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I have, as you know, if you watch any of the gardening or DIY shows, been a fan of Wet & Forget for many years. Their products have saved me hours, if not days, of tireless chores simply by spraying onto the decking, walls, doors, in fact any hard surface and preventing algae, moss and lichen from growing.

It is something of a miracle that the product can be this easy! Traditionally I’ve used the blue version that you dilute in a garden sprayer, and have found it to be incredibly effective. We have a special offer where you don’t even need a garden sprayer because the container is the sprayer in itself. It’s a really quick, self-diluting delivery system that can be changed to be in a jet or fan shape and agitates the product in such a way that it becomes slightly foamier.

This has the advantage of making the product cling to the surface for longer and therefore in stays in contact with the surface for longer – which means it works even better. Just click onto your hosepipe and it will automatically mix with the water allowing you to spray 200m in just 10 minutes, by using its fan nozzle.

It has the most fantastic ‘sniper nozzle’ which means you can reach the roof, without a ladder. All you need is a hose pipe!

What Wet & Forget does is actively kill the green stuff; algae, moss and lichen. But then it has this other, and most incredible feature, whereby it remains active despite the rain and stops that green stuff from growing, back for up to six or seven months.

I had been worried about my roof for many years. It is a very old roof with old terracotta tiles and I could see that the moss, algae and lichen was building up to the sort of level where it was causing problems. The problem caused was the rain water wasn’t allowed to run off the roof into the gutters quickly enough and the terracotta tiles remain wet.
What was beginning to happen was the tiles were beginning to de-laminate and flake.

I asked a roofer what I should do and he said, ‘there’s only one thing for it, you have to get up there and scrape all that moss off’. This was a dangerous job and not something I was prepared to do as the roof was quite fragile. But Wet and Forget, like a superhero, came to the rescue. I simply sprayed it on and over the course of the next six months the moss began to lose its grip.

As it died and got washed off the roof into the gutter the roof began to improve. I also noticed that the old, grey-looking surface on the terracotta tiles began to brighten as the lichen and moss were killed. This took longer but the effect has meant the roof is looking newer and I’m sure it will last better over the next few years. I did have to replace a few tiles that had become too damaged (the moss was the only thing holding them together) but now my roof, with a treatment a couple of times a year, is ready for the next fifty years.

I have treated all the hard surfaces in my garden from patios, decking, walls, and even wooden fences and gates. It’s so simple to use and so effective that I truly love Wet and Forget! I was worried that the new sniper nozzle might make it more difficult to avoid the plants but is really easy to control and aim and it meant I treated my door in 10 minutes (not 45) and the decking took about 5!

If you are planning to be out and about in the garden over the next little while I can thoroughly recommend O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream as the best way to look after your hand and keep them from cracking up under all the stress the wintery weather puts them under.

If you are wondering what it is like, the best thing I can say is try it we have a special offer for the day on Tuesday 6th February and we will deliver a 2L container with the sniper nozzle, which is enough to treat up to 300m. Put it to the test on whatever the surface that you’re concerned about.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the conservatory roof, the patio, the decking, the garden furniture or whatever else has turned green over the winter… just wet it… and forget it!


  1. Annette Francis February 5, 2018 at 10:12 am -  Reply

    What if you having got a hosepipe, how could I use it then?

  2. Lady Chatterly February 5, 2018 at 2:13 pm -  Reply

    Oh young man!!!!

    Here’s my great idea. You auction yourself off (for charity or something) to be the winners ‘garden man’ for a day. Long hosepipe optional extra! Ha & LOLS. Keeeeep Gardening!

    PS can we have some pics of Your spaniel? Note This is a not a euphemism & this is totally unrelated to above.

    PPS I dare you to reply to this

  3. Janet February 7, 2018 at 8:41 pm -  Reply

    That does look a very interesting product. Thank you for sharing those excellent photos, really shows the good results you can achieve.

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