Bloomin’ great!


Hi all!

Bloomin’ great indeed… regarding what’s on the cards shortly here at QVC!

Well firstly we’ve got a fabulous Heys Luggage Today’s Special Value on Friday. The quality of this brand is phenomenal! I bought a previous Today’s Special Value last year, and trust me, Naples airport is not particularly known for their gentle touch in the area of baggage handling, but my cases are still looking fab after several trips! Having quality luggage puts me in the mood for summer, they always look ready for my holiday wardrobe.

Looking forward to the weekend,  I have the inimitable Mr Basso for 2 hours at 9am and midday on Saturday, as well as gorgeous June for some Frank Usher fashion at 10am too – I need to exercise a wee bit of self discipline here as I have treated myself to quite a few pieces of late, love this multi tone bangle and lariat leaf necklace to name two!

That won’t be the end of fashion, as on Monday I have 2 hours of Attitudes by Renee at 2pm and 5pm interspersed with some Coco Bianco at 3pm, so more than enough to be getting on with!

But the reason for the bloomin’ play on words is for our gardening event on Sunday and the incredible Richard Jackson with an even more incredible Today’s Special Value!

Yes, it’s Flower Power and we have a fantastic offer for you! I don’t think there’s a presenter here that has not seen the amazing results first hand that absolutely anyone can get with this product. From the complete novice to those of us with ‘green fingers’ and who’ve been enjoying gardening for years, the difference in using Flower Power is positively jaw dropping!

If you’ve decided this is the year for your garden, you must pop over to his blog too. He’s our gardening guest for a reason and has such an impressive wealth of knowledge about anything you can think of! He’s got some handy tips which are easy for you to try yourself on everything from planting different types of bulbs to fighting off pesky slugs and diseases.

I have a whole hour with the good man himself in the 2pm show – the before and after photos utterly amaze me!

So, as you can see, we have lots in store to help keep you looking and feeling young and fab! Talking of young, or not quite so, we had a lovely weekend with Louise (my niece) and her hubby when they came to stay as part of celebrating both their birthdays (they’re not old by the way!).

These celebrations included a trip to the theatre to see Agatha Christie’s ‘Mousetrap’ (which I love)!

Can you believe that it will be 65 years old at the end of this year? That’s unbelievable! It is a world record incidentally (clearly not always the same cast though!). Makes me feel like my almost 18 years at QVC is a mere drop in the ocean!

We took the boys to see it one Christmas a few years ago and they loved it too. To me, it’s a bit like watching a game of Cluedo on the stage, but part of the magic is that you are sworn to secrecy once the identity of the murderer is revealed! If you haven’t already seen it, and you love a good whodunnit, do try to go!

Actually, part of what I find amusing is when you hear the audience whispering to each other as to who they think the culprit is, there was one gentleman nearby who had us in stitches playing the perfect sleuth! Kept getting it wrong though! Lol!

Bloomin’ hilarious! (There’s that word again! Bring on Sunday!) Well that’s all for now though… Keep watching and catch up soon!

Lots of love,
Anne xx


  1. Christine February 16, 2017 at 7:39 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne can’t wait Spring. My husband sews seeds Tomatos flowers vegetables. What he uses Richard Jackson flower power. The neighbours can’t believe how flowers and Tomatos look so big. We don’t tell them. HA! HA!

  2. Susan February 17, 2017 at 4:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne,
    I’m replying to you on this nice new spring like blog! I’m so envious of you holidaying in St Lucia! My word that’s a treat! It must have been a dream?! Any photos for us? I don’t know anything about it but it sounds very luxurious! Was it just you and Danny? I know you said he had his 50th last year was it?
    Mousetrap sounds also like a fab birthday present for Louise and hubby. It sounds fun! Very you! I can’t believe you’ve been at qvc nearly 20yrs too btw. You actually look younger! It’s obviously a good place to work coz so many of you stay.
    Chat soon x

  3. Anne Dawson February 23, 2017 at 10:19 am -  Reply

    Hi Christine, I hear so many people that say similar things. Whether it’s our gardens or our Diamonique………it’s our little secret!! ? Xx

  4. Anne Dawson February 23, 2017 at 10:24 am -  Reply

    Hi Susan,
    Great to catch up as always!! I don’t know about nearly 20years younger lol……..but kind of you to say so ?
    Yes St Lucia was paradise, yes it was just Danny and I, and yes again, he was indeed 50 last year. It’s a no I’m afraid regarding photos……I am the worst in the world at times. I tend to take photos of the kids (that’s Louise’s children) but other than that, to be honest, I tend to forget (too busy enjoying the moment probably!!) Must try harder!!
    Take care xx

  5. Susan February 26, 2017 at 12:20 am -  Reply

    Hi Anne, how lovely for you and Danny to have a belated 50th treat. Paradise..must find out about it! I have to say between you and St Lucia, Jackie in Brazil, Chloe in Thailand and now Julia in Barbados…what are qvc secrets?! How do you become a qvc presenter lol?! Look forward to your next update. Enjoy your weekend x

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