats for You in Devon!


OMG – guess what happened this week down at the guest house in Sheepwash?! More culinary disasters! It’s becoming a regular occurrence. I have to admit something – I’ve realised all these accident-prone mishaps are turning into a trend. And not a good one! OK so it’s basically because I’m clearly not proficient – a beginner, really – and this is all happening as part of the learning process so I just have to batten down the hatches and get on with it. BUT this week I have –

  • Forgotten to put yeast in the bread maker mix
  • Confused the baking powder for the bicarbonate of soda in the banana bread
  • And turned somebody’s jeans burgundy by washing them along with a red cloth.

And that was just for starters! If you’re a regular you’ll recall my leaving food in the Rayburn cooker for… er… like, five days. Charcoal sausages anyone? Anyway I’m determined to become, if not a domestic goddess, then some kind of competent cook. At some point. When I’m a grown up…

You’ll know how often my ‘accidents’ appear on those bloopers TV shows – so much so that Alison Ansell the editor of the local Sheepwash Chronicle (who featured me so nicely when I first arrived) have got wind of this intriguing aspect of my life and asked me to do a column in the next edition about it all! I did enjoy writing it though – will post a link when it’s out. Meanwhile, here’s the video showing you what was happening one night this week, and ‘that’ bread. It could make a nice line in door stops, I suppose…

And you know when you need help when your brother sends you an early birthday present after he’s seen a pic of one of your meals on Facebook! Cheeky or thoughtful, I can’t decide! Lol.

Oh well, I will persevere. Any recommendations for me for not-so-difficult-fool-proof-Debbie-proof recipes? One pot meals, easy cakes etc? Let me know by leaving a comment below or email me!

And in the interim I will take inspiration from our domestic goddesses and healthy eating expert Christianne Wolff who is back on QVC with me Friday night (24th at about 1130pm) with her wonderful books. Hope I can find some easy and nutritional stuff in there that doesn’t include bits that can break your teeth! Lol.


Can you come meet us? Medical Detection Dogs Day Out near Milton Keynes on April 2nd Also – a heads up – do join me at the Swanbourne dogs Day Out – with Patrick Hoy – on Sunday 2nd April. It’ll be an excellent way to spend a day and we’ll be on the MDD stand with their tombola – come have a chat! I’m on air in the evening but will be around for much of the day from mid morning! More here.



Tea with Alix This week I went off on my travels doing ‘research’ for my proposed vintage tea rooms project. First to The George with my Devon pal Alix. At some stage it’ll be done ‘proper, like’ but at the moment it’s just a little pop up idea. I’m thinking of doing it again for charity on Easter Monday – what do you think?

Tea at Dotty’s Then after getting my nails done again at Westcroft Surrey spa I went off to the local vintage tea rooms just up the road in Carshalton High St – a lovely place to relax – vintage music and everyfink! I do like Dotty’s. Believe it or not I came across Lesley, with the red hair, who used to go to school with me! And also in walked one of my oldest pals Dennise, who I’ve known since I was about 7! I’m getting tips from owner Rebecca too, who has set up a lovely environment there. Lots to think about for our version in Sheepwash!

Decleor Deal! I must say having run out of my Decleor face oil recently that I really noticed the difference on my skin when not using it. This weekend is the big Today’s Special Value 4pc set, (see below) but have a look at this deal! That Neroli 15ml serum on it’s own is over £40 – and the whole lot is under £60 (excluding P&P).

Get the Skin in Bloom Hydrating Collection here whilst it’s in stock as it’ll fly this Sunday (26th) when Fiona’s on-air lots! I’ve made sure I’ve got enough now – in all the different places I need it – at Retreats for You in Sheepwash, in my travel bag and also at my brother Glenn’s where I go when I’m working and in London. Won’t run out again!

Book of the Week ­– is Kirsty Ferry’s, Some Veil Did Fall – I love stuff to do with time slips and this will not disappoint! More info on my latest RiWiSi (writing and book blog) here.

Latest updates and news, early bird links and vlogs Can be seen if you go to my Facebook page here – do ‘like’ the page and you’ll see videos come up, like this one below – don’t worry if you’re not on Facebook, you can still read it!

And here’s one of the recent vlogs – click here to see how high the river got after the recent downpours in Devon – scary! And thank you to the many people who commented saying how much they enjoy these regular videos of my life down in Devon – especially the lovely ones who reply on them as they are stuck indoors and they say it brightens their day. My pleasure to keep doing them for you.

