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British Military FitnessI think it's fair to say that not many females are 100% happy with their body, men too for that matter. There is always something we want to change, tone or slim down. It's not just the aesthetics we should be concerned with but also our fitness levels, overall general health and both our emotional and mental state. I find something which helps all over these areas is exercise.Exercise is beneficial in so many ways, it can actually make us feel like we have more energy, it burns calories, works our cardiovascular system but I find it helps me achieve a positive mind set more than anything.

Hard at work!One of the biggest barriers I have found is motivation. I believe motivation is the sole factor why we don't bother to take as much activity as we should or could. We can change that together! I've recently discovered a new approach to exercising, it's all about team, community spirit, fun and a peppering of a musketeer-like attitude of 'where we go one, we go all'.

British Military Fitness – effective outdoor military fitness classes with a distinctive motivational style. I truly believe that when group mentality or team spirit is in abundance we are more likely to achieve our goals and be motivated. BMF have evolved to remove the barriers to exercise. It's outdoors in a park or field, requires no equipment on your behalf just a simple old gym kit or pair of shorts and t-shirts and trainers, nothing fancy required, old attire is perfectly fine. Then all you have to do in the words of the Managing Director, Rob Love is 'turn up and we do the rest!'

BMF exercise classOn arrival you chat to the park instructor about your levels of fitness, capabilities, injury concerns and fitness goals and then you are given a colour of bib to indicate your level, everyone in the session wears a bib, so don't worry you aren't alone. You'll be in safe hands because every instructor is a currently serving or former member of the British Military, they take no messing! A few commands are briefly explained to you and you are given an outline of what the session involves. What's great is that before you even begin any session you do a few introduction based drills, whereby you have the chance to meet everyone in the training group. Immediately this gives you have a sense of belonging and a connection that you are all in it together.

As with any good exercise group there's always a substantial warm up before the harder work begins. The idea is that you work at your own level within the group, it's the instructors responsibility to keep the pack together and everyone encourages each other no matter how fast or slow you complete the tasks. You need to be prepared to get a little dirty because many of the exercises are performed on the grass. For a full hour you are kept working, moving, exercising. You find yourself pushing as hard as you can, doing more than you expected and encouraging others to do the same. BMF is all about getting results. Nothing is complicated, the exercises are some of the most simple exercises we know crawling over/under obstacles, running round each other from the first minute to the last. It's not about how fast or how many you do, it's all about keeping going. Over the course of the hour you cover all the major muscle groups of the body. You feel not only a sense of achievement at the end but a connection with each and every person who you've helped, partnered or encouraged.

What I also found but didn't expect is the connection with your environment and the freshness of the outdoors, not stuffy or air conditioned gyms, just you, your compadres and the park. There's something beautifully spartan and raw about exercising in this way and I like it. Every session is unique and you'll train in pairs, groups and teams to keep it interesting. I know it's perhaps not to everyone's taste but if you'd like to give it a whirl I would highly recommend it!

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Love Chloe x

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