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May is our spring/summer Jewellery Month on QVC, and we’ve teamed up with the super-stylish Laëtitia Wajnapel, editor of, to help you navigate the huge choice of products.

We’ve been crushing hard on her Instagram feed for months and we’re thrilled she’s agreed to work with us, but some of you may be wondering who she is, so we caught up with the lady with the fabulous name to find out more.


Let’s start with a bit about you.

I was born and raised in Paris – in an area called Le Marais to be specific. I attended a very liberal primary school, frequented mostly by the offspring of musicians, artists and film personalities. Creativity and imagination were valued above anything else, so in my head this was how life was. By that point I had already decided I wanted to be a writer, without really knowing what it meant or even knowing what a writer really was…

Do you think being from Paris – a city famed for its style – has influenced your eye for beautiful things?

Absolutely! I think we see things very differently when it comes to style, decoration and even life! I was very surprised when I moved to London and found out quite how different we were, while being so close geographically! I love British culture and style; I think there is a boldness and freedom that we don’t really have in France.

I am very grateful to have been able to experience life in Paris and in London, I think it definitely helped me define my style, identity and hone my eye.


So how did come to be?

In the summer of 2004, I found myself in a relationship with a guy who lives in the UK, so I packed my bags and moved to Bristol. The move was supposed to be temporary. He was going to learn French and then we would come back to Paris, victorious and in love. Sadly, things didn’t exactly work out that way, and after 6 months in Bristol I was ready to go home. Instead I decided to make a pit stop in London.

In 2005 I met the man who is now my husband (on the internet!) and eventually I fell pregnant. My daughter was born in September 2007, and I set up the blog a few weeks after her birth as a way of maintaining the ‘me’ in my new role as ‘mum’. I started writing posts. I didn’t share them with anyone; I just wanted to write.

Soon I discovered there was an entire community of women writing blogs: mums with blogs, teenagers with blogs, working women with blogs! Some were tiptoeing around like me, some were proudly showing what they wore every day, and some were discussing motherhood or dishing out life advice. But we were all in the same boat and we were all talking the same language. And it felt great!

How did you come up with the name?

If I had £1 for each time someone asked me this question…!

I wish I actually had a great story, but unfortunately I don’t – it was a happy accident! The name first landed in my head during a heavy brainstorming session circa 2002, in Paris. I was DJing in some indie clubs and needed a name to put on flyers.

Because of my slightly nerdy inclinations (and video-game predilection) I wanted to have the word ‘robot’ somewhere. Of course at the time, it was the French pronunciation, without the T on the end, and ‘mademoiselle’ part came from being an actual ‘miss’ at the time.


Is it all about women’s fashion?

Not at all. I’ve always wanted to be a place for self-expression mostly. I am interested in what makes people who they are and how they express it, so I write about all things from style to beauty, travel and lifestyle.

I also have a weekly podcast called Spirit Animal which is essentially a pep-talk / advice column for my readers. Fashion is part of the equation of course, but it is just one of many topics I cover.

Is blogging a full-time job then? Do you ever get to ‘switch off’?

It is! And because I started blogging while I was on maternity leave, it’s been a full-time job for me from day one, pretty much. Like any small business owner I don’t really get to switch off, but what I do never really feels like work because I love it so much. My daughter (known on the blog as Mini Robot) is 8½ now, and with a husband and a cat also in my life, there is never a dull day at Casa Robot!


So  we’re sure readers are dying to know – which bits of QVC jewellery have particularly caught your eye?

I love anything monogrammed or personalised so I am totally into this Diamonique initial pendant. I see it layered with other initial necklaces to form a word, maybe even with mixed metals and finishes for extra personality!

PicMonkey Collage 1

This Butler & Wilson eyes and lips necklace makes a bold statement for an evening out. You can never go wrong with eyes and lips, right?

PicMonkey Collage 2

And I always adorn my denim jackets with multiple brooches and pins, preferably animal themed. I see this little raccoon fitting in perfectly.

Brilliant! So, last question… what does the future hold for Mademoiselle Robot?

So many exciting things in 2016!! Firstly, I am moving to Los Angeles in July, which is extremely exciting (and definitely also a little daunting). I am also working on a book project, some very special workshops and a new photography exhibition. Never a dull day! 🙂

Thank you Laëtitia! Good luck with your big move and we look forward to hearing more about your book!

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