Newsletter And the latest newsletters have some super updates – including a write-up in the local Sheepwash Chronicle about my book, ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’, which was released in January (more here). Plus the ongoing question of naming the bedrooms in the Retreat – more here. And – stop press – a feature in the latest Surrey Life magazine in the Culture Vulture section! I’m in Banstead half the week when I’m working. Subscribe to updates on and get the newsletters by email, – good if you’re not on social media as I post a lot about early bird links etc.

Facebook Funny – just one of the hilarious picture bloopers that will tie in with my own boo boos mentioned above – but I’ve not sunk to these depths – yet! More here – beware, some are pretty graphic! Lol.

Blooper – sooooo funny with Jackie on air last weekend, when poor Glenn Campbell was off with a bad back and she joined me on the Centigrade show. Had such fun. There was an even funnier one afterwards – hope you got to see it!

Watch Thank you Catherine Tate! Apparently a QVC fan and customer! According to her appearance on ‘Dermot O’Leary’s Nightly Show’ this week! She says she once ordered so much one weekend that her bank rang her the next morning. Go here to find out more. Here’s a clip!–JpNs&rel=0

This week’s highlights –

  • Get today’s Sensica RPL hair removal system Today’s Special Value by clicking this link – remember the money back guarantee ensures you can test it out before deciding it’s for you.

  • Saturday lots of gardening – yayyyy, spring is on the way! Richard Jackson has a garden recliner launching tonight (Fri 24th) midnight and throughout Saturday. Join me for 8pm show. Then Benefit and Yankee have a big One Time Only deal at 10pm and 11pm too!

Next week’s deals include these super Fitover Sunglasses,  then on Tuesday we have a brilliant Bissell carpet washer for well under £200. Then on Wednesday; Antthony is back with a set of two pairs of trousers, one of them print the other is plain. On Thursday we have an amazing Ming pearl Honora necklace. Watch out for Early bird links for Elemis’ upcoming offer next week and there’s a delicious cake offer on Friday too! Phew!

Next week –  finding bargains at auction in Devon – what will I find at the weekly event in Hatherleigh? And back on air with food fest Eat Taste Love at 7pm on Friday (31st) – as if Wendy’s cooking wasn’t killing me with sweetness enough! Lol. Well at least with all the hard work I regularly do at least 12,000 steps a day down there!

Best wishes


This week’s Freedom Eating testimonial is from Helen B!

“OK I know its early days but just wanted to share my last few days doing this Freedom Eating lark. I know I should get rid of my scales but a bit early yet. But have ALREADY lost 4 lbs … Yesterday I really wanted some chocolate and it was calling to me. I approached it differently though. I thought it isn’t treasure any more and if I want it – just have it but eat small bites and slowly. Guess what! It worked. I ate the small twix finger but not all the contents of the kitchen cupboards as well!! So pleased. And what is more – I didn’t want any more sweet stuff for the rest of the day! Result. So pleased I have found this site.’

Do try it! And come and join us!

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  1. Sarah March 24, 2017 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I didn’t really think that the banana bread was a disaster! I ate it all and it was very tasty…… ps don’t worry about my jeans as I really can see the funny side!
    Seriously I had a fab time down at Retreats for You and look forward to visiting you all again x
    If anyone is a garden fanatic like me it is within easy driving distance of the RHS Rosemoor garden.
    Ps….Hope Wendy’s back is better and big hugs to Gracie and Daisy

  2. Sara March 24, 2017 at 6:25 pm -  Reply

    Will send you some recipes. After this week it looks like I’m safe for the week ahead for TSVs.

  3. Pauline Richardson March 25, 2017 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I must say your makeup always looks great! What is your routine and with what. Keep up the good work with your baking, you’ll get there. You are sooo funny xx

  4. debs f March 31, 2017 at 12:18 am -  Reply

    Sarah –
    it was so lovely of you to say that! And yes, Wendy is on the mend-y!
    I will give her your regards.
    Do come back again and hope your shift was ok when you got back to work – stressful times for our policemen and women . Lovely to see you at Retreats for You hon x

  5. debs f March 31, 2017 at 12:19 am -  Reply

    Sara –
    thanks hon! I have started using recipes. Am a proper grown up finally! lol x

  6. debs f March 31, 2017 at 12:20 am -  Reply

    Pauline –
    thanks hon! Actually it varies so much! If you see me on one specific day, do email me and I’ll tell you! usually it’s the makeup ladies tho, working their magic for us presenters! Thanks so much honx

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